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Found 67 results

  1. Guys, if Ninebot would release a 14" version of the Ninebot One, would you consider buying?
  2. I'm still a newbie, yesterday I went and took my ninebot e+ for a ride with no problems. I was going what I thought was a pretty fast speed no issues. But today it keeps pulling me back from going faster. Im barely going at a walkers speed and its saying I'm going 12 km/h. Is there anyway to recalibrate the speedometer on this thing or is there a way to go faster than 12km/h. when I bought this thing it was advertised at 20km/h. I need help, I feel like I'm barely moving and it pulls me back!
  3. Official Ambassador of Ninebot Asia Pte Ltd (Local SG)Parther with us today ! Contact 96977841Pre-order with deposit of 50% at $1480ETA : Early NovemberEnter or Give our Promotion code to receive a free gift : AMDSUM16Main Features:Max Speed : 25-30 Km/hDistance: 30-35 KM per chargedBattery Life Time : Estimate at 10,000 KmIP65 Water ResistanceRemovable BatteryLED CustomisableNinedroid Mobile App for other setting1 Year manufacturing warranty with six months covering for batteryPre-Order today .
  4. Hey Guys, i I have bought my Ninebot One C in Taiwan from China. I choose model C because it's rated 99Wh and so it's legal in planes. I also had no problems to bring it with air China. But now I am back in Germany and want to upgrade the battery. I just wanna ask, if somebody did this before. There are two main questions: wich Battery's fit inside the model C? (C+, E, E+) are they regoniced from the software, so the unit is getting faster? I also thought about buying (better) cells myself and put them in. But the extra work soldering is not really worth the price I would pay less. i found this two links: http://www.electricunicycleonline.com/original-320wh-battery-for-ninebot-one-e.html ( said in the comments it's non fitting in the c) http://www.speedyfeet.uk/Ninebot-One-240wh-Replacement-Spare-Battery-p/ninebot-one-240wh.htm (say e battery fit in c) now, where are the differentes? What is possible? thank you! (please no "go to a shop!" Etc comments, I am a electric engineer thank you! )
  5. Price includes shipping and tax! France, Britain, Germany, Italy, United States, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, $900 Contact me: 420387653@qq.com Support for Aliexpress and paypal transactions 7 days -10 days can be served
  6. I went to 2 bike shops, but they didn't have anything that fit in the little window (under the LED ring) that gives you access to the inflation valve! Love the Ninebot One; wish it were easier to access the valve to pump up
  7. My new precision (1gm) postage scale arrived today, with a 45kg max load, finally some weight data The KS 800W is actually just a tad over 14kg at 14.095kg, KS14C 500W = 13.235kg, this is the biggest surprise of all, as the info from KS was that the 800W motor is about 2kg more, whereas in fact the difference is only 860gm! Ninebot One E, is within the manufacturers specs at 13.825kg IPS 132, slightly under the official weight of 12kg, at 11.9kg Previous generation F400/111 with the 400Wh LiPo battery, 12.545kg IPS T350/121 also below the official weight 12.92 kg FastWheel Eva Pro is nearly 1kg over weight, 9.5kg official, 10.275kg actual Component weight example of the IPS132, 7.8kg for the Wheel/motor & tire IPS132 control-board is 315gm, the one used for the KS 800W is only 250gm. Most of the difference is because the heat-sink on the IPS is pretty substantial. Will be doing a proper tear-down, weigh-in of a variety of eWheels over the next couple weeks.
  8. vido

    Battery pack

    Hey does anyone know where to get a battery back that hooks up to the back of a ninebot one? Something like what's in the picture, which I believe is a battery pack.
  9. What you can see is what is coming soon. Follow my post for more details. Cheers, Mengke from wheelyouride.webs.com
  10. vido

