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  1. Where can I buy a MCM4 here in Europe? It is also for sale on Aliexpress, do you think it could be affordable? I'm 67Kg, which model should I go for, ordinary or high speed version? Any suggestion is wellcome. Thanks.
  2. 1. Add-on against raining. I bought rain-cover-for-backpack to be used for this use. ($5 in S. Korea) I ride my MCM4 under heavy rain with holding an umbrella, MCM4's top covered by this rain cover. Some students chortled at seeing my riding... Laughing out loud 2. Add-on for storage I also added storage on top of MCM4 which was purchased at Daiso. ($2) Hanging all weights of my belongings on my shoulders gets a lot pain and then I started put more burden on MCM4, not on me, adding the storage pouch around the handle. And I attached a short leash in pla
  3. I am trying to find replacement pedals and hangers for a Gotway MCM4. I would really like to replace the pedals on an MCM3 with those L shaped hangers and the big flat bottom pedals from the MCM4. I do realize there are some mods that will need to be done like screw holes and possibly space for the hangers. Any info or opinion would be awesome. Thanx y'all. UPDATE: Just still wondering if anybody read this post I could really use the info. Thanx
  4. Hello, last week I sold my MCM4 260wh, and yesterday was my new MCM4 520wh, my surprise was seeing red pedals and led a different color. It is an upgrade or just cosmetic changes?
  5. Just got my new MCM4 680Wh for 873.00 USD (784.00€) from China with charger, free trolley handle and free shipping to Europe and no import tax. I ordered it on 20 of June, it was shipped on 23 of June and delivered on 30 of June. I told the seller that if I were happy with my purchase I would report it on this forum. Few days later he raised the price to 838,69€ but sent me this message: Dear Franco, you can let your friend and the member of the forum mention your name, i will adjust to be similar price to them. The rising price is just keep it same level from Gotway official price.
  6. I tested the speed, range along mountain road in S. Korea. What I found is the range is highly dependent on amount of hills, rider's weight, speed of wind, especially the speed of the wheel and acceleration My weight: 67 kg Model used: Gotway MCM4 HS 680WH, 2016 version I hope you to know that in each ride I tried my best effort to maintain the speed in narrow range (1) 1st picture: range traveled: 18.7 km duration: 1hour 11 min the number of hill: lots of hills ( more than 200 hills) battery consumed: 40% the speed range when I saw on
  7. In case anyone missed it- http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Reserve-Gotway-MCM4-130wh-260wh-340wh-520WH-680WH-electric-unicycle-one-wheel-scooter-800W-motor-max/32468490098.html?spm=2114.01020208.3.1.azdFLv&ws_ab_test=201526_3,201527_2_71_72_73_74_75,201409_3 The description is kind of hard to understand but I guess they're all the same color, he's just using the colors for the different battery sizes? And are they all the same as far as features go other than the battery size?
  8. so i was just riding my mcm4 to work, getting all over confident with the speed and taking over all the cyclists (20-25kph). while going uphill (5%) the wheel started beeping (i have first and second beep disabled, so it was the three beeps alarm) so i slowed down a small bit.. accelerated a bit again, and all of a sudden it started rocking VERY hard back and forth, basically throwing me off the wheel (there's no way anyone could stay on it like that). luckily i managed to run off, and there was no one in direct proximity (wheel took some serious scratches though). Has anyone experienced
  9. Putting up my GotWay MCM4 680wh unicycle for sale in the vicinity of Washington DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, etc. Wheel is used and scratched, but is in good working condition. At the time of this post, the wheel had 680 Km in odometer. Wheel for sale in person, cash transaction. $500 USD, or 1/2 oz. of Gold accepted. Includes: box, unicycle, charger, and trolley handle (unmounted). UPDATE: ¡THE WHEEL HAS BEEN SOLD!
  10. Hey Community, my MCM4 is just great, but i am interest in extending the range. When i read the specs in this shop: http://de.aliexpress.com/store/product/Reserve-Gotway-MCM4-130wh-260wh-340wh-520WH-680WH-electric-unicycle-one-wheel-scooter-800W-motor-max/1908673_32468490098.html There are 2 batterypacks in the small versions and 4 packs in the bigger ones. I got one of the lower ones, so 2 packs. What i want to know, is there enougth space to add 2 more packs, to get a big one by my self? Or is the case modified, so there is noth enougth space?
