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  1. Before you connect battery just check shotcuts on hall sensors if anything will be shortcuted dont connect battery. If you would live closer i will help you.
  2. Today or tommorow i will replace hall sensors in V5F, there is 3 hall sensors SS41F i will try to replace all of them.
  3. Bad luck, but when you get new motherboard you dont do anything else that replace. So there is no other option that something else is burned. If wheel starts to do something like this i think that could be hall sensors broken it could happend when Mosfet burns->Mosfet driver -> MCU-> hall sensor. if you change wires first check resistance on hall sensors.
  4. Did you repair your V3? Sparks are caused by charging capacitors, or if wheel have 2 battery packs differences in voltage, there is no other option that makes sparks on working wheel. I seen this motherboard only on pictures from internet can you take some photos. There is chance that you have mosfet driver burned and or MCU, if that happend Laboratory PSU will be helpfull. My colleague do the same thing and one probe from multimeter just gone.
  5. Ok i check on internet how this MB look like. You are right TO-247, do you have any option to connect mainboard to laboratory power supply? If you have remove all mosfets, connect Lab PSU set current to 200ma and start rise voltage from 10 to 60v look for current consuption and cherck by your hand is there any chip heats up, if your PSU doesnt support 60v output it wont be problem, my have 31v output and its enaugh to chceck motherboard, after mosfets burn there is some options first is that only mosfet is damadge, second mosfet driver is demadge (this 8 pin element between 2 ceramic capacitors there is 3 of them one for a coil) and last worst option microcontroller burned if you have this motherboard is totally dead cause microcontroller have code protection and nobody get this firmware even from working wheel and i dont think that gotway will share it.
  6. Can you send picture of your mainboard and battery.
  7. you right about mosfets i'd look on picture from second post and these mosfets are TO-220 sorry my bet.
  8. I know that propably noone will help me but good to try i'm looking for dumped firmware from inmotion V10 2 chips STM32F103 if anyone will share i'll be gratfull.
  9. Im electronic with about 15 years of experience, i repair EUC motherboards. And do you know why mosfets burns... cause they work in high end parameters, when you connect two mosfets parallel with different productions there will be higher propability that this pair will burn faster than the same production, cause RDS will be a little bit different and heat wont be the same on bouth mosfets, second thing is to electric separate all mosfets but they should be thermally connected as close as possible. In your case i will propably take out all mosfets and connect laboratory power supply, power consumption will tell you if any logical chip was burned if you think to change mosfets you can use IRF100B201 aliexpress.com $3.47 for 5 pcs
  10. Believe me i know what i'm sayng, you think that mosfets are the same but they dont, if you do battery pack you take all batteries from one production cause they are mostly the same, with mosfets is the same thing, mosfets with different part of production have nominal (datasheet) paramaters but they dont really the same. My friend, much older than me, tells me if you change mosfets change all with same part of production and i believe him. Mosfets are chep in china.
  11. If you want to sell your wheel i'll be interested. If you change mosfets, change all, mosfets must be from same production date
  12. Hi send me your email i have some questions i have option to pisk up this wheel from you
  13. I'm interested to buy electric unicycles in europe. If anyone want to sell broken wheel let me know go4it@o2.pl.
  14. I get inmotion V8 pcb of course as broken, thanks for nice man from France, pcb has shorted mosfets, burned main fuse and 8 pin engine controller. All things are repaired and wheel is working. First ride wasn't too long i will do about 10km and everything looks fine except battery meter he doesnt work, battery works fine wheel turns on normally so i won't repair it.
  15. I need to sory Inmotion service, when i send message on site no one ansewer but when i write on mial in contact mr. Anthony writes back and he help me. And for now i dont need to change my serial number.
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