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  1. Thanks for your reply. I'm a bit scared to do anything to the actual mini pro being brand new and not mine to potentially damage. I'm interested in playing around with the mounting of the kart to the mini. So if the sensors decide if someone is on it or not, should i be trying to put more weight on them? I had been thinking I needed to relieve pressure from them by making some sort of padding over that part of the foot pad so that the sensors aren't depressed. Also reading an add for mini pro where they explain that it is changing pressure from heel to toe that dictates movement makes me think that instead of having a solid piece of wood on the foot pads maybe I should mount it on a spongy rubber base so that lifting of lowering the mounting plate would result in a more rolling change in pressure more closely simulating a foot? Any thoughts? Thanks again for your input
  2. Hi Just wondering if someone could help. We bought my son a mini pro for his birthday and seeing how good the go kart attachment for it looks but not liking the price of $900 here in Australia, I decided to try to make one. I haven't quite finished it yet and haven't made an accelerator or brake yet but wanted to test the steering so I sat on it and steered with one hand and used the other to pivot the hinged mounting plate up and down to go forward or backwards. I know this is done electronically by plugging into the the mini pro on the factory version. But I thought I could get a similar result by making a platform and mounting the kart via a pivot point to a platform and tilting the platform by using pushbike brake cable activated by pushing a foot pedal and forcing the platform up or down for forward or braking/reverse. My problem is when I sit on the kart and tilt the back of the platform the kart moves forward slowly vibrating and jerking. I was careful to make sure the pivot point of the kart is right in the centre of the mini pro and the platform fits evenly over the sensor foot pads. I'm not sure why this is happening, it's definitely not a weight thing as I weigh 80kg and can stand on it and ride with no problems and the addition of the kart only serves to reduce the load as some of it is transferred to the front wheels and off the mini pro altogether. I have pulled the sensor pads off the mini and have seen the small round microswitches underneath but am unsure what their purpose is as the mini seems to go forward and backward even if nothing is touching them. Im not sure if I Should be using rubber cushioning to take weight off the sensors or redistribute the weight more directly on to them. Also I have seen the firmware update for kart owners but haven't installed it in case it has more to do with how the mini connects to the kart's electrics. Any advice would be great. Thanks
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