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Found 251 results

  1. Hi everyone! We've recently setup a new store exclusively importing Electric Unicycles! We currently stock Gotway, Inmotion and KingSong and have demo's available! we have full warranty on all models and excellent after sales support. Check us out at: www.vaneuc.com or on facebook: @VancouverEUC would love to hear from you!!
  2. Just thought I'd share the link with everyone. I'm not the seller, but I have one, and it's pretty comfortable: http://lindydesignlab.com/product/padded-sleeve-blue-king-song-14/ Basically these serve two functions: protecting the unicycle from scratches, and protecting your inner legs from getting damaged during your rides. ps. Not sure if this is the right place to post it, but thought I'd share it since I have not seen this type of product anywhere else yet.
  3. Hi, I'm owning now my EUC for 6 months, a King Song 14C 800W 680Wh. I'm happy with it, but I must say that longer rides (>10km) aren't very comfortable. Depending on the road surface, after 5-10 km my feet start hurting on the outer side of my feet. I think this is caused by the angle of the KingSongs pedals. The pedals are not parallel, they incline towards the outside. See image (not mine, just ripped it from the internet): During the ride, I change the position of my feet several times to reduce the discomfort. This helps a bit, but not enough for longer rides. I tried yet with different shoes, but without luck. My question is : Am I the only one with hurting feet on a KingSong 14C ? Have some of you "modded" your EUC with improved / other pedals ?
  4. Just wanted to share a brief impression of the ks16 840wh wheel that @vido kindly let me try out. Im going to lead with my conclusion - overall the wheel exceeded my expectations. Positive Handling/ comfort/ agility / power To be perfectly honest i did not expect much from the wheel. I was concerned that its substantial weight will turn into a slumbering behemoth, sort of like the ks18, especially in comparison with the ks14 that i am used to riding. This was not the case - i found to my great satisfaction that while the wheel does behave like a 16" wheel and of course not as swift as its 14" sibling, i was able to basically manouver it the same way with sufficient dexterity. Pretty much anything i do on 14, i was able to do on the 16" and it felt quite responsive to change of direction/ speed. My conclusion is that the wheel has a great form factor and weight distribution - despite the inspcreased weight comoared say to ninebot, the handling felt about as easy. If the same weight was distributed over a larger object ( say ks18) the wheel would become much slower and less swift. at the same time the wheel felt solid, sort of like now i had a 16 inch " beast" rather than a little 14 inch "pug " getting caught between my feet. The riding mode was set to play mode and i loved it how it still has the kingsong's trademark softness of response ( it gives into the lean a bit before stabilizing vertically) , however the response is more stiff than the 14", which i believe has a bit too mych of it. I felt this was just the right amount of softness and i was very pleased. A stiffer wheel allows for a feeling of better reliance on what you are riding - you feel you can "lean on it", both figuratively and literally, it feels more substantial. the wheel felt powerful, and i pushed its limits a bit ( and i am 100kg) and the wheel passed eith flying colors. I basically took it to the limit of what my ks14 can do, and the wheel gracefully managed not to disappoint. the side cushons felt fine, and while i was starting to get a bit of a pain on my shins, it was so minor that must go away when one is used to particular set up. it was interesting that while the pedals were different from the ones as on my ks14, and wider at the outer edge, they were about the same size at the side closer to the wheel. I had a different sensation after riding a while. On the 14" my feet start getting dull and sometimes sharper pain after riding a coupke of miles, while on the 16, there was virtually no pain however i felt the overpowering numness in my feet, still not sure why a different sensation from when riding the 14 inch. the wheel handles little obstacles and provides for a smoother ride compared to the 14", just as a 16" wheel should - so it met my expectations there. on a neutral note, as i rode alongside