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  1. You open the cap for tire inflation , than you can see the bolds of the wheel , 2 bolds came loose of my wheel
  2. I found my problem ... 2 bolds came loose of the wheel ... that was the noise
  3. Hi , hete the same problem ... loket hete is something blocked in the shell . When i turn left the noise is really hard ... strait forward you also hear iT , turning right no noise at all Anyone now the problem ? Thx 57563814306__8F06270C-6567-4056-8194-771081511246.MOV 57563818560__B38EEAF9-A6FC-460E-A6EA-7CB40E0A6E21.MOV
  4. Hi everyone, I have a question about the headlight of the ninebot z10 , a griend of me also rides a ninebot z 10 and i took a pic witch the headlights on to a wall , left beam is my light , right side is my friends beam ... who’s light is the new one ? thanks for the reply
  5. hi, thanks for the reply , i just took a screenshot and now it’s The same I only got my z10 for about 2 weeks Gonna contact the shop for any reaction about iT thank you
  6. Hi , i’m new on this forum and i’m driving the ninebot z10 in Belgium , this morning i had a problem with my Battery cel , don’t know hij to explain but took a picture of my cel Phone screen , anyone know About that probleem , what does iT whant to say ? Thanks for helping me out
  7. Hello everyone , i’m grom Belgium and riding a ninebot one E+ , i have Some problems with my leds . when i’m riding at any speed , the break light is always on at the front side of the wheel . Does anyone know the solution? Thx
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