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Found 44 results

  1. I have been replacing my NB1E+ gen2 inner shells. I have completed this procedure several times before but this time I am having some issues with the last 2 of 8 screw bolts which attach the (control board side) shell to the metal frame. I can't seem to get them to make contact with the thread in their holes. Everything looks completely flush and I have tried several different strategies for attaching and aligning the shell. The threads and holes are good because the bolts will tighten in the holes in the absence of the shell. I'm thinking that perhaps the metal frame might be just slightly bent out of shape at the affected end? The screws just seem to be perhaps a millimeter a way from making contact with the thread on the holes. Does anyone have any tricks or suggestions I could try to get these two remaining screws to tighten?
  2. Let's see if I can make this short. Had more charge than I noticed so going down a hill with the regenerative charging killed the fuse and capacitors. Thanks to Jason at ewheels I ordered a replacement board, replaced it, and I'm back on the road. ?
  3. How important is the bent valve stem on my EUC inner tube? I recently bought a KS14C and tore the inner tube on my initial test ride. The valve stem became entangled in the shell (no doubt, due to improper inflation). Finding 14 inch inner tubes is difficult enough, but angled valve stem adapters are even rarer. Hopefully, this is not a common occurrence as repair/replacement is complicated (and expensive).
  4. Does anyone know how to disassemble the inMotion v8? What kind of screwdriver? I already removed the side covers and the battery pack. But I need to get properly under the hood and separate the two plastic shell halves. This is so that I can reinstall the power button and leds that have fallen out of their socket. Have a look at picture for illustration of the damage and the screw I need to open. Thanks for any help! Now for a quick crash report... I have about 400km under my belt, been riding for half a year and this is my second unicycle (first was a inmotion v3+). I've done my share of "learning crashes" and even over-leaned once (I think that's what happened). This time something different happened. I was driving off a low curb (10cm?) on my way to work - the same curb that I've been driving off every morning for the last half year. This time however, once I touched ground the whole unicycle started shaking back and forth. Like it was shifting back and forward and not knowing whether to accelerate or slow down. Causing a pretty violent vibration. As I was in a slope the unicycle started to gain speed and shake more & more. Then I decided to jump off and rather have the unicycle crash without me. The unicycle started bouncing and rotating the whole body around the wheel taking turns smashing the top handle into the ground or the actual wheel. Quite spectacular. No children were hurt. Plastic broke and things moved around inside. I've been taking the subway in the mornings for a week now and am not sure whether being packed in the Tokyo subway or not being able to drive is worst. Either way; I need to fix it. Alternatively; do I buy an GotWay ACM 16? :-D Thanks in advance
  5. Dear friend, can you help me whom can i contact to repair the unicycle? thank you very much for your help.
  6. Repairing a hoverboard for a friend. Originally neither wheels would turn. Typically I just replace all of the boards and the problem is solved, then I'll determine the faulty board later on my own time. Replaced all three boards with new ones, and now one side works great but the right side wheel spins violently instead of slowly. It still senses tilt, just seems to have no variable speed. I replaced the motor with another, same issue. Replaced the control board with another, same issue. Replaced the main board with ANOTHER new one, same issue. What else could I possibly replace, or how else can I troubleshoot this?
  7. Hello I've recently fell off from the wheel as the engine overpowered whilst hitting the maximum speed limit and unfortunately the wheel has been exposed to the water. It doesn't start neither by pushing the button or trying to recharge. Any chance this could be fixed? If yes, then how? Thanks
  8. I'm looking for someone to repair & modify my two Ninebot One+'s. They've been rode hard but I know they can be fixed up. Just a couple of new batteries, pads and tires along with a good cleaning. One of them did get a good solid wreck, nothing serious though. I do want them both modified to the max as well. I'm also looking to get skins made for them if possible. I own a bar/restaurant here in Key West and I want our bar logo put on the sides. Anyone out there up for the challenge?
  9. Hi everyone, I use Q3 here in Miami Beach every day since I bought it a month ago. Today I accidentally lifted it up for street crossing without turning it off. This is not the first time I am doing it, and usually when I turn it off and on again the Q3 starts working again. Today I lifted it up and turned off while crossing the street. And then I placed it back on the ground and turned it on. However, instead of staying strait with a single beep Q3 started beeping and flashing with all lights continuously without stabilizing. I turned it off ann on several times, and ended up carrying Q3 back home on my shoulder. When I get home, I plugged in the charger, however, it does not help. Every time I turn it on my Q3 starts beeping and flashing... and it is not able to stay straight or ride... Does anyone know what happened with Q3 and how to fix the problem?
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm an electric unicycle enthusiast in India. I would like to set up a small shop to sell, service, mod & repair unicycles, as well as sponsor some local unicycle races at the local GoKart track. I hope this will be like the bicycle shops near my house growing up in the USA which were staffed by enthusiasts who built custom bicycles for customers. India has very strict import laws which makes it impractical to import fully assembled units. So I intend to bring over all the parts and do all of the assembly here. I will be visiting Shen Zhen next month and would like to ask for recommendations on gear, components, test equipment & tools I should purchase to get my shop started. Thanks for your help !! Freeman
  11. Hi, I'm interested in buying the Ninebot One E+, but some online reviewers complain about the handle being defective and breaking. Does anyone in the forum have this experience? Is this a defect that they have now fixed?
  12. louissimps