a ks14, and inmotion v5+, the black inmotion looked gorgeous and stylish during the day which the white ks16 really stood out during the twilight hours and in the dark. The only way the 14" looked almost ok against these two beauties is because i have led lights on it plus the under pedal lights, that was the only way it kept up Negative the speaker volume was disappointing. It is much quieter than that of the 14 incher, and understandinly so - there is only 2 speakers in16" vs 4 in 14". Some tracks which were recorded loud are ok, but the quieter ones were way too quiet. On e you know better its hard to go back... In the 1.20 firmware the Max. speed get limited after the battery level reaches 50%, and continues to decrease as the battery goes down. This one thing would be enough to discourage me from buying the wheel unless there is a way to override the 1.20 firmware, which i understand may be possible. For a heavier guy like me, every kilometer counts, and i while i had faceplanted a coupke of times due to being oblivious to the lower battery levels, i feel that limiting it at 50% is way too early. the trolley handle worked ok, and while this is subjective, appeared too flimsy to me - not sure how it will hold up after using the wheel for a long time. Perhaps, its not such a big deal to take the wheel apart and replace when needed. Rolling the wheel by the handle is very comfortable ( unless of course you are left handed, in which case, you are basically screwed:) i would say that overall, i expected the wheel to be a slight disappointment after being used to the swift 14", and i was not disappointed at all. On the contrary, i felt that it would take me a really short time to get used to riding one to the point that i would prefer it to the 14"
  5. Hi Guys i will like to informe you we do a 10% discount for the SUMMER SALES on ALL THE LINE KINGSONG on www.gyroroue-shop.fr CODE: promo-ks-10 Unicycle KINGSONG KS-14 KS-16 KS-18 we accept only PAYPAL for international order wish you a good day ! thanks
  6. KingSong 14b, barely used, for sale. Color is Black. Swapable battery. $350 only, but you pay for shipment (I'm located in Orlando/Florida/USA). ps. Also have 2 IPS i130s, red, scratched, and used, but working great. Great for training. 150$ each.
  7. I have a KS-18A that I've had for about 6 months now. I've beat it up pretty bad through several wrecks, some my fault, some from the wheel cutting out. Anyway, I've noticed that there is now what I can only describe as play in the wheel. When moving the body of the unicycle back and forth (front and back, not side to side) there is some gap in where the wheel spin changes direction. It seems there is about ~1-2 inches of movement before the gyros seem to notice the change in direction. It seems to be working okay and I've put ~15 miles on it since I noticed the behavior. After a few wrecks at 15-20 MPH, I am a bit more cautious than I was when I started out so I am a little more careful about charging and paying attention to any strange behavior I started to take the thing apart but was having trouble getting the wheel separated from the body and decided to put it back together before actually separating the two. Unfortunately, the play still exists after reassembly. I believe whatever is going on is with the gyros or a magnet inside the wheel. Has anyone noticed this kind of "play" in their KingSong or other EU? Any ideas? Cheers and thanks in advance!
  8. I discovered a glitch with my Kingsong KS18A 2016 model. This topic is both possible warning and question whether anyone else experienced it. When mounting i place one foot, then i push off a bit so that i have a little forward movement and then i place my other foot, a standard take off. The glitch (this happened twice now): when pushing off, the motor seems to get no power for just a moment, making the wheel tilt too far. Then the motor/software catches on and gives a powerful surge. The wheel jumps ahead leaving me standing. All I can do is "catch" the wheel. My theory is as follows. When not in motion and upright, the software has a hard time deciding which way is/will be forward. It actually goes back and forth (front light - back light switching). There is apparently a tiny (very tiny) window in time during the switch to one direction, that you cannot reliably take off in the other direction. Can anyone confirm? Is this a known issue? I think it is "just" a firmware problem.
