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  1. I'm interested to buy electric unicycles in europe. If anyone want to sell broken wheel let me know go4it@o2.pl.
  2. I get inmotion V8 pcb of course as broken, thanks for nice man from France, pcb has shorted mosfets, burned main fuse and 8 pin engine controller. All things are repaired and wheel is working. First ride wasn't too long i will do about 10km and everything looks fine except battery meter he doesnt work, battery works fine wheel turns on normally so i won't repair it.
  3. I need to sory Inmotion service, when i send message on site no one ansewer but when i write on mial in contact mr. Anthony writes back and he help me. And for now i dont need to change my serial number.
  4. Hi i buy Inmotion V10F from second hand i was propably as returnware form France. I buy it legally with all equipment as original box all instructions and warranty card, but previous owner didnt logout this wheel, is there any option to change owner to me? I try to contact Inmotion but there is no answer on my emails, i think there will be one option but it wont be good for the company, in V10F motherboard there is one programmable flash chip same as bios in PC motherboard it propably store serial number, i have Inmotion V8 PCB to tests (V8 and V10F PCB are almost the same all logic it should be the same), i downloaded firmware from this chip and i will try to find serial number for change, next step will be change serial to newer signed one. Or maybe there is another option? Sorry for my english
  5. Sorry you have to wait i will try do some photos today, 2 days ago one person was learning on this wheel, 20 miutes to first ride :), and after that we was going about 16 km.
  6. I know know what i'm doing, its 100% safe. But it look like.... hardly used wheel. Write mail i will send you some photos.
  7. It's oryginal Ninebot One E+ i bouth it as broken and repair it, first thing was mosfets that cant handel wattage, now mosfets wont burn, and second thing was BMS and it was also changed to better one with ballancing, i have done about 100 km on repaired wheel and everything goes great last thing i forget to mentioned that charger is DIY i do my own charger it's fast but charge to 93% i can do charger that charge to 100% but 93% its better to battery.
  8. I have ninebnot one E+ it propably will be less than 200eu but before i sell it my friend ask me if i learn him how to ride i think you will need to wait about month to 2 month max price will be 160eu + shipping cost. Wheel is hardly used, scraches etc. if you will be interested i will send you some photos, tell me your location.
  9. Simply send me mail from your mail account go4it@o2.pl i have 10mb upload in one message, or you can transfer photos to computer, resized it and than send, or (it wont work if you have iphone) you can change photo resolution.
  10. Please send me pictures on my mail go4it@o2.pl.
  11. There is another option for shipping i have family in Florida you can send package to them and they will send package to Poland, if you will be interested to sell your wheel i'll talk to them.
  12. Hi Great option but i'm from Poland and i think that shipping wont be cheap. And second question is price? If you chceck shiping to Poland and if price will be good (people doesnt earn much in Poland) we can make a deal. Regards
  13. My last project it was 2 battery packs for ks14m and its working. And mod ninebot one E+ bms to better one with balancer and it also works. I'm looking for good base to mod (btoken wheel) but i work in Poland and i dont have much money so i'm looking for cheapest one.
  14. I will do backpack with 18650 step up-down converter with current limit 3A that will be connected directly in bms output it should give more distance, 18650 in this case can be low current cause converter wont take more than set.
  15. Ok no problem but if you have any broken wheel for sale let me know. I'm pasjonat and i'm working on great upgrade it will be uniwersal for most of wheels it should increase distance but for now i wont tell anything untill i make it and test it.
  16. There is option, as you said pedals and boots need to have coils one i pedal to charge second coil in boot, best way is to do footbed with coil and resistance wire as heating element. It's possible to do but main problem is that coils generate high electromagnetic waves and they could disturb hall sensors in engine. Simplest thing is to do contacts in pedal and boots. Now i'm on Ninebot one E+ and i dont think i'll be change anything it's not good base for any change, i also have Inmotion V8 but it waits for repair and i think 30km/h wont be enaugh, if i get something better i will propably mod wheel in many case. "Scatcat" what about yours GT16 (i mean this parts), that will be great base to do some mods, will you sell me?
  17. Check the valve or ball bearing on engine.
  18. Is there all parts to assembly wheel or somthing's missing?
  19. Hi that is exacly i'm looking for of course main question is price, i have friend in Sweden so there will be bo problem with payment and shipping he is living near by Stockholm. Please send me some photos on mail go4it@o2.pl. And think about price.
  20. What's happend with oryginal screws? You can use any screws thats fit. BTW if you'll be thinking about sell this wheel let me know. I buy broken wheels.
  21. Ninebot E+ with new BMS and repaired motherboard works fine, next will be V8, but i dont think it will be easy to connect kingsong mainboard to V8, PWM should work, dc-dc converter if wont work i will connect another converter but problem will be measure voltage on cells, ks have 48V on battery when discharged and V8 have 60V so propably KS mainboard thinks that 60V is enough to run faster but bms can cut off cause voltage on one cell will drops under 3V.
  22. "pico" you are absolutely right ks 67,2V inmotion 84V, but voltage on logic part of board is converted (dc-dc converter) to logic voltage, when i get ks board i will do some research, and if dc-dc converter can take more voltage it wont be a problem to connect 84V the other thing is mosfets voltage but it will be easy to replace, oryginal inmotion motor is on 84v so all should work.
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