  11. Hi to everyone!,? I am new to this forum and I have been interested in the EUC by a good friend who has a ninebot and I could try it. I liked it so much and decided to buy one unit.Searching for more information about euc I found this awesome forum with lots of users that cooperate from all over the world. After reading many posts of many models, I decided on a Gotway MCM4 260w version. I've received Friday, March 4,the wheel is very nice and has a nice design.in saturday 5th was very excited to ride it. But in a few minutes I could see that something was wrong. a strange noi
  12. Hey Community! My Gotway MCM4 HS 340wh arrived at friday and since then I´ve driven about 40km. But everyday when I return home I notice that terrible smell that is probably comming from the wheel or the motor or something like that. Did anyone else have the problem, too and if yes, how did you fix it or did the problem solve itself after some time? Thanks for all replies
  13. If anyone in the USA is looking for a GotWay MCM4, I have serveral left in stock before the next shipment arrives. These are the first released models. Max speed is 30km. One left 260Wh Carbon $660 shipped within the Continental United States. Only one left of each color 340Wh White 340Wh Black 340Wh Carbon $780 shipped within the Continental United States. Local pick available if your in the Bay Area, CA Message me if interested.
  14. Just ordered and was wondering if it had speakers?
  15. Someone of you already orderrd a gotway here: http://m.aliexpress.com/item/32493411863.html There are only 2 Sellers on aliexpress, should i order here or in the green etc. shop? He give me 30$ discount for the 260wh model.
  16. We are have another ride in San Francisco. This will be about a 15-20 mile ride. Up and down many of San Francisco's hills. Date: February 6, 2016 (Saturday) Meet up time: 9am Current route in planning. More info to come. Any tips or suggestions are welcome.
  17. Hi guys, I have been testing my Gotway MCM4 for 2 weeks now and power is good but when reaching 50% batt capacity high current drains generate beeps when accelerating. I have 680mah version and my weight is 85kg. I could not go faster than the 25 km/h shown on the app which correspond to 22km/h gps speed verified on a 1km ride down slope. Tilt back works but too early ! I reported the lack of speed to Gotway staff and they keep repeating that the temperature the user weight and ground texture is the reason even when I tell them that I did not manage to exceed 22km/h in a down slop
  18. Calling all Bay Area riders, we are having another ride this Sunday January 17th at Stanford University. Meet up time is 2:30pm at Stanford Oval. We will be riding around the many trails that Stanford University has as well as riding around Palo Alto and maybe grabbing a bite to eat along the many restaurants along University Avenue. I have our link on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/groups/621491334621039/permalink/657699887666850/ There are many more rides being planned if you can't make this ride. I will be working with @SuperSport and @BotCali for more rides in the future. Pl
  19. Title says it all, paid approx $950 with shipping asking the same back since its brand new. Will post pics later can exchange with MSUPER model Cant upload pics here so please check below http://www.sahibinden.com/ilan/vasita-elektrikli-araclar-tek-kisilik-tasiyicilar-gotway-mcm4-680w-electric-unicycle-elektrikli-tek-teker-scooter-262627556/detay/
  20. I wanted to know the feed-back from people who have rode the MCM4s High speed version http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=408920IMG2918.jpg http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=29157820151227030707.jpg Hereunder the specs http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=849220image388.png They seems to have fixed the pedals problem. What about the real High speed ?
  21. Hello everyone, I am a Chinese guy who live in America now, and I used selling unicycle in China. If you have any unicycle you wanna buy you can contact me at 308936558@qq.com, I will give you guys a ideal price(rockwheel,ips, ninebot,inmotion,gotway...).And for now I have a brand new gotway mcm4 in the storage because of the wrong arrangement. It's white with 340wh,my asking prise is 900 with unicycle, tax,and shipping fee. If you wanna lower prize you can negotiate with me. However,it's hard to get a mom for a short time. Thanks!
  22. Grinding noise is coming from the Gotway. I just got the MCM4 yesterday and today was the first ride I took it out for a spin. It made this noise at half charge and at full charge. Is this normal? Any one else have this problem? it sounds like a wha wha wha or era era era grinding type noise. Almost like something is rubbing.
  23. Hello GotWay Users, SHORT ANSWER: Unlike the old app and mcm2s that you needed to manually connect to it first, you dont and cant with the new MCM4. I did not take it as an possibility that that would be an option when i tried it once and did not work immediately. I have 3 MCM4's at home for me and my family and all of them are not able to connect to any of the phones i have at home. I get multiple messages from different phones "Pairing rejected by GotWay_####" & "Unable to communicate with GotWay_####" from Galaxy J5 and Galaxy Note 2 "Cant conn
  24. Where can I buy a Gotway MCM4 in the USA? Or where can I order one? The sight alliexpress will not ship then to "To my region" tried to order from Rockwheel intelligent technology products, green and fashion travaling shop store,
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