    App problem

    When I am connected to my Bluetooth everything works besides detail info. I already Uninstaller, installed and updated to the latest firmware(android). Nothing in detail is connected and I really wanna check my actual battery percent instead of looking at the bars and guessing the amount. Anyone got any suggestions?
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm a new owner of Ninebot One E and I would like to bring it oversea. Anyone tried to bring it as a check in baggage? what kind of case you guys used? I saw some discussion that they hand carry it but I'm afraid might stop me and ask me to check it in during my travel. Appreciate all your inputs. Im planning to get some flight case to protect my 9B1.
  12. hi Ninebot One-ers out there, I recently upgraded the Ninedroid app to 2.0.4 ( the latest)... And the Riding Mode seems to have changed; it now has just 0 to 9 settings, whereas in previous version of the software it had settings that were more descriptive such as Normal Mode and Sporty mode etc.. Does anyone know what the difference is between the modes 0 to 9? If I find out, I'll post up here, but there is so little info out there.. Cheers, Orbit
  13. At 55 years old, what I consider to be 'tricks' and what *you* consider to be tricks may differ! Here I was trying out some new maneuvers that I had never tried out before. I am happy with the results I have achieved so far. Your milage may vary.
  14. i just updated the firmware for my nine-bot one E+. I'm not to sure about what it did if you know please tell me thanks.
  15. Hi Guys, At wheelyouride.webs.com , we are running a special offer that for any Ninebot One purchase, we are giving away a free Xiaomi Fitness band Miband. Well, you would probably wondering why not just a LED head light or a pair of learning wheels or any other accessories that has something to do with Ninebot One. This is why. As you may know that Ninebot just acquired Segway recently with the fund from Xiaomi. Even before, engineers from both company(Ninebot and Xiaomi) had plans to work together in their products. So guess what they are working on right now? With the next few release of Ninebot Apps, they will support Miband to link in, working as a speed and battery level indicator to start with and then with more interactive functions to add in. With Miband, password-free payment had been made possible with Alipay App, so if they had the plan with Ninebot, it will come very soon. Confirmed by Ninebot. We offer: * Latest model available at irresistible price * Great collection of genuine parts and add-ons * Worldwide free shipping everyday * Contact us to check the shipping time to your area --- Had bought a Ninebot One? No worries, come check out our genuine accessories collection: You won't find most of them in other stores http://wheelyouride.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/category/1258674 --- Join our Google+ community: *http://bit.ly/1G48sEs* * A lot of tips and inside news from Ninebot Inc.
  16. Here is the instruction in Chinese: http://www.paris-kk.com/ninebot-one.htm I suppose the pictures are self-explaining. But will translate into English soon. To buy a Ninebot One E+: --- Ninebot one Warehouse: http://wheelyouride.webs.com/ * Latest model available at irresistible price * Great collection of genuine parts and add-ons * Worldwide free shipping everyday * Contact us to check the shipping time to your area --- Join our Ninebot One Google+ community: *http://bit.ly/1G48sEs* * A lot of tips and inside news from Ninebot Inc. --- Find out who is riding unicycle in your city: www.urban360.com
  17. ​I ride my wheel almost daily and often think about features I wish it had and have been making a wish list in my head. I was curious what features other riders wish were standard features. WishlistAbility to turn off speed beeping Nothing is more annoying than the beeping when you are on a ​clear stretch and accelerate up to max speed and the wheel keeps beeping at you. I like that it's a safety feature, but I'd also like the ability to turn it off. Ignition key to l​ock ​wheel Wheel security (theft deterrent) is an area that I think is significantly lacking across most wheels that I've seen. I live in New York City and need to be able to secure my wheel when I ride from home to another destination. An ignition key would be a great start! Anyone can take my wheel and glide away with it without the need of a key. Mechanism to chain it up to a secure place (pole, bike rack, etc.) Another security feature. A major selling point of all wheels is their portability to lift and carry short distances which makes them easy targets for theft. Many wheels have a handle that can be used to secure to a pole with a cable, but some don't like the Ninebot One series. A built in cable would be amazing. Storage solutions I need a place to store my cable to secure the wheel - or other small items I don't want to carry on my person and otherwise don't need to bring a backpack. This is less critical than other feature and could be solved with an aftermarket accessory, though I haven't seen one yet. Braking (and headlamp) lights as standard features My Firewheel has these and I love it. I have been researching a second wheel to buy and wish more had this as a standard feature. Smartphone app as standard feature ​ ​Another feature that more manufacturers are providing, but wish it was standard for all wheels. Being able to see the stats on my wheel's speed, battery life, etc. is an awesome feature. What else?
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