    IPS 121 Flat tire

    So I have been loving up on my IPS 121 for some time now, last week I got a flat tire. I tried filling with air and it just seeps back out. I searched around and found some folks showing how to replace the tire. Here is my issue I can't get the tire off the rim, is there a tool I can use that won't damage the rim or tire. Current mood: #bummed Can anyone help?
  13. The wheel caught on the molding and cracked body by the foot stands. Is there anywhere to order body or any suggestions?/ please give me some type of hope
  14. Hello Everyone, I recently bought a Chinese unicycle online, as soon as I turned it on for the first time it started beeping continuously with the battery LEDs ON as shown on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btRw1epMNdM I already tried fully charging it and calibrating it, nothing worked so far... Please, if anyone have any further information on how to solve this, share it. Thank you all in advance.
  15. I put this here on behalf of 1Rad Werkstatt, I'm not affiliated with them or receive any compensation, but feel that they deserve some visibility (they don't have their own web-site or much marketing apparently). I was impressed by their good service, good prices, and the customizations that they make (battery packs & custom accessories & customized wheels). You can reach them either via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1radwerkstatt Or by email (I put it as a image so spam-bots won't pick it up, at least as easily ): Operates from Germany. They do speak English, although at first I thought they don't . Services include: Selling original & customized wheels and spare parts (Looks like at least Ninebot, Firewheel, Gotway, Rockwheel, IPS, AirWheel, maybe others too)Wheel repairsBuild custom accessories for wheels, like lights & car chargers for exampleSell 4A 67,2V high quality chargers for Firewheel, Gotway......All wheels with minimum of 32Cells Battery/ minimum 260Wh –> Charging Time 50% –> GotWay MSuper 850Wh oder MCM 680Wh Charge with 2A is stupid slow.... Special for GotWay MSuper 850Wh: we will offer Charger with 8A and new charging connections! (all connectors) (only of special request) Direct contact with the manufacturers in ShanghaiHigh quality custom battery pack building, for example (capacities calculated with 16 * 3.7V = 59.2V or 15 * 3.7V = 55.5V for 16S and 15S packs): 207Wh: RockWheel GP12 / 14 Airwheel X3 Airwheel X8 IPS A130 and other models on request 388Wh: Ninebot C, E and E + 414Wh: RockWheel GR16 / 12 With modification for the Airwheel X3 / X8 IPS T260 / T350 828Wh: All Firewheel models 1035Wh: Gotway MSuper ++ Special designs and desired configurations are possible ++ Our BMS (Battery Management System) have all protective circuits that exist: - Over-current protection - Short circuit protection - overload protection - Reverse polarity protection - overtemperature protection 55/60 degrees (on request other temperatures possible) Strong cells Balancer The packs are manufactured in the spot welding process on a spot welding machine. Custom Rockwheels (sorry about the messed up layout, it's the forum software, not me ): Car chargers:
  16. hi guys... I just bought ips i130+ . After i ride just 3 miles i can not find bluetooth signal anymore... Any idea how to turn on the wheel (euc) bluetooth. I try using my iphone and my android phone no bluetooth from my wheel (euc).. Please help thank you. Ps : The software said device not found
  17. I'm in the final stages of evaluating a unicycle to purchase. Looks like it would be good to find one that has parts available. Can anybody show me where to find an English language parts site? Or can you tell me what cycles have the best parts availability from their customer service department? Many thanks. Chris
  18. Hi, i have had my IPS eui for about 1 month and yesterday it started blinking twice red and twice green while making a continuous sound. I thought it was empty for battery and charged it. After charging it again started to blink and make the noise. Any ideas about what the problem might be and how I can fix it? Thanks for your help! Best regards, Carl
  19. Got given an EU for my 40th birthday ... under a month ago. Love it! I'm like a pro already he he he yesterday I went to turn it on in the morning... It jerked about then beeped and turned off...happened a couple of times... Bit like the reading from the IMU / gyro was being over amplified to the motor... I charged it to make sure that wasn't the issue... tried again... It gave a big jolt on turning on.... nothing since... It's blown a fuse or FET or something.. No lights, nothing. We haven't treated it badly. My brother who bought the EU (think it's an airwheel x3, there's a sticker saying 132WH... looks like one) is away offshore at the moment... he says it was bought as an import an therefore he's not sure about the warranty... Certainly the manual is not at all helpful... it describes the device as having a bluetooth speaker ... there's definitely no speaker... Any advice? Should I try get warranty servicing ... under 1 month use is not good. Or should I try and fix it myself? with the likes of http://www.passiongadgets.com/x3-motherboard-circuit-board-brand-new.html The kids were having a whale of a time on this toy... pals kids are starting to get them too. Be sad to see it go.
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