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  1. Almost worth buying a watch for! I’d definitely be interested as it looks fantastic.
  2. Ande

    Charging costs?

    No, you’re right. Usually we compare both sides of the debate. So, let’s assume that we change tyres on our euc about twice a year, and conservatively allow about 90 minutes per change. That’s 3 hours spent annually. The odd wipe-down after a mucky, off-road run, which can be measured in minutes, so that’s not a whole lot. Now the car...... It seems people, on average, clean their cars about once a month. It takes, roughly, about an hour to clean a car, and that’s outside only. That’s 12 hours annually already. And it would be extremely remiss of us to ignore all of the other little things that we do during the general course of car ownership that doesn’t get passed on to the garage. How about checking (and topping up where necessary) oil, coolant, washer fluid, clutch/brake fluid. Changing bulbs and fuses, wiper blades etc. Checking, and adjusting where necessary, air pressure in your tyres x4 ( x5 if you include the spare. Oh, and the inside of the car would like the odd valet too. These are just a few of the general things we do with our cars without so much as a second thought, because it’s the norm. I’m sure there’s loads of things I’ve overlooked, and plenty of little repair jobs that crop up that we are capable of, and end up tackling ourselves. If you are genuinely going to suggest that your car demands less of your free time than your euc, I would be absolutely overjoyed if you could regale me with your reasoning.
  3. Ande

    Charging costs?

    You change the tyre yourself on the euc because you can. It requires neither specialist tools, nor specialist knowledge. Keeping a car fully functional is not usually as straightforward. And it’s highly likely that a “cheap” used car will have more than it’s fair share of maintenance requirements. I’m not anti-car. I’ve got one. But I am acutely aware of the constant money pit that it is. And it’s not particularly cheap or old. Motoring is expensive.....
  4. Ande

    Charging costs?

    I don’t think that’s a fair assessment though. With a car comes tax, insurance, breakdown cover, oil, clutch and brake fluids, windscreen wash etc. Also factor in the inevitable garage repair/service fees and prices start to soar. I agree that wheels are expensive if bought new. But you should also recognise that if/when you sell the wheel, then the difference in price between what you paid for the wheel and what you sold it for would be the figure used to derive actual running costs.
  5. Don’t know about the D-30, but I am in no doubt as to which one I’d rather be wearing come the fateful day. If it’s about strutting down the catwalk I’d take the Demon, but that’s all it seems to have in its favour. It’s “stylish”. Read quite a few reviews of the cheapo, before I pulled the trigger, and a fair number of people have tested it’s protective capabilities with various tumbles across differing activities. I’m not saying, by any means, that it’s the apex of protective gear, but would definitely take it over the Demon, and enjoy spending the change
  6. As tempting as that seems, I’m gonna let the gods decide when a tumble is due, thanks
  7. Ande

    KS-18XL range test at low temperature

    You’ve gotta be happy with that Fantastic result!
  8. Recently purchased the Demon Flex Force Pro and, to be honest, I’ve not exactly been blown away with what I received. The quality doesn’t seem to even nearly match the price. Adjustability is minimal, and protection seems negligible. It’ll be going on eBay. In the meantime, I’ve ordered, and received, this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M5B2G38?ref_=pe_3187911_248764861_302_E_DDE_dt_1 A third of the price, bags more protection, seemingly nicer quality, and extremely adjustable. There are straps everywhere, and you really can get the armour to sit exactly where you want. The back protector seems very substantial, there are thumb-holes to keep the jacket from riding up. Very well thought out. A snip at £35.99 delivered. Just wish I’d seen it before the Demon FFP
  9. Ande

    Charging costs?

    Even factoring in tyre usage, it’s still a crazy-cheap means of getting from A to B. More than happy 😃
  10. Ande

    Charging costs?

    Thanks for the incredibly detailed reply. It’s quite amazing how energy efficient these things are as a mode of transport. Once I’m a more proficient rider, I’m going to utilise as much as possible. Much appreciated
  11. Thanks. I thought that was probably the case, but thought I’d better check. Didn’t want to do any damage. Much appreciated
  12. Ande

    Charging costs?

    Roughly, in either £’s or $’s, how much money does it cost to fully charge a typical euc from empty. Mines a ks18l. It would be nice to know, so that I can extol the virtues of the euc to potential adopters.
  13. If you were to ride the wheel with it facing backwards instead of forwards, would it be damaging for the wheel over a prolonged journey? I have a ks18l, and I know that the lights automatically switch functions when you change direction. I was just more curious about the motor. A couple of times I’ve jumped on the wheel, and realised that the mudguard is facing forward. Handling and speed seem identical but I just wanted to be sure.
  14. Ande

    Massive breakthrough....

    Oops! Sorry. “Don’t hang about”, means you go really fast
  15. Ande

    Massive breakthrough....

    Thanks Unventor. I have been doing short spells so far, and things are going quite well. On an unrelated topic, watched some of your videos on YouTube....... You don’t hang about do you? 😀