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  1. Mate that sounds like the best idea ever. ALl i watch really is Youtube. There seems to be a growing online community on Youtube growing for ewheels which is awesome. That would be epic on the massive big screen hahaha
  2. Hi ewheel friends, I will be stopping by Singapore this Friday until the 22nd Aug. Im doing a spot of work and dont have my wheel with me and wanted to see if any of you lovely people would like to meet up and go for a ride. Be amazing to see Singapore on an EUC and meet the community. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Cheer, Neal.
  3. Hi @Unventor Epic news on the new KS16X it looks like a really good wheel. My time in Gothenburg was amazing. If and when i find myself there again i will reach out for sure. Thanks for watching the videos mate. Enjoy that new wheel , ride safe and never stop mate . Neal.
  4. Hi @RoadRunner Thats awesome mate. Thanks for getting back to me. Do you think we could meet up ? Would be so much fun to ride around Singapore. Thanks mate, Neal.
  5. Hello mate, Checked the Video out. Looks awesome. I left you a comment too. So im heading to Singapore on Fri which is the 16 the Aug and was hoping to catch up with other EUC riders during my short time there. Leave me an email over at nonstopneal@aol.com . Would be amazing to meet other EUC riders. Thanks Neal.
  6. Hi mate, I'm travelling to Berlin tomorrow from Hamburg and have my Euc. Would awesome to meet up with any other riders. Cheers Neal.
  7. Hi guys, My name is Neal and be in Prague on the 14th Jan for a while week. I will have my Euc from the 16th so would be awesome to meet up with any local riders. I'm currently touring around Europe with my wheel so be great to start meeting other euc people. Take it easy, Neal.
  8. Hi mate, I'll be in Prague from Monday the 14th Jan. Won't have my wheel till 16th but interested to ride with other euc people. Let me know. Neal.
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