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Found 227 results

  1. I have been asking from forum users via private messages what wheels they prefer or recommend. I have been emailing sellers about specifics of their EUC's. I have googled reviews, youtube videos and specifications so much that my employer started to question my work motivation and my wife started questioning me on why I'm spending all my time with my mobile. Combined I have ruined things at work and at home and I haven't even started to ride yet! I feel that it has been totally worth it and now I want to share my findings, tell you what I have decided to buy, from where and why (if anybody is interested). My use case and initial thoughts "I live in southern Finland so my few first months riding will be in snow ice and water. I will use the EUC for my daily trips to work and back (14km one way)." Finnish legislation says that EUC must have a motor of 1000W or smaller and its highest allowed speed is 25km/h. It is recommended that in the EUC there is front and back lights but also lights carried by the driver are allowed. Bigger wheel should mean more stability and comfort on a long trip. Biggest wheel that is tested in a big scale (a lot of users and a lot of experience about them written online) is 18" and the two most trusted brands seems to be Gotway and King Song. They both have 680wh battery version as I thought that would be sufficient for my needs and it would have enough reserve on a cold day when the capacity is lower. Gotway is the speed king but that is something that I cannot enjoy as the legislation limits the highest speed. Also Gotway does not have driving light of its own. Gotways safety is good I haven't heard about even one shutdown of death (SOD) case. King Song is investing pretty much to research and development and they want to be near the customers. For example they attended to CES fairs and Tina from King Song was replying to my emails which was super nice and made me feel wanted as a customer. King song has the needed lights. It's highest speed is over the 25km/h but it can be limited via the app (this is possible also with Gotway). Basically Gotway and King Song are pretty much neck and neck on my needs. King Song has the bluetooth speakers but I dont need them and actually its just another component that you need to seal from water and a component that can go broken. King song has the lights but with Gotway I can attach the lights to myself. The lights with king song is again one more component that can be broken and needs to be sealed from the elements. Battery dilemma with king song made my mind that I will buy a Gotway Msuper. In reality I dont think this is serious or a real problem in use but made another minus for King Song. You can read more about the issue from here: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/2554-ks-14-battery-configuration/ Where to buy? Next I just needed to figure out where to buy the EUC from. Excellent source for ideas is this thread: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/458-where-to-buy-incomplete-reseller-list/ My first thought for the matter was that I want to buy it as close as possible from the source. So I looked it up from aliexpress and ebay. Aliexpress did not accept paypal so that was that for me. Next stop was Ebay. From there I found one with a decent pricing but if I would buy it from there (with this particular seller) I would have had to pay the taxes and related fees if I were unlucky. While I was browsing ebay I stumbled to a King Song being sold by Gyroroue Shop in France. This would rule out the taxes and related fees AND I would get 24 month warranty for the device and 12 months for the battery. This was the time I made the decision to buy the King Song over the Gotway that I originally decided to buy as it was EASIER and cheaper for me although I still had my doubts with the device itself. If my doubts would become reality there would be the warranty to manage the risk. With Gotway there would not be that kind of risk management in place or atleast not within the same price range. In France there is also another reseller but their webshop is made with Prestashop and they still had the default theme on it. That does not look professional to me so I chose the before mentioned Gyroroue Shop. TL;DR WHAT!? King Song 18" KS-18A EUC WHERE!? Gyroroue Shop France WHY!? 24 months warranty, professional looking webpage, generally trusted device with enough battery capacity and power. Additionally it was cheaper than the rival (within EU). Where are we now? I ordered the item few hours ago (this morning). I am now waiting to get the device to Finland and start learning to drive with it. Sidetrack driving clothes / equipment I ordered black elbow pads, knee pads, a onesie with Batman logo on it as a driving overall/suit and Emerson FAST helmet with face mask, rails for flashlights, NVG gopro mount and a helmet cover.
  2. Im looking into purchasing my first wheel i've narrow it down to the kingsong or one of these 2 IPS, is this site the resellers of IPS? if not , where can i purchase the IPS zero? my daily use of the wheel would probably only consist of getting around on campus and a very small amount of side walks. http://www.electricunicycleonline.com/ips-i130-30km-h-130wh-electric-unicycle.html http://www.electricunicycleonline.com/ips-zero-14-inch-30km-h-260wh-electric-unicycle.html thanks
  3. Does the "setting for speed limit " have to be set every time you turn on the King Song EUC? This seem to be the case on my KS-18A and KS-14C.
