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Found 251 results

  1. Hi all, I am selling my KingSong 16S. For anyone interested, the details are as follows: Date purchased: Late August 2018 Mileage: 212.7 miles (342.31 km) Mods: There are no mods on this one, other than the reflective tape which you can peel off and apply a new one. Issues: I have replaced the trolley handlebar because the first one came flimsy and broke. Apart from the handlebar not locking in place, the rear bracket is broken (pictured). Other than that, this machine runs smoothly like breeze. Price: 900 Euros Please note, I am trying to sell within the EU only. Cheers! Keep wheeling!
  2. ok, i have figured out why several people reported that kingsong shakes and wobbles at higher speed. I just experienced it. It has turned out to be quite simple - your feet are too much forward on the foot rest. Makes it wobble at higher speed. Bring them back a bit and the wobbling will dissapear. Please try it and let me know
  3. I have an order in for the XL at https://eunicycles.eu, and today I got an E-mail from Ryszard where he asked if I wanted the larger pedal and presented the 80 euros/91$ cost for this. I was under the impression that the XL came with a larger pedal, and that was one of the reasons I chose it over the MSX. I know expectations is the mother of suffering, and my misleading expectations certainly got my juices flowing, but 80 euros!! Come on! Now I am left with tree alternatives: 1: Count to 10 and pay the 80 euros 2: Keep the smaller pedals and perhaps upgrade in the future 3: Cancel the order and buy the MSX instead (I'll save almost 200 euros on this, not including the extra 80) What would you do? It's between 2 and 3 for me. Just got confirmation from Kingsong Europe that the larger pedals is an optional extra:(
  4. Hi all! i can sell some items with good season discount price! Does anyone interested in new?: NineBot One Z10 - 1700€ Inmotion V8 - 1100€ Inmotion V10F 920 2018 - 1550€ KingSong 16S 840 wh - 1450€ +delivery: 1. EURope (any country) - 150€ 2. Overseas (US, Canada etc) - 250€ local pickup also avaible (in Estonia) after 50% prepay. I can sell via ebay too. Accepting Paypal! any guarantee you want.
  5. Hello, e-riders! I hope everyone's doing well. I am selling my KingSong 16S because I will be relocating soon. I've had it for 2 months. The only downside is, the bottom end of the rear LED cover was broken but can be easily replaced. Anyone in Dublin, Ireland, and interested in more details, please let me know. Cheers!
  6. Facebook event page: NYC KS-18XL Demo Sunday 10/28 11AM Chelsea Piers - Fresh & Co special thanks: eWheels.com
  7. My KS14S has stopped charging with both the factory charger or the fast-charger I got through ewheels. I think it may have stopped when I replaced the trolley bars, though I can't imagine what I might have done in fixing these that would affect the charging. It does still work fine--I was riding it today. And the new trolley bars are great! It just doesn't charge. I opened up the charging port to see if I could see anything obvious. At first I thought maybe I had found the problem in that only two cords are attached where I expected to see three (see two photos attached). However, I don't see where the third cord could be so I'm guessing one of them is supposed to be open like that. Any ideas for why it might not be charging?
  8. KingSong KS18L owners in the USA looking for a extra charger can get them here on ebay. I had several people contacting my about buying an extra charger so they could make use of their dual charging ports but I have been too busy and was only able to get to a couple of you. KS18L specific chargers can be purchased on eBay or at http://www.tec-toyz.com http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=323471539614&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111
  9. As people know it is hard to find a way to lock a KS. This is my solution. I drilled a 3/8" angled hole through the pedal from the bottom . The hole is angled so that it come out the existing pedal screw hole. When the lock is in the hole it blocks the screw hole that allows you to remove the pedal. Technically you could still remove the pin from the other side but it would not be easy trying to suck the pin out. I use a full size 10 foot master cable lock so that I can lock two bikes and two EUCs but you could also use a regular full size lock. ( As you can see this is a learner wheel. Five people have learned to ride on this wheel so far. )
  10. @US69 Can you forward an idea for optional aftermarket items to suggest for Kingsong? They kind of did this with extra charger port, I thinking expanding the concept. Yesterday I think Jason posted that bigger pedals are in the works as an option. Great idea, I my book could be pedals surface options too. I think a formfitted (rain)cover could be a fantastic optional, for a commuter to improve weather resistance of the wheel and for people who want to avoid scratching their wheel. It could be made with some refective and foamy material similar to how the Inmotion have done for their wheels. And I still don't get why wheel makers don't make foam option like you had for ninebot s1 (I don't recall model right maybe, as I only saw pictures of this, but never owned a ninebot). In most cases manufactures tend to have optionals to improve profit thinking of other type of product, e.g. cars.
