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  1. It's not easy but possible to repair. Can you tell me where in china i can find something like this.
  2. If mosfets are burned (short circuit) you will have resistance when you try to spin motor, resistance will gone when you disconnect motor coil wires.
  3. First i will try to test hall sensors in motor, plug in voltage 3v - 5v and chceck hall sensors output. If any hall sensor will be broken you need to have some skills to change broken part.
  4. evil696

    V8 won't turn on

    Wheel doesnt move freely cauce mosfets goes to shotcut maybe there is another problem with this wheel, it can be Hall sensors in motor or motor wiring, If you unplug motor coil cables wheel should moves freely.
  5. Hi thanks for offers please chceck shipping cost to Poland and i will think about it. Ofcourse for two offers E+ and 14C.
  6. Is v8 broken or working? How much do you want for it?
  7. Disassembly battery pack and do some photos, be careful cause power stored in battery may do some demadge if you do shotcut, BMS blocks battery charging cause one or more cells are on low voltage, so first measure voltage on all cells and write results on forum, if cells arent to low discharged yo can revive battery pack, do you have any li-po charger or laboratory PSU, if not you need to have digital mutimetr and step down DC - DC converter with CC (constant current) CV (constant voltage) if you will buy converter with display it will be much easier to you. Most important thing is to controll temperature of charged battery if temperature increases to fast stop charging.
  8. Hi Arik I dont repair 9bot A1 so i'm not 100% sure but try to measure voltage on output battery 1 and battery 2 then measure all single cells and write results, next thing is to check cables from battery to ballancer port, as you propably saw this bms have 15 resistors signed 102 its 1000ohm resistors for ballancing between cells so differentials is porpably caused by different usage of single cells if voltage on all cells will be mostly the same you need to chceck on load but be careful its quite dangerous. There is some options to repair your wheel. First and i think the best is to use NINETOOL software to skip check bms logical connection and then use any bms (any but something in good quality, think that you will be riding on that wheel and you dont want to fall down because of bms), next option is to repair bms but its not so easy without schematic.
  9. Dont separate just pull down, i separate rotor in bwheel u8 motor it can be done only with hands but when i try to pull all together rotor jumped in right position and almost didnt cut my fingers i wouldnt do that again, and it was only 350W motor. If you still want to separete rotor from magnet be careful, seriously.
  10. Mrelwood dont remove rotor only pull it downt to have access to hall in my post photo 8. Yesterday i assembley V5F+ and it works hall sensors works fine.
  11. If you'll be thinking about selling this broken mainboard let me know i never repair MSX and it will be huge experience to measure this motherboard.
  12. Marty hall sensors doesnt fail by themselves but reason can be water or like in Mrelwood case broken mosfet that is shotcuted on all pins also logical pin is shortcuted with V+ so if fuse doesnt blow realy fast voltage goes from battery to logical mosfert pin to MCU and at finish to hall.
  13. As you see on my picture when rotor is pulled out from magnets, hall sensor is visible and in my motor side with description is also visible, just remove glue and you should be able to read description if not you must take out hall sensor what is not so easy. I get one sensor without brake him and all other i destroyed
  14. OK lets star, you need 4 longer screws with a diameter same as cover screws. i think you can handle it in my motor i replace all hall sensors you need to replace only one
  15. I'v done this yesterday i replace all hall sensors in Inmotion V5F+ its not so complicated but there is some things that will help. I didnt assembey motor yet and i wil try to make some photos to show how to do it.
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