  4. Thanks a lot! I will post here again if the previous didn't go through: By the way, I had a nasty accident yesterday, but luckily, I was unharmed. I was going down a hill that I guess was more than the unit could take. I wasn't speeding at all, I just believe the level of declination was too steep. I jumped off the unit before I fell off, but the unit swirled and spun down the hill and fell on one of its side on the pedal really hard and came to a stop. Now, I hear some play in the pedal...like, you can slightly move it back and forth with your hands if you tug it hard enough. You can hear the clicking noise of the pedal bouncing after ever so bump and it's so annoying now. I brought the unit home to tighten the screws on the pedal, but they were already screwed in tightly. Any suggestions?
  5. Please post Website that sell Kingsong and aera they can ship. Thank you High'Tems start end of August 2015 to sell KingSong Please see our link below. We can ship to every country nearby France such as Italy, Spain, England, Portugal, Swizerland, Belgium, Germany, Netherland, Finland, Scotland, Ireland, Sueden,....Any question, please feel free to Contact us. http://hightems.eu/accueil/43-kingsong-ks-14b.html http://hightems.eu/accueil/44-kingsong-ks-14b.html
  6. Hey guys! Will here. I know a few of you have been waiting, so I'm just letting you know. We have received our shipment of 14' 680wh King Song units. This is our most popular model by far. We now have 5 left to ship immediately within the USA. After that it's going to be a couple months before we have more. Post questions here or email/private message me: Email@ElectricUnicycleReviews.com CLICK HERE TO ORDER ONE OR JUST TO BROWSE!
  7. Calling all Bay Area riders, we are having another ride this Sunday January 17th at Stanford University. Meet up time is 2:30pm at Stanford Oval. We will be riding around the many trails that Stanford University has as well as riding around Palo Alto and maybe grabbing a bite to eat along the many restaurants along University Avenue. I have our link on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/groups/621491334621039/permalink/657699887666850/ There are many more rides being planned if you can't make this ride. I will be working with @SuperSport and @BotCali for more rides in the future. Please join our group if you are in the Northern part of California.
  8. Ive decided to share my impression of kingsong which i received about 3 weeks ago. A lot has been said already but there is a couple of little things noone has touched upon yet. I must say that i havent tried any other unicycles but kingsong 500w and kingsong 800w and ninebot for a minute only. So my review will be limited and i dont really have a way to compare the ways different wheel feel while riding, but for what its worth, here is my 2 cents Is it easy to learn? i learned to ride it quite fast , after 15 minutes of practicing along the railing, i could ride it on the sidewalk, make simple turns, and in an hour i was riding at top speed and in the dark. On the second day i could do it all, street with traffic, grass, steep hills, bad asphalt, sand, basically anything short of riding backwards and riding on one foot. On the fourth day, i took a trip from manhattan to brooklyn, about 11 miles. So , i dont know if it is the wheel or its me, but it seems quite easy to learn it. A couple of people i taught, tried for 15-20 minutes and while they couldnt ride for a long distance without grabbing on to something once in a while i could see that with a bit more time they will be able to ride. Dimensions of the wheel / comfort kingsong appears to be wider than most wheels, which i dont like in terms of aesthetics, but i believe it makes it easier to balance when you are starting out as your feet are further apart and you have more leverage. I wish the profile of it was more like ninebots, where you can sort of grab the wheel between your legs and hold it better. The soft pads on the sides, in my opinion have a flaw that they dont continue down low enough and you end up banging on the foot bone that sticks out ( i keep forgetting the name). So the first two weeks it was messed up pretty bad and bleeding. It does go away over time, but i wish they could make the learning experience less painful. Some changes definitely need to be made to the padding. I also wish the pedals were a bit wider which is important when you are learning, as your feet will hurt oike crazy and having more support is important reliability i havent tried other wheels but to me this appears to be one of the most reliable wheels out there. There is 2 levels of high speed beep warnings and the the tilt back. Tilt back is very comfortable and will not throw you off the wheel. You will have about 5 seconds to get off it while the pedals are tilting. And actually if you start slowing down, the tilt back will stop and you can keep riding. In some cases they go back to their normal position and you can just keep riding. Very nice tilt back. tilt back also occurs on slower speeds at lower battery levels. If the motor draws a lot of power of lower battery the pedals tilt back. You feel very protected with this wheel and it appears that it will not let the power cut ever. You also have tilt back on overheating. With my weight, it occurs