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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Folks, I'm a Ninebot One S2 (S1) Rider and pretty satisfied with that package, especially regarding it's movability and handling. But I'm missing a little *whoom* and therefore I'm thinking over to switch to something like V8 or KS-16S... in the first place. Now I read the rumours about the announced shiny new KS-18L or Ninebot Z, both 18 Inch. So, what is your option, should I Upgrade to 16" - or even better to 18"? What are the advantages/disadvantages? What about the riding comfort (e.g. City ride, long distance ride, gravel road, bumpy road etc) - are there big differences between 16" and 18" or do they behave more or less pretty similar? Will a 18 inch wheel be suitable for inner City usage or is it much less movable/agile, compared to a 16 inch Model? Thank you for you opinions/experiences Rgds, Borg
  2. Hello everyone! I've been looking for a better EUC for while now. First I purchased an entry-level EU, similar to TG wheel (14"), since it was light, temperature range -10 to +40 C and low cost to learn. But I like to drive some trails too, so like to get more power and bigger wheel. My first thought was to get a 9bot1 but after I tried C+ I was dissapointed: pedals incline to driving direction ("soft" feel), which didn't feel nice, I liked to have a firm (firmer at least) feel. I also didn't like the tilt-back, especially when it occurred already on relatively low speed. I have no idea how big changes can be made via Ninedroid or how big the difference is between C+, E and E+? The I seriously considered to purchase IPS XIMA Lhotz (191) and e-wheelshop.nl came up - have anyone any experience about them? It there a risk to get one older version? In that case, will it still run 30 km/h? What is the actual range of this wheel? Which parameters can be varied through the app (and which app)? Is it really waterproof, like 9bot? Just keen to that 2,5 inch tyre, could be a beast on trail... Now I have Rockwheel GR16 on test and I see many pluses, but perhaps still more minuses on it: + really light, as TG + range about 3x vs. TG - almost OK, but there are many other comparable choices too + open casing makes it easy to remove snow + incredible torque, so easy to start again after landing... even from a small hole - very unstable due to lack of angular momentum/geared stucture (?) - revs instantaneously when even slightly airborne (due to the great torque) - difficult to balance when compared to TG 14" or 9bot - terrible clearance to to the gear, several degrees, makes it difficult to make tight turns - bad noise under bigger loads, especially today when driving in -30 Celsius uphill Any of these familiar to others who tested RW? So what wheel should I choose, any recommendations? And please do not suggest any 18", since those are just too high and big for me, I don't want the wheel reach above my elbow. Thanks for reading through, please give me a clue - Tuija
  3. Hi everyone, My name is Thyme and I've been lurking for about a month trying to get up to speed with all the different EUC's. It looks like it might be some time before I decide on a make and model, which is ok because I also need to save up some cash in order to buy one. Any EUC I do end up buying will have a 16" or 18" wheel and the biggest battery I can get, contenders so far are "Gotway Msuper 18", "King Song 18" , "Ninebot One P" and "Xima Lhotrz 680 (IPS191 Plus)". I'm looking for a EUC that will go long distances and on rough terrain and not looking for a nimble wheel to do tricks on. It would also be good to have one which it is easy to change the battery as I would like to take a spare with me if the battery is 320Wh or lower. I am looking for good build quality, reliability and good IP (Ingress Protection) IP 65 or higher is my target. Here's a handy chart which shows what the numbers mean. I couldn't find any info on the Xima Lhotz 680 (IPS 191 Plus) in the forum (I might have missed it if there is some info on this model) I have posted the specs and a picture of it here and hopefully someone has some experience or further knowledge of this model, can tell me more about it. copied and pasted from - http://www.ipselectricunicycle.com/bbx/222147-222147.html Finally I'd like to say,this is an awesome forum, which is nice and respectful and is full of great advice, reviews and friendly people Thanks for taking the time you lovely people
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