  11. I'd love to see your creation's. Whether it's about looks, add-ons, modifications, enhancement or just for pure coolness.
  12. Hello all. I have been reading a lot on these forums lately trying to find a safe and good EUC for myself. I am 175cm and weight around 110 kg. A few weeks ago i bought an Airwheel X8 for my 10 year old kid and he is really enjoying it. I also have a 7 year old that still uses a hoverboard. I have tried it a few times and I love the feeling when I ride an EUC but the range on the Airwheel is very limited with my weight. I would love to find a EUC that I can use on trips with my 2 boys, speed is not an issue for me since the hoverboard has 12 km/h max and the Airwheel 18 km/h. There have been a few occasions where hoverbards and EUC have caught fire during charging so this is one of the things I am afraid of. I have been reading a lot about the Kingsong ks16s and it says max load is 150 kg, is this the best alternative? Greetings too all from Norway.
  13. Hello everyone! I want to reflash my KS-14M back Where to get the firmware on it? If you have, please share
  14. Hello... Yeah, I know, I know... I have a lot of troubles with my wheel... But here is, :(, another one... Today I wanted to turn on and try lift sensor for the first time... I turned it on in the app, it worked like 5 times and than nothing... I let it be for a couple of hours I was not at home, than came back, and still nothing... One succes, nothing... It works only 1 from 15 or 20 tries... Idk what is wrong... Is there anyone having the same problem? Or is there any way to solve it? I thing it is hardware problem...so :/ Ty and have a great day!
  15. Just updated to v1.09 using Android app 1.50. Trolley sensors calibration is now gone, and seems to be automatic. No other changes noticed. This version is suppose to fix also the firmware freeze issue in trolley mode.
  16. Los Angeles Electric Unicycle Addicts https://www.facebook.com/groups/1862054430504477/ @Sketch @NBC44 @Roll Model @enigma35 @noisycarlos @Questor @swvision @Ando Melkonyan @captainwells @Tjtripp @Sven @unowheel @Mushuukyou @YoshiSkySun @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" @Stan Onymous @Alsayyad @Marvin Ong @HeavyGoing @Kimosabi @zentype @serfy @n2eus @Williepimpin @Peter Q @Jon Sawa @Mike Hanna @maltocs @1Wheeler
  17. Hi After a happy flight our new KS-18L stock is now in our warehouse. We are now doing quality control and shipping preorders. Our pre-order promo expires on Wednesday, 24 Jul, so this is last minute offer: KS-18L White: https://www.electricunicycles.eu/kingsong_ks_18l_(white)_1036_wh_2000_w-c__324 KS-18L Black: https://www.electricunicycles.eu/kingsong_ks_18l_(black)_1036_wh_2000_w-c__325 KS-18L Black Matte: all sold out. New stock in late August. All new orders will be processed and shipped this week! So you don't need to wait - the wheels are here! 2-year warranty in all EU countries + Norway and Switzerland 0% VAT for EU and UK business customers and outside-EU residents (Norway, Switzerland etc.) 14 days to return the product United Kingdom = free shipping Door-to-door warranty in most EU countries and in the UK (full list here) Accepted currencies: EUR, GBP, USD All our clients get 10% discount for all accessories We take care of shipping and customs clearance in Norway and Switzerland We include a black protective foam to every unicycle as a gift. All wheels are going through a strict quality control, to ensure your KS-18L won't have any firmware/hardware related issues or other flaws. Additional chargers: we have them in stock, and offer great deals for second chargers to our customers. If you want to shorten your charging time with 2 chargers, contact us to prepare a special order. You can also PM me directly Justina
  18. My KS18L died today, here is how and what happened: - Firmware version 1.0.7, Battery 90%, Mode Beginner, Speed Max 25Km/H - Battery was 100% and I drive for about 8km, temperature outside was around 33°C. - After driving, I took the wheel in trolley mode, as I was shopping, and walk with it for about 15 minutes inside a shop with aircon. - After 15 minutes walk, the wheel suddenly tremble once and then switch off. At last that was what I was thinking because there was no lights, on/off button has no effect etc... - I noticed that the wheel was becoming more and more warm, despite give no sign of life... Also the wheel was very hard to turn... I think it's a motherboard issue... Probably Mosfets died and made a short circuit... I decided to open the wheel and disconnect the battery cable as it was becoming more and more warm and I was worrying that it can take fire... I've noticed that motor cable was very hot too, so it just confirms to me that there mosfets died in a "short circuit" mode... Also the fan was running and there was a green light switched on on the motherboard... No other signs of life... No bluetooth... etc... Hope this kind of details can help King Song to make a fix for it. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.
