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  1. I wonder how many years the motherboard is supposed to stay fit and strong , do I wear it out and should change to a new one after 100000 km or more less ? When I go fishing on my Kingsong 18A then I have short peaks up yo 70 amps , normaly its around 20 amps , upphill downhill measured today on a mountain , asphalt road up to 2000 w 70x65 should teoretically mean 4450 watt but I didnt look at my wheellog at the time , I wish for further development so it records volt to. I use wheellog every day and I like it. So many parameters , can the battery pack handle the power or should I add
  2. https://www.facebook.com/DianaLuo19890904/videos/119157851987511/
  3. After 5 hours of learning to ride my Ninebot One E+, this is the state my ankles are in: It's so painful to get on and off now that I have made some cheap ankle guards using materials I had at home. These are made from foam sheet that has thin plastic on one side, some Baltic birch plywood and some elastic velcro straps from the dollar store. These are worn on the inner ankles to protect against the constant pressure of the EUC when getting on and off and turning.
  4. After not being on the E+ for so long I finally had to get back on it. But I realized I was only going 22km before pedal tilt back. I remember being able to go 24.8km before tilt back...did that happen? Or did an update decrease the speed?
  5. Need a wheel to learn on and scratch up before you get your "ultimate" EUC? An Airwheel X3 is perfect: cheap, durable, not too fast ... and did I mention cheap? This one still has a good battery (130 wh), lots of scratches but no serious damage, and it works perfectly. Foam has been applied to the sides but can be easily removed. Complete with charger, training wheels, and air valve extension. Tire is in good shape and holds air. Black color. $100 firm for local pickup (Tucson AZ) or $100 + actual shipping costs to you. I'll even clean the dust off ...
  6. It was my last long ride before I would grab the Ninebot One '5,000 Km' merit award. My route was some two towns removed from my home destination. I was planning a rest stop a few blocks further from the incident. Conditions were clear and traffic was almost non-existent in the pre-Christmas week before the holiday. Normally I would have continued on the sidewalk along the my direction side of the street before crossing to the opposite side following the end of the available sidewalk on the 'my direction side' Instead, considering a no cars at the moment situation and leg fatigue, I crossed in
  7. Soon, we won't even have to "learn" to ride our EUCs. Just hop on and glide as you wish.
  8. Noillek

    EUC Survey

    Hi all, I'm reading allot of different opinions about EUC riders and what they value on a wheel and which use they give to it... although the functional design and characteristics of a unicycle is always the same. Wouldn't be a market for several types of unicycles? When I think about the EUC's comes always to my mind a Ford Model T, everyone rides more or less the same, there's not really big differences, except battery range and wheel size. What if we could have a racing wheel, an offroad wheel, commuting wheel, trick wheel, etc. No commercial interest from my side, just
  9. Thanks for your excellent responses last time - here's round 2... CBR
  10. It was June (2016) when I decided to take my Ninebot on a bus trip to Washington DC. I had put about 300 miles onto the EUC before taking the trip. I stayed in northwest DC at a hostel (Highroad hostel) and traveled via Ninebot to the National Mall along the Rock Creek bicycle trail. I decided to walk the steps up to the top of the Lincoln Memorial. Since I did not have a cable lock with me I carried the Ninebot up the stairs. After taking a few pictures inside the Lincoln Memorial while standing astride my powered off Ninebot I moved back to the columns atop the staircase and rested the EUC a
  11. EUC Restaurant
  12. Just did some testing on the range of my ks16b 840 wh LG, firmware 1.20. I weigh 70kg and started with 100% battery, outside temperature was at 91 degree fahrenheit. Cruising speed around 25-28 kmh. With music playing out of the speakers the whole time. Rode for two and a half hours straight with only a five minute break. Highest internal temperature reached 59 C end results when I got back home was 24 miles with 50% left. Just in time for the speed limiter.
  13. Had a cheap 3mph generic that would shut off, and a rockwheel gt14. Both low level garbage EUC. Rockwheel would cut off at full speed and I ended up selling it. Has the laws changed since the 2 wheeled variants caught alot of publicity in the USA? I want to ride it to work, mostly on the sidewalk. I need a powerful unit that can do quicker than running speeds with no shutoff. Cheers
  14. Hi everyone, I'm Roberto from PET(PersonalElectricTransport), we've open a pre-order for the Gotway MCM V4 Electric Unicycle Hs version. Any question please don't hesitate in ask. https://personalelectrictransport.co.uk/shop/electric-unicycle/gotway-mcm-v4-electric-unicycle-uk/
  15. Hey guys I'm thinking of upgrading my ninebot to a ks16. Just wanted to hear some of y'all expirence with the ks16. Some things you like or dislike, any malfunctions etc.
  16. Guest