after about 40 minutes of continuous driving if the temperature is high. Occurs less in the evening when its cooler. You then need to wait a couple of minutes before you can ride again. Is it a ggod thing or a bad thing? Well depends on how you look at it. I wonder what other wheels do. Id rather have the high temp cutoff than let the wheel overheat. Battery has a big safety margin so it appears that its a safety feature designed to not allow you to run out of power and to avoid accidental cutoff. In summary, i ve ridden the wheel a lot not and never had a cut off, and the wheel felt very reliable. power the wheel has a lot of power, its very agile and can take steep hills. I rode 500w for a day and actuall rode it alongside 800 to compare and it felt the same in terms of power when i rode normally, but in terms of steep hills the power of 800w really shines. I can easily take what seems to be 20-25 degree slopes with acceleration. Riding experience overall a very nice riding experience. Doesnt wobble even at high speeds. Very consistent performance. Of course because its a 14" , i can feell all the bumps and imperfections in the road . So a bigger wheel would be better for a more comfortable ride. The wheel is quite manouverable, ive learned to ride it on sidewalks with many pedestrians, i can go as slow as i want and even stand in one spot for a second or so. It can make very tight turns also. Tire pressure affect the feel of the ride and higher pressure makes you feel all the bumps more but makes for a more solid ride. battery and mileage / charger the battery indicator has 10 bars but they go out in twos , so in reality it only has 5 positions which is enough. The battery lasts about 20 miles with my 220 lbs, which i was not happy about but i understand its consistent with the results tested for other wheels.i believe if the road conditions were perfect and i didnt have to brke and accelerate, id squeeze about 25 miles out of the wheel. Higher tire pressure will give you more mileage the battery behaves quite interestingly. When youve been riding non stop or climbing hiils it shows less power left, but if you leave it off for a while, the battery "recuperates" a bit and start showing higher percentage left. battery takes about 6 to 6.5 hours to charge. One little issue is with the charger. The cord connection to charger could be better. If you dont push it all the way i can hear the sparks flying at the connection. Also the plastic of the charger case got distorted a bit from overheating. I believe what happened was it wasnt lying on the correct side while charging and overheated, this shouldnt happening, they should look into that. Trolley handle this is a must have.
  9. My video review of KS14c
  10. I'm looking to purchase a KS 18 with 800w power and with either 680wh or 820wh whichever one has a better price. It's been hard to locate sellers to who sells these since they arent as popular as the Ninebot One E+ Model. I need a seller that can ship to North America preferably Canada but if not the US is fine as well. Does anyone have any trusty sellers that they would like to suggest me getting from? Thanks!
  11. Be first to receive the Milbay GTS 16 Rockstar and save $$$. Offer closes and payments due Chinese New Year 2016. Production and delivery during February 2016. More information and no obligation order form here http://www.milbay.com.au/SBV/MB16GTS
  12. Hi all, About a month ago I bought a generic wheel from eBay. I didn't know anything about brands, motor power, battery levels, etc. Luckily for me the 132kwh 350w wheel I bought had some basic safety features like tilt back on low battery so I didn't end up faceplanting or anything like that. However, being a generic "knock-off", the tire came warped and eventually the unit stopped charging. When I opened it up I found that the battery pack was just sitting in the compartment, loose, and had split the wires coming from the charging port into the battery. Luckily, the eBay seller I bought from was willing to me give me a full refund so I sent it back. I'm now looking to get a well-made wheel with a bit more power and a larger pack. I'm particularly interested in the King Song 14c. So far from what I've read here and elsewhere it seems to be well made. I'm trying to decide if there are any other wheels I should be considering. The ninebot e+ looks really good too but it's a tad expensive and the lack of a traditional handle is a bit off-putting. Then again, it seems that it's the best in terms of longevity. So I suppose my question is, which wheels would you recommend now that I know how to ride an EUC, and where would you recommend buying them? The only place I can find that sells the King Song to the US is electricunicyclereviews.com. Has anyone bought from here? Is this a good price? Safe to use, etc? Any other safe (bms cutoff) wheels/brands I should be considering? Would appreciate any help. Thanks
  13. So I think I was one of the few who has an 800W 680wh King Song where the iOS app (v1.0) was functional for the most part (except for the tiltback adjustment, ride mode adjustment, and sound icon). Like an idiot, I just updated to v1.1 without a backup, and now nothing works, even simple stuff like speedometer. Anyone on here have the old v1.0 app and can send me it? Thanks.