  9. It has been a long time since I have been on this forum. When I first got my wheel I was able to connect to the app, but I was using an iPad and was unable to do much. Still using an iPad, but I can borrow an android or iPhone. I got the ISN and a code then set my settings close to max. Then I lost it all. Now I am enjoying the ride, but want to completely max settings and do some other things, The problem is that I can't seem to get my wheel to connect to either the old or the new app through Bluetooth. I got my wheel pretty wet riding through a downpour lately and that may be part of the problem. Not sure. Any suggestions on getting the wheel to connect up?
  10. Ladies and gentlemen of the forum, As electric unicycle enthusiasts I thought you guys should be the first to know. We're selling our King Song KS-14B with switchable battery (in Europe aka FutureWheel Switch) for the all-time lowest price of 489 euro's.** Why? We need to get rid of our stock so we can make the newer models available to you! So if you want a quality lightweight wheel on the side this is your chance. Want to cover more distance? Get an extra backpack battery-pack and switch it up! Love life, Enjoy the ride and keep it wheel y'all! -- * The site quotes 589 use the couponcode: korting100 on the payment page to get 100 off! ** Shipping and handling to The Netherlands 15 euro and the rest of Europe 25 euro Order your Red KS-14B Order your Black KS-14B Specifications of Red KS-14B Specifications of Black KS-14B Tutorial Videos for Beginners and Advanced (We're sorry the site is a bit slow, please be patient)
  11. Hey guys I'm thinking of upgrading my ninebot to a ks16. Just wanted to hear some of y'all expirence with the ks16. Some things you like or dislike, any malfunctions etc.
  12. MikeSwan


    Hi Can someone tell me the KingSong web address please? Thanks
  13. Ladies and gentlemen of the forum, As electric unicycle enthusiasts I thought you guys should be the first to know. We're selling our King Song KS-14B with switchable battery (in Europe aka FutureWheel Switch) for the all-time lowest price of 539 euro's.** Why? We need to get rid of our stock so we can make the newer models available to you! So if you want a quality lightweight wheel on the side this is your chance. Want to cover more distance? Get an extra backpack battery-pack and switch it up! Love life, Enjoy the ride and keep it wheel y'all! * Offer ends end of April, the site quotes 589 use the couponcode: forum on the payment page to get 50 off! ** Shipping and handling to The Netherlands 15 euro and the rest of Europe 25 euro Order your Red KS-14B Order your Black KS-14B (with English subtitles) KS-14B / FutureWheel Switch - Get a kick out of Urban Commuting: KS-14B FEATURES Specifications of Red KS-14B Specifications of Black KS-14B Tutorial Videos for Beginners and Advanced (We're sorry the site is a bit slow, please be patient)
  14. Guest

    King song 16

    Does anybody have any specs info regarding the kingsong 16in? I'm trying to find out before I make my decision to buy an msuper 18. But if the 16" has a big enough battery and great speed, than thats what I want. I looks great and I love the trolley handle thats included.
  15. List brand, model, mileage(let's keep it in km), pic of your APP, and any other info. Just curious to see how many miles some of you have gone so far. Ill start with my most used wheel, GotWay MCM4, 902.988km
  16. Hi I have just ordered a KingSong ks16-A with 840 wh battery (presumably with a fast charger) I would love to protect my new baby as best possible, so I was considering buying the Charger Doctor V2 http://hobby16.neowp.fr/2016/02/06/charge-doctor-v2-10a-3/ Could anyone advise if this is a good idea, and potentially about what settings to use for optimal protection? Perhaps even @hobby16 :-) /Jon
  17. This appears to be the new 16" wheel from kingsong. Obviously they have realized the cool looks sell. Glad they are on par now. Once they resolve their last major minus - the lack of local warranty support, i will see no reason to pick ninebot over kingsong. but what do i know after all...a month ago i didnt know what an electric unicycle is...
  18. Hi there. A friend of mine got KS16A recently, I just checked it out, but he noticed something strange. There is a click noise coming from the inside, while EUC is idle and turned on, when it moves there is no clicks or they're just masked by the motor and env. sounds. Listen here: http://rghost.ru/7GZgLFcZq Any thoughts?