  19. Hello forum! I can get Inmotion V10F from china seller for 1400USD and KingSong 18L for 1550USD. I am gonna commute DAILY to school and back (15km+15km)... It is not an off-road trip...it is mostly a car road or road for bicycles. It is only one hill...so mostly it is plane road. Sometimes I will ride in rain and some snow too... And sometimes I will use a BUS, when there will be a storm or just some bad bad weather... What wheel, do you think, will get the job done better? Thank you for your replies and have a nice day! and Im sorry for my english xd
  20. So if you have a Kingsong 14B you know how fun that little singer sewing machine is to ride. The only problem is carrying aroung 2 extra batteries to go on fun rides. Why didnt Kingsong ever make a decent battery for this travel EUC? Who knows, maybe they wanted to sell you a second EUC for home use. (Greedy bastards) Obviously from a consumer's viewpoint, we just want to ride the heck out of the thing. So while waiting for Jason from ewheels to get some more batteries in stock, I searched the web and found a kingsong 348wh battery for $75 untested, (usually means a fault). The fault with this one turned out to be the red conector had the positive and negative wires switched. So I switched them back to match the connector on the KS14B battery pack. Unfortunately the 348wh was larger than the 14B case would allow for proper closing and attachment. So I measured (once) and marked it up with some whiteout and took out my dremmel to cut out the case. I decided to err on the tight side and cut it out to fit during placement. It is very tricky fitting the larger battery around the attachment screw fittings. Be sure to keep the padding inserts to re-secure the battery inside the case. The next task is connecting the battery wires. i decided to use a crimping connector 10awg for one wire to the battery case, and twisting the other connector together and electric taping and gorilla taping over that for further insulation. I am concerned that this may not be the better than soldering the wires directly to the connectors, but from my solar panel experience, there wasnt any current difference so I decided on twisting and taping along with crimping. Does anyone have any input on this? It will be very easy aside from time, to find the correct solder and get it done if there is any danger. Below are the pictures of the work. I am going to get some shrink wrap tape for the front panel where the battery sticks out to replace the gorilla duct tape. I am shipping it, ground, to the machine which I will test out at the end of August. Let me know about any more mods I should make to this if any.
  21. Stan Onymous June 27, 2018 Revisiting the KS14B A vacation jaunt on an old friend The Kingsong 14b was a traveling EUC that was sold with the promise of being able to fly on planes with it due to its removable FAA approved battery sizes. It has all the whistles and bells of its higher end Kingsong models, ie bluetooth speaker and usb port. It is also very slow at 16mph top speed. That’s half the speed capabilities of the KS18 line and with good reason. It only has 16 cells in the removable batteries, so it is a niche vehicle at best, albeit a very fun niche. I call mine the singer sewing machine, since it looks like a portable sewing machine from the 70’s. It has the ride feel of what I imagine Rosie the robot from the Jetsons would feel like if she gave you a piggy-back ride. So it is nowhere near the latest technology EUCs coming out this Summer, but in my humble (Ha!) opinion, it is just as thrilling and fun to ride. Maybe I should qualify that statement. Part of a what a Vacation has always meant to me is slowing down to appreciate life away from the business world. There are few slower and more enjoyable than this vehicle. Many riders think that the only way to have fun on these machines is to push them like a pioneering test pilot. It is a great imaginary tactic to keep fear as an invigorating feeling of, as Churchill said after escaping in a retreat from a battle in WW1 - “There is nothing so thrilling as to be shot at without result”. Having lived in a gang section of L.A. in my youth, I am not sure I totally agree with Mr Churchill in the moment after drive by shootings, but the relief after the event of survival is a real feeling. So how does all of this carnage fit in with such a tame device as the KS14b? It doesnt. It has a completely different feeling than terror and relief. It has Nostalgia. Nostalgia is what makes grown men rent a classic car they remember were cool from their youth. Maybe its a Mustang from the 60’s with an inline six cylinder engine, maybe its a VW beetle or maybe its a Cadillac Eldorado. These are clearly outdated vehicles, bereft of ABS and fuel injection, and two of those cars have the suspension system of a horse drawn wagon from the 19th Century. None of these cars can accelerate to 60 mph in under 8 seconds. Yet in their times they were very fun vehicles indeed. This is the exercise in nostalgia. It helps one appreciate how far we have come while we were busy living our lives. It gives us a sense of progress we may not have recognized in our daily lives. By now the skeptics are asking themselves or my words - “How can riding something so unsafe in today’s measure be considered fun or even appropriate to consider?” We have ridden tons of unsafe vehicles