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  1. Soren Blondlot

    Teaching EUC, how to ?

    Hmmm... I’d like to teach to my young daughter too...
  2. Soren Blondlot

    Teaching EUC, how to ?

    Learning EUC was quite fast for me. But I don’t know how to teach it. Do you have tips, or a secret method? I have 2 weels but I feel lonely, no old friend to share EUC with.
  3. Soren Blondlot

    Repair advice needed, KS18L trolley handle stuck

    EUC bodyguard neopren cover: Is it homemade? Or where can I buy this? And for your pump, do you have a link ?
  4. Soren Blondlot

    Is it possible to put a seat on the ks18l?

    What is the size of your yoga block? /or what is the size would you recommend?
  5. Soren Blondlot

    Good news from Germany

    I'm afraid that France will follow the same view.
  6. Soren Blondlot

    A newcomer asking for help

    Tesla : I don't know this wheel. I've heard about it. But I don't feel it is a popular choice inmotion V10F : I think it must be the most reasonable choice. But somewhere, missing a bit of madness Ninebot Z10 : I was enthusiastic, but that deflated after I read the first reviews. MSX : the rock'n roll choice. If you have to make a change, go for a MSX!!!. But I'm concerned about the build quality, and the confort of the wheel. KS 18L / 18 XL : A reasonable choice among the unreasonable wheels. The 18 XL was a no brainer vs the 18L, but this thread slowly raises a doubt. Oh guys, I know I don't need a new wheel. Oh guys, I damn want to ride on a F* rock'n roll wheel.
  7. Soren Blondlot

    When/how does normal use cause an EUC to die?

    Why ? How do you do that ? How can you objectively check the health of your battery ? Is there any measure you can make ? Any control point ?
  8. Soren Blondlot

    A newcomer asking for help

    After 2 months and 1300Km with my first wheel, I'm already looking for an upgrade. I'm a V8 commuter I commute to work. I commute downtown. But I also ride for fun, as often as I can. I love my wheel, but i'm bored with the early tiltback And I'm not confident while riding at 30 kmh, because it is the limit of the wheel. And of course, I always have to carry my charger with me. Unfortunately I don't have the chance to test any wheel before choosing a new one. I'm very, very close to buy a KS-18XL. But I don't know exactly why! HELP ME, do I make a mistake ?
  9. Soren Blondlot

    Less feet strain

    How do you do that ?