  19. Winter months are over and my wheel overheats all the time now. Not when i ride on horizontal surface with constant speed, but as soon as i start getting creative, the wheel overheats every 5-10 minutes. I like to move to slow music coming out of the wheel , sort of like slow dancing, and its just so embarrasing to have to get off e wheel when you are deep in the moment and everyone around is looking at you. If i could resolve this one issue, my riding experience would otherwise be perfect. So i am thinking of simple ways to cool the wheel without inviting the water to come in. Which way do you guys think would be the best? Or maybe some other way? 1. Simply make several small diameter holes on top of casing to let some of the heat vent out. Holes would need to be plugged in case of rain, so i could come up with round rubber plugs 2. Make one or more openings on top of casing . In case of rain place a plate to cover the openings. Perhaps the plate should always be on top and be made of a metal wothh high heat transfer rate which shoukd help heat sink the heat to the outside. A rubber gasket could be placed around the perimeter of the plate to seal for the water ingress. 3 install small piece of piping with small hoods ( for rain) connected to the holes on top of casing in order to route the outside air and force it to come in. Another hole can be nade somewhere in the casing to let the air cirlutae and not create possitive air pressure inside 4. Find some space inside ( which is not easy) and install a small small either powere externally or connected to the motherboard, say in lieu of the rear light. Voltage has to match of course the voltage used on the control board 5. Make a hole on top of casing equal to the footprint of a small fan, and install the fan on top of it which will draw the air out. Make a hole somewhere else in the casing to allow for air circulation 6. Solder a metal plate placed vertically on top and at edge and at 90degrees to the control board. Make hole to let the plate penetrate the casing. Waterprrof penetration. Now, on top of case where the plate sticks out, similarly solder another plate ( horizontally, at 90 degres) which will lay flat on top of casing and serve as an additional heatsink
  20. My review of the new KS16 from KingSong ... I will say it's everything that Ninebot should have done with model P ;-) - I think it's a winner... Summary: I very pleased with the product (based on limited use).. I will say it's everything that Ninebot should have done with model P ;-) - I think it's a winner... Good stuff: It rides really well and offers a nice balance between power, comfort and stability.. Really nice design, very beautiful on the same level as Ninebot.. Material has a good feel and quality seems high.. Riding mode feels a lot stiffer than KS14c Very smart integration of the light (switching direction) Bluetooth seems a lot more intuitive than KS14c Integrated handlebar is a really great idea and it feels solid when it's not extracted.. Anti-slip on the pedal gives a really good contact to the food rest... Pedal height is good for tight turns Side protection cushions are placed perfectly and offers good support.. Rubber plastic cap for the charging port that is attached to the KS16 is really good... Bad/observations: Computer voice is really loud... It's nice at first, but this will annoy me in the long run. can be switched off in the app.. More noisy than expected, high pitch noise is louder than KS14c and the cooling fan inside is notable.. What happens if the fan breaks? Missing a integrated park stand, it would be nice to have a way to park the unit upright and not have to lay it down. Fod pedal does not operate as smooth as I could wish, takes a lot of force to bring the down (minor thing)...
  21. KingSong KS16 speaker volume and LED lights #thewayweride
  22. Physical difference between Kingsong KS16 og KS14c. Both wheels are 800w with 680wh battery... KS16 is 16" and KS14c is 14"...
  23. We got our KingSong KS16 today and made this video while unboxing and first ride... These are truly some wonderful devices... KingSong seems they have listen to previous complaints and improved key areas of the machine... I feel a lot stiffer than my current KS14c... We have not tried the full potential yet, as the unit is not unlocked yet, we are getting the unlock code from Tina soon so we can unleash this beast..