over the years. Consumer Reports called both the Corvair and the Subaru 360 unsafe at any speed, and ugly to boot. I would disagree with the latter and the former for that matter. There was the pinto, the Subaru brat’s rear seats, the flippable broncos and many many more. I drive my Subaru 360 truck occasionally, and yes it will fishtail if I slam on the brakes at a stop light, and no it wont do 70mph unless you toss it off a cliff. But it is a joy to ride in. There are tons of stories about the dangers of older cars, and in comparison to what is being made today, some of those concerns are real. They are real in today’s metrics, but back then they were perfectly fine for families and teenagers to cruise the streets of a much simpler America. It is with that feeling of a simpler time that makes the KS14b a quaint nostalgic ride. Sure you ride no faster than a jogger could sprint, and occasionally young ladies in tennis skirts will pass you on their 3 speed bikes going down a hill, but even that exercise has its advantages. There is a real skill in riding within the limits of a machine. With some of the newer models, even riding within their limits can injure one in a fall. There is much less of a chance of being injured tho on a vehicle that you can jog away from while at top speed. While on vacation that is an important benefit. Who wants to race past beautiful beaches and awesome sunsets, or other beautiful scenery? Isnt it more fun to enjoy your surroundings when you are in a place of beauty during a vacation? The answer for me is Yes it is. The KS14b is a joy to ride with a Classical music station blaring out of the Quadrophonic speakers at 12- 14 mph along bike paths and abandoned sidewalks. Fun you say? You must be madd. No but really, being able to ride at that speed has taught me a lot about why I really do enjoy these vehicles. Standing while moving is fun, thats why people dont usually walk up an escalator unless they are very late. It feels like a reward. A reward for what you say? Who cares really, but a reward for being alive. A special perk for trusting in technology to get us through another day. With great technology comes great responsibility is what Peter Parkers father would’ve said had Peter become the bionic man. And so it is with the EUCs of today. But the older EUCs, much like older cars, have none of that. Reward yourself, smell the flowers see the sights and dance while riding to your favorite music. Hop on an old friend and remember what makes this hobby so much fun is not the thrill of survival, but the reward of moving while standing still. Feel that? Thats an epiphany patting you on the shoulder. Now, go out and have a wonderful day!
  22. I went to Copenhagen to pick up my brand new Kingsong KS18L Electric Unicycle. In this video, I unbox, unlock and share my first impression of KS18L after taking in on its first ride.
  23. Urna Semper Stan O'nymos January 3, 2018 Ooh lala The KS18S The night looks better in electronic shades of green. In the 1930's France decided if the world was collapsing under the great depression, France was, before the final end of civilization, going to finally show the world its superiority in the form of automobiles. They began unceremoniously with push button electronic transmissions that had 6 gear speeds in forward or reverse. Later there were water cooled inline six cylinder fuel injected engines capable of 80mph in the beginning and by the end of 1939 you could cruise at 110 mph in a hardtop retractable convertible down the Champs Elysees on spanked pigs leather upholstered seats blinding all onlookers with spools of chrome accenture off curvy hips fashioned from metal over the fenders and skirts. The styling began, well how do I say this, not so British as to offend the eyes, but wound up evoking the lines and movements of giant chrome accented majestic biplanes glistening in the sky as they roared past the throngs of unwashed hankering for a hunk of cheese cake. These cars hovered more than wheeled on the chassis powered by the thundering inline six dual header sans catalytic converter. Fun names like Delage, and Delahaye, Peugeot, or El Glaoui who was known as Lord of the Atlas and was the Pasha of Marrakesh, ruled the times. No longer was the car just a noisier wagon wheeled moving money pit, less dependable, sluggish, pollution machine of pain and sorrow. Now in 1939 it was fancy and able to go at tremendous speeds in luxury and safety as well. No wonder why Hitler was so upset at the French. It will be told in history books of the future that Electric Unicycles have now reached that similar period in their development. It is so proven with Kingsong's newest release, the KS18s an 18" electric unicycle capable of 30 mph and a range good enough to take you to the Piggly Wiggly grocery store in Zebulon from Rural North Carolina and back. Thats as fast as a horse. Styling of today's so called futuristic wheels is such infantile braggadocio. Yeah? You know what the Segway a1A looks like? Correct it looks like a wheel. How brave those designers must feel. They have reached into the future and come up with - nothing. Im not buying it. Kingsong, like their designs or not, have always been voluptuous with the lines on their machines. I own a 500w KS14 that looks like a stretched out "portable" Singer sewing machine in its plastic case. It really is something out of a 