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  1. You must install to watch it using Watch app on iphone.
  2. Same here. With 2.0 firmware my problems with lift sensor automagicaly disappeared.
  3. I have exactly the same problem. I did proper calibration several times but problem still persists. This occurs after ride, before ride it usually works as expected.
  4. Same thing happened to me too while unlocking entry door and standing on the wheel with one foot and second foot on the ground
  5. I experienced same improvement after upgrade to 1.12 too, but after some time signal dropped to the same low level as before, so I needed to have phone in my back-pocket to keep connection with phone. Today I upgraded to 1.13 and signal is strong again, I’m looking forward if this will persist.
  6. I'm using headlamp (Fenix HL60R). I can ride at normal daytime speeds with it.
  7. My V8 fell many times while I learned to ride it (my first wheel). Only few scratches as result but nothing cracked.
  8. Following, I have the same "trouble".
  9. Icestorm

    Age poll

    I’m 43, I saw first euc on one webshop year ago. Looked some videos on YT & I told myself it´s cool and must be fun. Bought V8 and yes, it’s fun. Now in winter only commuting, but during warmer days I’m riding everywhere. Now after 4500km on V8, I’m looking for something to longer trips because v8 bat is too limiting.
  10. Icestorm


    Me too. It's more comfortable on longer rides for me. And I feel it like cruise control too.
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