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Found 8 results

  1. Good day all, I am selling my 2018 KS-14S 840Wh/800W black wheel. My story follows... In 2018 I moved to Charleston, SC, and as a hair-brained idea to beat traffic here in the city, I purchased a King Song 14S to ride to work from EWheels, along with a fast charger. Good thing too, as the stock chargers for King Song wheels tend to get hotter than you might expect. I have also done some recreational riding in my off time and have enjoyed this wheel as an intriguing, head-turning way to get around. However, recently, I rode to work, and took a low-speed tumble as I caught one
  2. EDIT: As promised I added two more tires to the comparison – 5. Chao Yang H-5167 and 6. CST E-Bike PRO. You can find the description, video, scores and final conclusion below. As some of you may know from my first post in Inmotion thread, I have recently bought my first wheel - Inmotion V5F+. After learning how to ride the wheel, I started using it for daily commute to work and going around the city. I am absolutely thrilled by the wheel, but after few hundred kilometers and some strange and unexpected behaviour I started to doubt the tire that came with it. Therefore I boug
  3. Hi everyone, Been looking at my first EUC for sometime and must say im so lucky to be part of this community. I have been looking at different specs, pricepoints, brand reputation etc. Looking for an EUC that will help with my almost 3 mile commute in the mornings to my Bus Stop and return at the end of my work day. I must say I will probably not ride any EUC for sometime that I can safely jump off of at any speed (dont know what that max is yet!). Some requirements would be a good battery, strong motor and easy to transport/carry. I am more and more drawn to (2) opti
  4. Looks like the MCM5 has landed in Paris / Gyroroue shop:
  5. had a freaky flip over yesterday. Just walked it off, no biggie, but when I picked up Lassie (my wheel), the tire was flat. Inspection revealed the (bent) valve stem was rotated 180 Deg. And had ripped out of the tube. I know what happened, but it's not the subject of this post. Why is it so freaking hard to find a 14" inner tube in Europe. Jason's got one in the US, but my cost delivered is $55. Keep looking. if you don't know, EUC s need a special bent valve stem parallel to the tube not at 90deg or straight, So local bike shop or FleaBay is not an option
  6. Eventhough I got this wheel just about three months ago, I'm already looking to upgrade. Why? I feel the need for more range. This wheel can do 12-14km, but I simply want to go on for longer and not have to carry an extra battery around. Other than the range, I have no remarks about the wheel. Its fast ( I've reached 26km/h ), the automatic lights work great, and the bluetooth speaker sound pretty good too. 174wh swappable battery 25km/h top speed ( cruising speed ~22km/h) Automatic lights ( works great from my experience) + brake light Integrated bluetooth speaker
  7. I currently have an IPS191 which I like very much. I am looking to get a second smaller lighter wheel for when I travel, and to have a spare wheel for another rider. I want to spend $400 - $600. It looks like the Gotway MCM3 is a good EUC in that price range. Is this a reliable EUC if not pushed to the extremes? I see "gogocycling" has some on ebay in Socal. Anyone have experience with this seller? Am I overlooking some other better EUC in this price rage? Thanks for your input.
  8. Hi, Wanted to pose a question to the riders who have experience riding or owning both an 14 and 18in wheel. In your experience, what are the difference/nuances of riding each one? I thought I'd be able to hop on my 18 GW MSuper and be lighting up the roads but I found myself actually having to almost re-learn riding the wheel. This is after gaining good command of my GW 14 MCM2s. Any pointers/tips/warnings?? Thanks! @john eucist @jason mcneil @vee73 @Gimlet John
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