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Found 29 results

  1. I know the battery packs continue to charge for a 'little' while after the Charger LED turns green but should it continue for 3 hours after (and still going)? If not, what would cause it to do this? Also, do the small components (the 16 rows of transistors, resistors, etc) on the BMS normally get too hot to touch? If not, what would cause it to do this? Does GotWay use the same values for all of the components on the BMS for the 170Wh pack (16SP1) as they do on the 340Wh pack (16SP2)? Here's the results from the Charge Doctor: 9:37 66.7V 0.54A 0.0Wh 9:45 67.4V 0.44A 5.0Wh 9:53 67.5V 0.38A 8.7Wh 10:01 67.5V 0.33A 11.9Wh 10:09 67.5V 0.27A 14.8Wh 10:15 67.5V 0.26A 16.5Wh LED on Charger turns green 10:19 67.5V 0.25A 17.6Wh 10:27 67.5V 0.24A 19.6Wh 10:36 67.5V 0.22A 22.0Wh 10:44 67.5V 0.21A 23.9Wh 10:53 67.5V 0.20A 26.0Wh 11:02 67.6V 0.20A 28.1Wh 11:10 67.5V 0.19A 29.9Wh 11:17 67.6V 0.19A 31.3Wh 11:24 67.5V 0.19A 32.8Wh .... 11:56 67.5V 0.17A 39.4Wh .... 12:13 67.6V 0.17A 42.5Wh 12:21 67.6V 0.17A 44.1Wh 12:29 67.6V 0.17A 45.5Wh 12:39 67.6V 0.17A 47.6Wh 12:47 67.6V 0.17A 49.0Wh 12:56 67.6V 0.17A 50.8Wh 13:04 67.6V 0.17A 52.3Wh 13:15 67.6V 0.17A 54.4Wh 13:24 67.6V 0.17A 56.1Wh Thanks
  2. When do you recharge your Ninebot one? I have an e+. Should I wait to 10% to get the longest battery life? Am I risking shot off do to low power? If I recharges at 45% every time and the battery had I hypothetical 100 cycle life would I get 222 charge cycles? Doe it work something like this? If not how does it?
  3. I got my airwheel x3 yesterday that I ordered from a company in China through Aliexpress. I turned it ON but it stopped, turned all the lights on and beeped. Today I figured I would give it a try to charge the battery. Connecting the charger to the unit worked good at first. Charger showed red light at first and green light when finished. Now.. When I attempted to put the airwheel ON, it went fast forward for about 2dm and then it just stopped and beeped. I turned it OFF and tried to turn it ON again, but nothing happened. I connected the charger to the airwheel once again, but this time the red light blinked and the wheel started to vibrate 1 time per second. I've been searching all over the Internet trying to find out what the problem can be. I've been thinking that the problem could be the charger and I'm thinking about ordering a new one. I have emailed the company about this problem but I have not recieved an answer yet. Anybody else with this problem while charging? The airwheel does not show any sign of life by the way, its completely dead.
  4. Does anyone tried to charge their EUs from an electric car? I have a Nissan LEAF and I'm wondering if it is possible to charge my Tg-F3 from the car's 12 V outlet. I'm checking with you all experts before I blow up something on my own . Thanks!
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