  24. They are located in Singapore and it says on their website that they ship worldwide by air which is the main reason I wanted to order a kingsong 680 watts from them but I just want to know if anyone has ordered a electric unicycle from their website and is it safe to order? I live in PNG just north of Australia
  25. I have been asking from forum users via private messages what wheels they prefer or recommend. I have been emailing sellers about specifics of their EUC's. I have googled reviews, youtube videos and specifications so much that my employer started to question my work motivation and my wife started questioning me on why I'm spending all my time with my mobile. Combined I have ruined things at work and at home and I haven't even started to ride yet! I feel that it has been totally worth it and now I want to share my findings, tell you what I have decided to buy, from where and why (if anybody is interested). My use case and initial thoughts "I live in southern Finland so my few first months riding will be in snow ice and water. I will use the EUC for my daily trips to work and back (14km one way)." Finnish legislation says that EUC must have a motor of 1000W or smaller and its highest allowed speed is 25km/h. It is recommended that in the EUC there is front and back lights but also lights carried by the driver are allowed. Bigger wheel should mean more stability and comfort on a long trip. Biggest wheel that is tested in a big scale (a lot of users and a lot of experience about them written online) is 18" and the two most trusted brands seems to be Gotway and King Song. They both have 680wh battery version as I thought that would be sufficient for my needs and it would have enough reserve on a cold day when the capacity is lower. Gotway is the speed king but that is something that I cannot enjoy as the legislation limits the highest speed. Also Gotway does not have driving light of its own. Gotways safety is good I haven't heard about even one shutdown of death (SOD) case. King Song is investing pretty much to research and development and they want to be near the customers. For example they attended to CES fairs and Tina from King Song was replying to my emails which was super nice and made me feel wanted as a customer. King song has the needed lights. It's highest speed is over the 25km/h but it can be limited via the app (this is possible also with Gotway). Basically Gotway and King Song are pretty much neck and neck on my needs. King Song has the bluetooth speakers but I dont need them and actually its just another component that you need to seal from water and a component that can go broken. King song has the lights but with Gotway I can attach the lights to myself. The lights with king song is again one more component that can be broken and needs to be sealed from the elements. Battery dilemma with king song made my mind that I will buy a Gotway Msuper. In reality I dont think this is serious or a real problem in use but made another minus for King Song. You can read more about the issue from here: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/2554-ks-14-battery-configuration/ Where to buy? Next I just needed to figure out where to buy the EUC from. Excellent source for ideas is this thread: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/458-where-to-buy-incomplete-reseller-list/ My first thought for the matter was that I want to buy it as close as possible from the source. So I looked it up from aliexpress and ebay. Aliexpress did not accept paypal so that was that for me. Next stop was Ebay. From there I found one with a decent pricing but if I would buy it from there (with this particular seller) I would have had to pay the taxes and related fees if I were unlucky. While I was browsing ebay I stumbled to a King Song being sold by Gyroroue Shop in France. This would rule out the taxes and related fees AND I would get 24 month warranty for the device and 12 months for the battery. This was the time I made the decision to buy the King Song over the Gotway that I originally decided to buy as it was EASIER and cheaper for me although I still had my doubts with the device itself. If my doubts would become reality there would be the warranty to manage the risk. With Gotway there would not be that kind of risk management in place or atleast not within the same price range. In France there is also another reseller but their webshop is made with Prestashop and they still had the default theme on it. That does not look professional to me so I chose the before mentioned Gyroroue Shop. TL;DR WHAT!? King Song 18" KS-18A EUC WHERE!? Gyroroue Shop France WHY!? 24 months warranty, professional looking webpage, generally trusted device with enough battery capacity and power. Additionally it was cheaper than the rival (within EU). Where are we now? I ordered the item few hours ago (this morning). I am now waiting to get the device to Finland and start learning to drive with it. Sidetrack driving clothes / equipment I ordered black elbow pads, knee pads, a onesie with Batman logo on it as a driving overall/suit and Emerson FAST helmet with face mask, rails for flashlights, NVG gopro mount and a helmet cover.
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