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Found 23 results

  1. Hi everyone, as it is getting much colder, I was wondering if it is safe to ride the electric unicycle in the cold with temperature below 25 degrees Fahrenheit? like would the unicycle cut-off from being out in the cold for too long, say around 2-3 hours?
  2. TremF

    Gotway ACM issue...

    I am currently nursing a scratched ACM and a sore shin! TWICE (actually THREE times) now in less than a week my ACM has just dropped on me! The first (actually the second) time I came out of a shop, turned on my ACM and got on leaning against a wall while I got my feet comfy on the pedals. As I went to lean to set off - gently not over lean/ harsh - it seemed like the ACM flipped on me. I was left standing on the ground with a sore right shin where the ACM caught it somehow and the ACM looked to have smoke coming from it. It could have just been dust though. I picked it up, turned it off then back on, got on and set off normally. It has worked fine since until this morning! I went to set off for work, I set the ACM down, turned it on, pulled down the pedals and before I got on and moved the ACM forward and backward to make sure the wheel moved ok (I've been doing this since the first incident) then got on while holding my fence as I got my feet comfy. As I leaned forward slightly to set off the ACM just dropped on me as if it wasn't even turned on. once again it somehow caught my right shin. once again I picked it up, turned it off then on again, got on and set off normally. I am wondering if it just dropped on me first time as I wasn't really paying attention but this morning I was because I have been cautious since the first incident. Just before my ACM was due for dispatch it was said that peoples ACM's were frying due to an overcurrent when the ACM tried to go over a bump or out of a ditch at low speed. Apparently mine was kept back to receive the "fix" but as I have since found out I didn't receive the new board I am wondering if the fix is what is causing the ACM to drop when trying to set off slowly? Whatever the reason I am not happy. Twice in one week and a scratched ACM and shin, Edit - I've just realised this has actually happened to me THREE times in less than a week. The first time was the day before the second time. I was riding along the canal and was stopped by a couple asking me questions. For some reason I turned the ACM off while chatting and then turned it back on and went to ride off while they were watching and it just dropped which made me embarrassed because i never did that on my Ninebot and it was my first drop with my nice new ACM. Initially I thought it was because the ground was uneven and I didn't balance correctly but thinking about it I didn't have chance to move because it just dropped as I got on to set off.
  3. Hello folks, I've been riding my Inmotion V5F+ for a about year now with total mileage approximately 5100km. Recently, I felt like I got bored of this wheel. To be more concrete, the speed and range doesn't satisfy me anymore. I feel like I want more. So I've been looking for a replacement and thought about Gotway ACM 820wh. Would be cool if you could answer my questions! 1) How far can you get with 820wh version? Will it give a significant increase in range comparing to Inmotion V5F+ (480wh). 2) How nimble is the ACM? Again, comparing to V5F+. 3) What is the maximum safe-cruising speed that can be achieved? On my V5F+ I can hit 25-27 km/h. 4) Is the speed increase that noticeable between 25 km/h and 35-37 km/h? How does it really feel? 5) Do you feel Gotway ACM the same way as Inmotion or there's a new learning curve involved? As for now, that's all =)
  4. Since @meepmeepmayer posted his topic 'One more Gotway Warning) ACM Died on Me' I decided to perform an autopsy on my new ACM 1600. During my complete tear down I have found some concerns along the way about the wiring, inadequate Mosfet heat sink, and the the ability for moisture to infiltrate key electrical components of the ACM. Many of the 24 images and videos have already been posted under the 'One more Gotway Warning' topic but as my destructive journey continues I thought it best to continue my updated posts here. I sincerely hope some useful knowledge will be gained from this endeavor. I also hope I can put the wheel back together again!
  5. Just pulled the trigger on a Gotway ACM 820WH. After much reading here and watching YouTube videos, I decided it offered what I wanted given my size and weight. Researching EUCs is not an easy thing since most of us cannot simply try before buy. But many thanks to this forum and the great people here that are kind enough to share their experience. Can't wait to get it now.
  6. Dear all, GotWay ACM 16 inch trolley handle available now. Contact sellers who you get ACM from to buy it. Thanks!
  7. Gray Goodbarn of Yorkshire Airwheels Ltd ( http://yorkshireairwheels.co.uk/product-category/gotway/ ) uploaded a manual for the ACM 16 and shared it on Facebook. It is in OpenDocument Text format which some are unable to open so I have converted it to PDF also for anyone that wants it. He has stated - "INCOMPLETED any suggestions appreciated." OpenDocument Text format - https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/USER MANUAL GOTWAY ACM16 english final.odt?token=AWzNViU5T1ZasU7dOiPyIv6p_OiZHn0vzAnqY1wdnvNzfQT0955o6MAT_HECcl_PzA6LAwahL0v9d4TW_Kt3JF3vIPbbwYKN8Rhdh2PNc5QPCcUCoAt4ARDUx4lSnQSB-djR1VIHhbaU2SkWRdV44atRLFN5j-UatY4MmHTkhJeCCg PDF format - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1mrwOQYqr4gb1FGb3Z5eFJ4TW8
