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  1. Barrylomont

    Z10 or is 18XL

    I found what ru our comments on the 18L, price etc... what ste you asking for the z?
  2. Barrylomont

    Z10 or is 18XL

    What do u need price wise? Would like to talk to you off line.
  3. Barrylomont

    Z10 or is 18XL

    Is the KS a 18XL? Tell me about both. What do guy ou need for either one?
  4. Barrylomont

    Z10 or is 18XL

    Looking to step up from ninebot e+... and would love to hear your preference one vs the other....Jason likes KS and is not happy with ninebot company and said z10 has quality issues and not selling them currently. Would love to hear your thoughts ....from everything on line it doesn't look like I can lose going w/ either one