1960's science fiction TV show of what a robot companion would look like in the year 2020, which is only 2 years away so that makes Kingsong almost 5 years ahead of the game already. This new much larger wheeled big brother looks like Darth Vader's helmet if it was pressed in a 3 Stooges sized vice. Oddly enough it makes no difference whether you look at it from the front rear or either side. You will still see the dark side staring out at you from the honeycombed metal bluetooth speaker covers. The KS18s and the KS18ay both have quadraphonic bluetooth speaker systems capable of conversation squashing sound wherever you wish to go. The USB port above the power button assures you that the STREAMING can continue as long as their networks deems so. I would guess the white cases look like a storm trooper's helmet, and they do in all the pictures I have seen them in, which is one. C'mon, who wouldn't rather be Darth? Onto the ride, but wait the app. It has been restyled and much of your well thought out comments were lost in translation, but it is more colorful and it is easier to access the set up modes for speed, ride, and vertical calibration. Vertical calibration is essential to setting up the vehicle for style of lean while on the vehicle. I am short, so I found myself leaning too far beyond the pads. Just enter the calibration mode and lean the machine a little forward. Voila! Setting up the ride is an equally easy task, but not even Confucius himself could solve the speed warning settings riddle. I will be asking kingsong customer support about this paper finger trap where every level I would like to put it at is rejected or fails. So far I have only received the first warning which is set to around 23mph. This machine drives like a Mercedes G class SUV. Perfectly suited for the absentminded fellow or housewife who doesnt always notice that the sidewalk is not ended by a ramp but a curb or the giant root bulge in the road that is milliseconds away. The KS18s has handled both of those obstacles at low to medium low speed without me even having the feeling that I needed to panic or brace for a launch. It has a nearly 3" wide tire and that and the larger diameter really smooth out the worst of the road. Oddly enough, certain smaller bumps act more as ramps than the bumps I was accustomed to treat them as on my 16" V8. The KS18 rides the offroad trails like a Clydesdale who has consumed a liter of redbull. It has power, 1500w of constant and double that at the peaks. It has so much power that I find myself leaning far too forward because of the unbelievable climbing strength and sandiness of the soil it just wants to plough through and will with a little patience and less panicked verve on my part. The KS18s is heavy, heavier still with the 1680wh battery pack, but it handles like it wants to be a baby lamb. It can turn on a dime and head up a leaned over tree if you let it. At first it can handle like trying to retrieve a hat from the ground while closing a diesel truck door. It is that thrill of cheating certain digital amputation that encourages the rider to quickly learn how to carve a 90° corner like Betty Crocker spreading icing on her mother's birthday cake. It is a quick learning curve and one you will want to do out of passion because of the ride the KS18s delivers. I am 145lbs with boots and a hat and just over 5 and a half feet tall, so hearing giants over 6" tall tell me how much fun it is,... Well I was skeptical. I am no longer a skeptic. This thing charges up the steepest hills, carves out a perfect arc on a busy street, and is a champ on grass or dirt trails. Stopping while going downhills is a much bigger chore due to the counterbalance I need to create down steep hills without starting the wobbles. This is getting much better after the first week of riding, and as I get more used to the vehicle's dynamics. The KS18 is remarkably comfortable while riding in foot traffic at slow speed. It is much less noticed than my mTen, perhaps because it is so obvious and therefore easier to predict where its heading. Maybe they just fear it more. Did I mention its heavy? Fortunately it has a space in the tire rim for a lock cable that you can string up to the handle as well. It has a locking mechanism that I am told will disable the vehicle with a passcode. I believe that, since I have been disabled by several passcodes of mine. So I have not tried out this function yet. It is tall, but it comes with a seat that is comfortable and pretty fun in a Charlie Chaplin sort of way. The lights are reversible depending on the direction you are headed in. In other words, if you drive butt first the rear headlight will light up the ground just before you hit whatever danger lurks in the dark and the same if you head face first into life. But hey the tail lights are perfect and activate when braking which is so totally cool! Besides if you are driving Darth Vader's head at night may I suggest some night vision goggles to compliment the look?
  24. I have a barley used, less than 4 month old KS14S for sale. In great condition.
  25. As New they were ridden once NO CHARGERS SF Bay Area or Ship to you at your cost 16S - $850 14D - $450 Take both? Saves me time and you money.... happy to send more pics or answer questions although I know nothing about them other than I don’t want them, thx
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