  14. I notice that the new KingSong 14C has an optional trolley handle. Does anyone know where I can get one to fit an existing 14C in the UK? i tried contacting Tina and Sarah at KingSong by email more than a week ago to see if it was available but have had no reply from them.
  15. My video review of KS14c - 800W - 680Wh (Let me know if this is not ok, as I all ready posted it under the brand specific forum)
  16. My video review of KS14c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufh8geSeAu0
  17. Range test of KingSong KS14c - 800W - 680wh... Does the battery last for 28km, with a heavy rider and 10C ambient...?
  18. My kingsong tilts back upon overheating quite often, sometimes after riding for 10- 20 minutes. Is this a good safety feature or a design flaw - inability to shed heat effectively ? Or..i am I just too freaking fat? ( i am 100kg) which causes the wheel to overheat much faster. The wheel is supposed to be rated for 120kg though. i dont have data on how other wheels react to overheating. Opinions welcome.
  19. Here's a tip that should come in handy for current King Song owners. If you ever need to set your EU down but don't want to just lay it flat and risk scratching it unnecessarily.. buy one of those handy tire valve extensions they sell for EUCs, as shown in (first pic) and place it as so... (2nd pic) This allows the pedal to be used as a stand -- just as it was originally designed for the KS 14B. The added weight of the battery and motor of the KS 14C was too much for the pedal, but a little bolstering from a EUC accessory that comes in handy (it can make pumping the tire up a little easier in certain situations) and you have an instant stand whenever you need to set your wheel down for a few... The third pic is a close up in case you need details. Just another "undocumented feature" I love about this wheel You might wonder what this was doing in the picture (fourth pic) Well if you don't want to be bothered to hunt down a valve extension and happen to have a Trader Joe's nearby.... You can use this as a stand as well...
  20. http://szkingsong.com does not work for me any longer, because of my location or hacked site? Anyways they had mentioned thierthier 460 mm (18") wheel was 500 w but other sellers state 800 w motor? And how does a trolly handle attach to it? Is it the single bar attachment? Wish there were more videos on this unit...
  21. Was supposed to test the experimental newly implemented tilt-back function at 25 kph but due to low charge I didn't dare to fully test it. However, Kevin Lee claims he already tested it to work. Actually the King Song guy himself said in Mandarin (in the video) "don't go too fast because the battery charge is only 40%". Check out the conversation for lulz
  22. Hello! Does anyone know the best (i.e., fastest ) way to get a King Song 800W in NYC? I know about electricunicyclereviews.com but was wondering if there was something a bit more local.
  23. Hi, I'd like to pose a question to those familiar with or have technical expertise on motor/battery engineering - while the "official" word is that KS units do not cut off when pressed past their speed max/battery output, has anyone tested this theory? When I asked GW about their lack of this feature, per the GW rep, there is no such thing as an EU that does not cutoff after exceeding max speed/battery output. While the pedal-rising feature may discourage further pursuit of higher speeds, it doesn't guarantee the KS units have a smart feature built in to prevent cutoff. I just want to clear up any misinformation that may be present - currently what I have to go off of is GW rep vs KS rep but we all know that testing it is the only true way to find out - or thru understanding how these motors/batteries work. Per GW rep, the new units will have an optional pedal-rising feature selected via their app - this was intentionally done for a couple reasons: in a situation where high speeds are reached and a cutoff is imminent, flat pedals are actually better than rising pedals for a user to bail. Either way, it won't be pretty but the idea is that should your feet be in an angle due to rising pedals, you can't jump off. Another reason: if you practice safe driving near the max speeds, you don't have to worry about the annoyance of the rising pedals. Having the option I think seems the best of both worlds. Not saying that beeping isn't annoying, bc we know it sure is!
  24. Dear All, We are doing Pre-order reduction on KingSong unicycle; You could use Sea coupon or Air coupon, with have in total 20 pc each, One coupon can be use by one customer. The offer end the 31st of August 2015. Sea reduction code XDH49QGR offer 180€ less Air reduction code 7SF89YZV offer 125€ less Our website link ; http://hightems.eu/17-monocycles
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