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  1. Hi all, After "only" 750 km on my Ninebot One E+ I decided to change the tire. It was not really necessary but I was feeling a kind of decrease of performance, increased tilt back in the last 100km. I was wondering if my battery pack was getting weaker but it was cheaper to try changing the tire first So I did, I replaced original one with this one https://onewheel.be/en/accessories/33-ninebot-one-buitenband-16-inch-1950-eur-ninebot.html It is actually not the original one but a thinner one (1.95 vs 2.125 inches). Because of that thinner size I feel it a bit harder to jump/mount on
  2. Have recently been bitten by the EUC bug and puchased a Ninebot One E+ couple of months ago. As I'm getting more confident, I am getting bored of the 20kph speed limit I'm getting from the Ninebot One E+ and was thinking if it is possible to swap the control board with this one: https://reseller.alibaba.com/product-detail/16-electric-unicycle-Controller-with-bluetooth_60288223259.html?spm=a2700.7724838.0.0.VsHfbJ Have seen other threads where other users have been swapping their control boards with the one from Microworks purchased from Alibaba. Also wondering if the motor for the ni
  3. Well pretty sure my C+ has a 500w motor, kind of says it on the wheel, noticed it while messing with the controller, Controller it seems is ver 1.3 the same as the E+. Thinking of getting a 320WH battery for the C+ which I like best go figure rides better, for more range, and carry the smaller battery extended trips with the C+ or E+. Now I know I will get the E+ range with the new battery, just wondering if I will get the speed and power of the E+?
  4. Hi all. I'm a new user in the world of the unicycle. I bought last month an Airwheel Q1 for 110 USD ! after 10 minutes I was already able to use it and after one day was totaly confident at start. I use it every day to go to work, it's very stable and easy to drive. Very convenient to make interchange in public transports. I juste think it's a bit too slow (my weight is 93 kg...) The cruise spead is between 11 and 12 km;h and autonomy around 12 km (i will update later this post with a distance test.. I have recorded today a trip with my gps watch (10km). You can find attache
  5. Lex

    Maximum speed

    Probably the motor of the IPS Lhotz is powerful enough to go a lot faster than 20 km/h. The 'software' maximum speed is 16 km/h, after that the machine will protest and eventually even shut down if pressed beyond 20 km/h. I tested that and it hurt. Is there a tweak or hack or special app with which I can set the maximum speed to 25 km/h ?
  6. Hi all, I'm seriously thinking about getting a ninebot one e+ or maybe s2 when I can get some proper reviews and specs for it. So my question that I hope some of you can help me out with is speed vs rider weight. E+ is supposed to go somewhere between 18 and 22 KM/H so what should I expect if I'm around 90kg /200 pounds? The second questions is how 20 km/h feels... I mean if I want to use it for commuting 20 km/h is needed but can I actually (after some training of cause) use that speed without getting a close to death experience each morning? It's really hard to tell when
  7. Hi! Was curious about during what speed the speed warning started to beep and opened up Waze during the ride. Waze tells around 23-24km/h when the beep starts. This wheel is told to have a Max speed of 30 but the sound make me not want to try to go that fast. Anyone that have tried?
  8. The reason why there are speed warnings and tilt-backs (even tilt-forward for my gotway Msuper) is to avoid that the rider falls forward while accelerating because the engine, the converter cannot deliver that high CURRENT, while he is able to work at that voltage. But strange enough, the warnings, the alarms and tilt-backs depend from speed (which is proportional with the voltage) instead of current. You would still say: so what? Well, if you are climbing a steep hill of 35 degrees and you are 120kg and you accelerate very fast on this hill from 0 to 20km/h. You wouldn't even hear a w
  9. So..... i have a ninebot one e+. I did some research that seemed like the better option that fit my needs at the time, and let me tell you its been one hell of a ride.... but somethings missing. I wish it could go faster. I wish the battery could last a little longer. I know the ninebot one pro is coming soon, but the specs aren't really too far from my e+. I feel like ninebot is giving us little by little specs at a time to sell each model... like the iphone(4,4s,5,5s,6, etc) where it looks pretty and premium, but they barely up the specs, and slowly gets features that others had for years. I
  10. I’m going give a head to head comparison between the IPS Lhotz 340 and the T680+(a.k.a. “Tank” or 151/152, or T500 which is mentioned on the box; the fine art of marketing cleary has not trickled down to IPS yet ). I’ll split the review up in several parts, as this will make it easier to comment and/or ask questions. After combing through most threads on brands, BMS, motor, battery, FP or not to FP, etc., I count myself lucky to have bought a Lhotz340Wh (older version with torque biased motor, limited to 20KmH) august last year. So why did I buy the IPS 680+? Lhotz Design: The
  11. Today I was on a trip again with my EUC (IPS Zero - total traveld distance now ~ 145 Km, speed limit set to 25 Km/h)) and as I normally do not, today I had my smartphone with the app running to have a look at my speed. I was totally surprised: While I surely slow down when other pedestrians are around, I clearly ride at higher speed now (compared to the beginning) when nobody is around. ( @Colestien you promised it already ) And: I totally underestimated my riding speed. So this are my 'travelling speed's' now (good street condition, nobody around, no 'surprise' from sides
  12. Curious as to how people monitor their speed while riding. On Android I've discovered Speed to Text, an app that will speak your top speed every x seconds, where x is a value you set. You can choose KPH, MPH in a number of varieties, including top speed or average speed during the time since the previous notification. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mmi.android.speedtotext I set the app to run in the background and speak my speed every two seconds. I wear a Bluetooth headset (Moto Hint v2) and play it at half volume so that I get a pretty much constant feed of my curren
  13. Real world stats as tested by 140 lbs rider at 100 ft elevation, 55F degree weather with 12+ mph winds, and 45psi tire: Battery Range: 13 miles (21 km) in uneven road/sidewalk surfaces with constant incline changes. Non-stop riding.Max Speed: 12 mph (on leveled 180 degrees surface)Max climbing incline: ~60 degrees (tested in off-road hill)Unexpected power cutoffs: NONEMax charge time: 2 hrs(now post yours)
  14. Hi, This week, I bought an IPS 121/T350 from GoWheel.com (excellent service btw). It is my first EUC. After a couple of hours of intense practice (steep learning curve!), I am now able to ride it more or less ok. The only thing is, I seem to hit the tilt-back and beep limits quite soon (flat and smooth road, no hills, low speed). This may have to do with the fact that I weigh 120 kg, but I'm not sure. From what I've read on the forums, the max speed of the IPS 121/T350 is 19.9km/h. Is this for a person with normal weight, and will it be lower for a heavy weight guy like me? Also, does the tilt
  15. I'm still a newbie, yesterday I went and took my ninebot e+ for a ride with no problems. I was going what I thought was a pretty fast speed no issues. But today it keeps pulling me back from going faster. Im barely going at a walkers speed and its saying I'm going 12 km/h. Is there anyway to recalibrate the speedometer on this thing or is there a way to go faster than 12km/h. when I bought this thing it was advertised at 20km/h. I need help, I feel like I'm barely moving and it pulls me back!
  16. Hi all EUC fans! I do not know if you are aware of this, but the EUC is VERY close to the MonoSki -- the same stance and muscles are used! AND in fact I think the EUC community can learn from the MonoSki...because we have been around since 1980! I am an avid monoskier with lots of experience in MonoSki and I am currently riding a NB!E+ but will probably change to (or rather add) GWMsuper when the new model is outthis video is from our monoski trips:http://www.freeride.se/video/20041/ a simple tutorial for Monoski (works for carving on EUC as well!) http://monoskisweden.blogspot.se/search/lab
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