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  1. When I check the battery after charging my wheel (green led), DarknessBot tells me 97%. At this point, it's not very clear for me. Does this indicate a normal wear of the battery (1 year)? Or is it the first sign of a fault that requires emergency intervention before the battery actually deteriorates?
  2. so darknessbot on applewatch (I think to expensive) other solutions ou need an android phone
  3. Hey, guys. Of course this must have been discussed many times. What solution to read the instantaneous speed easily? Obviously I'm thinking of a cheap smartwatch. Which is not obvious to me: Does the watch have to have a dedicated application and be connected to my wheel (ks18)? Or does it have to go through my phone (iphone)? I saw the pebble watch. Is it usable in my case ? Iphone / kingsong If not, what is my best option ?
  4. Donyou have a link for the sheel? Mine is from ali, so I gess without warranty nor support. When buying from china, I don’t want to wait 1 month for the wrong piece. By the way, I’m quite disapointed I hope new sheel is really stronger otherwise it will happen again and again.
  5. What do you think off that? The wheel never fall it started few days ago with a friction noise when starting on one feet.
  6. Hmmm... I’d like to teach to my young daughter too...
  7. Learning EUC was quite fast for me. But I don’t know how to teach it. Do you have tips, or a secret method? I have 2 weels but I feel lonely, no old friend to share EUC with.
  8. EUC bodyguard neopren cover: Is it homemade? Or where can I buy this? And for your pump, do you have a link ?
  9. What is the size of your yoga block? /or what is the size would you recommend?
  10. I'm afraid that France will follow the same view.
  11. Tesla : I don't know this wheel. I've heard about it. But I don't feel it is a popular choice inmotion V10F : I think it must be the most reasonable choice. But somewhere, missing a bit of madness Ninebot Z10 : I was enthusiastic, but that deflated after I read the first reviews. MSX : the rock'n roll choice. If you have to make a change, go for a MSX!!!. But I'm concerned about the build quality, and the confort of the wheel. KS 18L / 18 XL : A reasonable choice among the unreasonable wheels. The 18 XL was a no brainer vs the 18L, but this thread slowly raises a doubt. Oh guys, I know I don't need a new wheel. Oh guys, I damn want to ride on a F* rock'n roll wheel.
  12. Why ? How do you do that ? How can you objectively check the health of your battery ? Is there any measure you can make ? Any control point ?
  13. After 2 months and 1300Km with my first wheel, I'm already looking for an upgrade. I'm a V8 commuter I commute to work. I commute downtown. But I also ride for fun, as often as I can. I love my wheel, but i'm bored with the early tiltback And I'm not confident while riding at 30 kmh, because it is the limit of the wheel. And of course, I always have to carry my charger with me. Unfortunately I don't have the chance to test any wheel before choosing a new one. I'm very, very close to buy a KS-18XL. But I don't know exactly why! HELP ME, do I make a mistake ?
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