    King song 16

    Does anybody have any specs info regarding the kingsong 16in? I'm trying to find out before I make my decision to buy an msuper 18. But if the 16" has a big enough battery and great speed, than thats what I want. I looks great and I love the trolley handle thats included.
  17. Hey Guys, Thought I would share. 3D printed a body for my Fasion Micro Works Motor and Controller. I had to print the parts in smaller segments and hold things together with nuts and bolts but so far it's been working great. I took a couple of spills as well and it didn't do too badly. I've recently changed my design a little bit and am in the process of reprinting. Hopefully soon I'll have the new one together. My newer version is a bit easier to put together and is a little less wide for more comfort when I ride. Hope you all like. I can share the STL files if a
  18. Alright, I know many are frowning at the title. Allow me explain its purpose... I feel like our little futuristic extreme sport doesn't yet have a completely established name for riders, in the way that there are "Sk8er" and "Cyclists", etc. The term EUC'ers is not common outside the forum and facebook group. What do we want to be known as? Because let's face it, these machines will never be mainstream. They are harder to learn than skateboards, and quite significantly more dangerous than bicycles. We have our own rebel culture to develop, which we are all doing everytime we go outsi
  19. Who rides a wheel, and what kind? Here's your chance to post your ugly mug and sweet ride. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I Left the house without a full charge, so didn't ride all the way down to the river today - the last bit is very steep. Got back just as the battery warning light began flashing. KS-14C 680/800
  20. So, I thought it would be a great idea to ride my wheel right through the front doors of a Target with my little dog in my back pack. And guess what!? Nobody stopped me, not even the store manager, whom I drove right past. Hilarious. Also, so much fun. People's heads just turning wondering what the heck is going on. I'm enjoying pushing boundaries on where you are allowed to ride these things. So far I haven't been stopped once yet.
  21. I sell these locally, takes about 30min to ride........... about a week to really get comfortable.....then fun, fun, fun. Works just like a segway, lean forward a little, move forward a little, lean forward a lot, move forward alot. Lean back slightly to slow down and you got it.I accept all major credit cards.....this is a real business for me so don't low ball, But make me an offer if reasonable we'll have a deal.I'm selling these locally also so inventory is subject to change but I have 10 of each color as of 1/22/16White Electric Self Balancing Unicycle Scooter We are located In
  22. Just thought I'd share a few pictures I've taken of the floods experienced by the City of York. For those of you unaware of what has happened: Basically, it rained a hell of a lot in Northern England and the water found it's way into the river system and ultimately to York & the surrounding area. There's a hell of a lot of atrocities around the World and ours probably pales into almost insignificance but the floods have left many hundreds of families homeless, the City having to find more finances & the country as a whole, needing to look into much improved defences. This ha
  23. I'm looking to purchase a KS 18 with 800w power and with either 680wh or 820wh whichever one has a better price. It's been hard to locate sellers to who sells these since they arent as popular as the Ninebot One E+ Model. I need a seller that can ship to North America preferably Canada but if not the US is fine as well. Does anyone have any trusty sellers that they would like to suggest me getting from? Thanks!
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