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  1. The truth is, they’re not looking for a solution. They’re looking for excuses to generate more money. That will never change. Diesel used to be half of the price of petrol, until people started buying diesel cars because they were more economical. Last time I looked, diesel was more expensive than petrol. When it comes to politicians, the economy will trump ecology every time
  2. Or just weave in and out of the myriad of dog-turds around here
  3. Glad I’m not alone in my ineptitude and newbie-ness, lol. Definitely going to downsize the next trip. I’m off to Holland for a few days, and won’t have any time to ride out there, so I’ll start anew at the end of the week.
  4. I have a KS18L, and find it amazingly quiet. I’ve no basis for comparison, but I would have to make a seriously concerted effort to hear it out on a ride.
  5. Thanks both. I did have a couple of rests on the way back. A few minutes sucking in the air on a bench worked wonders. Guess I just need to build up the necessary strength. I really need some car park time too, to reinforce some basics. As it is, I’m just riding off, and picking it up along the way. Slalom would be a good thing for me to practice, and I could do with inducing tilt back, in a controlled environment, so as not to get caught out come the day.
  6. I only thought about it myself because I went riding today, and every time I got my phone out it showed a disconnect. Be great if it was feasible. Thanks
  7. Hi Gaz Shoes-wise, I’m quite happy, as I have some motorbike boots, that are ankle length, and part-trainer. Super comfy, and very supportive. It was more my thighs and upper legs that developed the shakes. I’m riding the KS18L. Oh, and I’m the wrong side of fifty which can’t help much either, lol
  8. Went out on my first decently long ride today. My sister accompanied me on her e-bike. According to the kingsong app, I covered 26km, so probably a bit less than that in real life. Felt great on the “out” part of th journey, but really struggled on the return leg. I think I was both mentally, and physically tired. What really surprised me was how much it took out of my legs. They felt like jelly on the home run, to the point where my control inputs started suffering, and my balance suddenly took a turn for the worst. Nothing drastic. I didn’t fall off or anything, but really struggled. Also, I had a strange phenomena whereby I felt like I was suddenly balancing precariously on a pin head, and was due to fall off at any second. Very disconcerting, as I’d felt rock- solid initially. I actually had to get off for a stretch, and walk a couple of hundred yards to get my mind and body to settle down a bit. I think my main problem was going straight from small rides around the block, to a comparatively epic voyage. Is it normal to feel so fatigued in the early days?
  9. Probably a daft question, but would it be feasible to integrate a “connect” button? My biggest problem with the Kingsong app, and the KS18L, is that they keep falling out with each other, and stop communicating. Don’t particularly want to invest in a smart watch, only to find that there is no data being displayed when I glance at it. I don’t know if the wheel or the app is the culprit, and would things be more stable with a smart watch?
  10. Looks sufficiently intimidating https://www.amazon.co.uk/oofay-Detachable-Paintball-Motorcycle-Camouflage/dp/B07G5G2P4Z/ref=sr_1_24?s=cycling&ie=UTF8&qid=1550747245&sr=1-24&keywords=Cycle%2Bhelmet%2Bblack&th=1
  11. Almost worth buying a watch for! I’d definitely be interested as it looks fantastic.
  12. No, you’re right. Usually we compare both sides of the debate. So, let’s assume that we change tyres on our euc about twice a year, and conservatively allow about 90 minutes per change. That’s 3 hours spent annually. The odd wipe-down after a mucky, off-road run, which can be measured in minutes, so that’s not a whole lot. Now the car...... It seems people, on average, clean their cars about once a month. It takes, roughly, about an hour to clean a car, and that’s outside only. That’s 12 hours annually already. And it would be extremely remiss of us to ignore all of the other little things that we do during the general course of car ownership that doesn’t get passed on to the garage. How about checking (and topping up where necessary) oil, coolant, washer fluid, clutch/brake fluid. Changing bulbs and fuses, wiper blades etc. Checking, and adjusting where necessary, air pressure in your tyres x4 ( x5 if you include the spare. Oh, and the inside of the car would like the odd valet too. These are just a few of the general things we do with our cars without so much as a second thought, because it’s the norm. I’m sure there’s loads of things I’ve overlooked, and plenty of little repair jobs that crop up that we are capable of, and end up tackling ourselves. If you are genuinely going to suggest that your car demands less of your free time than your euc, I would be absolutely overjoyed if you could regale me with your reasoning.
  13. You change the tyre yourself on the euc because you can. It requires neither specialist tools, nor specialist knowledge. Keeping a car fully functional is not usually as straightforward. And it’s highly likely that a “cheap” used car will have more than it’s fair share of maintenance requirements. I’m not anti-car. I’ve got one. But I am acutely aware of the constant money pit that it is. And it’s not particularly cheap or old. Motoring is expensive.....
  14. I don’t think that’s a fair assessment though. With a car comes tax, insurance, breakdown cover, oil, clutch and brake fluids, windscreen wash etc. Also factor in the inevitable garage repair/service fees and prices start to soar. I agree that wheels are expensive if bought new. But you should also recognise that if/when you sell the wheel, then the difference in price between what you paid for the wheel and what you sold it for would be the figure used to derive actual running costs.
  15. Don’t know about the D-30, but I am in no doubt as to which one I’d rather be wearing come the fateful day. If it’s about strutting down the catwalk I’d take the Demon, but that’s all it seems to have in its favour. It’s “stylish”. Read quite a few reviews of the cheapo, before I pulled the trigger, and a fair number of people have tested it’s protective capabilities with various tumbles across differing activities. I’m not saying, by any means, that it’s the apex of protective gear, but would definitely take it over the Demon, and enjoy spending the change
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