  8. I am quite worried. My ACM has 21km on the clock and the rubber grips on the pedals are already showing sign of wear! In comparison I have been riding my Ninebot for around 9 months and 1100 miles with NO wear to the rubber grip. Once these grips wear too much there are bound to be accidents with people's feet slipping off the pedals. @Jane Mo @Linnea Lin Gotway are Gotway aware of this issue and working on a replacement please? I have linked a photo of my right pedal. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1mrwOQYqr4gRWxndFNyU1NzVkE/view?usp=sharing
  9. @Jane Mo @Linnea Lin Gotway I have had a couple of screw heads snap off while riding. At first I thought it was me having tightened them too much when I opened the side but it appears I am not the only one to have this issue. @Kevin Grandon has also had this issue - http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/4390-just-got-my-pair-of-acm-today/?do=findComment&comment=48480 What's happening is the heads are snapping off leaving the body of the screw inside so another screw cannot be put in it's place. I have only had this happen with 2 screws so far but it does look like they aren't very strong. As Kevin has pointed out, if enough screws break (as has happened with him) it will mean a whole new case is needed. The first time it happened the head was stuck like a magnet to the side of my case but I didn't realise what it was and threw it away then saw the missing head in the center of the right hand side panel. The second time the head was just missing when I went to wipe my ACM down after a ride. I have attached links to photo's of my two snapped screws. One is in the center above the pedal the other to the right of the pedal in the corner. Both to the ride hand side panel. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1mrwOQYqr4gT1RLWEQyWXlrRDg https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1mrwOQYqr4gRm1OWERkX1BYSnM
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kttcUv4hVc
  11. I've been riding my ACM for about 5 days now and have covered 96 miles or so. Due to ongoing medical problems I am actually in quite a lot of pain at the moment due to the amount of riding but the weather is too nice to be stuck in when I have so much freedom thanks to the ACM. The most I have done before recharging is around 25 miles but it could possibly take a few charge/discharge cycles to get to it's full potential. Today I have covered 14 miles and it is showing 50% battery. Due to the low battery limits I am generally charging it at 20%. I can't stand it beeping at me so haven't got to the point where the tilt-back kicks in. I have found I am able to control it better when I wear my big sturdy Lowa Combat Goretex boots. They are a fantastic, comfy, sturdy supportive pair of boots that come a little higher up the ankle than most. I find my feet hurt less and I am more confident controlling the ACM. I am able to come out of a corner quicker and accelerate quicker and easier when needed. The hill to my daughters school is easier to get up too with the sturdy boots helping push the pedal with less effort. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be able to ride with my smaller and lighter footwear either that or I might get the smaller version Lowa Mountain Goretex. My two daughters have loved me getting the ACM because as well as being able to go out on rides with them (on their bikes) as I did with my Ninebot I can now go further and MUCH faster The first time I went out with them I was on 40% battery and it started beeping at me so i couldn't show them its true acceleration and speed. Tonight I left them standing hehe I think it's going to be a slower day tomorrow because, as I said, the battery is 50% and although it might do another 14 miles maybe it going to be slowing me down for most of those and beeping at me if I go to fast. I want to try and run the battery down more then do a full charge again just to train the battery. I want a Charge Doctor V2 going forward as soon as I can suss how to order one. I've turned my tilt-back speed down to 27kmh (16.7mph). As it is a gradual tilt-back I probably won't notice it properly until 17/18mph maybe higher? but at least it's still in the safe zone for reserve power. I am finding that with how smooth the ACM runs and how easy my boots make it to control that I am averaging 15/16mph so set the tilt there as a good cruise speed. There's not really any need to go faster. Hopefully with this I will get a few more miles maybe. I am definitely glad I opted for the ACM. With the nice weather now I didn't want to wait for the MSuper V3 but the Ninebot I was riding wasn't keeping up with my demands. The ACM is fantastic and I get lot's of positive comments from people while I am out riding. I'd say more positive than the Ninebot. I think the white colouring made it look futuristic maybe but the big black ACM is a beast and people love it - especially the speed My only niggle is the poor rubber grips on the pedals. I hope an alternative is sorted soon. It's one thing adding grip tape because you want to but another when you have to because of poor materials. I want my pedals sorting properly before I think about adding any extra grip tape - if necessary. I've been told by my local distributer that Gotway are working on new pedals so I can't wait to see what they come up with. The only thing I may also hope for is that someone comes up with some kind of bumper system for the ACM that looks cool and protects it's edges from scratches. Going forward I might try and find ways of doing it myself but I am into computers and gadgets/technology and am not very creative with things like this.
  12. GotWay ACM trolley handle will be available very soon.
  13. Dear all, This is Linnea from GotWay factory. The specification for GotWay ACM has been confirmed down. Please check it and just feel free to post your questions here. Thanks! GotWay ACM Specification.pdf
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zY4mwOhsKi8 this is step 2,step1 in facebook group.
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