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  1. Gentlemen: Thanks very much for the replies on my shopping cart question. I have a shopping cart in my shop and an area to use it. If the idea works well, I'll probably head for the supermarket and "borrow" one of their carts to ride around their huge parking lot. Given Marty Backe's advise I'll forgo the strap and not try the trash can. The rubber tipped canes idea from Rehab1 sounds interesting. Seems like once the weight of them might help with balance issues. Waiting for my Glide 3 to arrive so I can join the group.
  2. I'm about to purchase my first EUC. I have about 200 miles on a Boosted Board and 30 miles on a one wheel, so limited board experience with no EUC experience. I've reviewed this entire thread and learned a great deal. I do have a question for the more experienced riders - Would it be feasible to use a shopping cart as a training aid? It would seem to provide a relatively stable way to gain some experience and I'd love to hear from anyone who has used a shopping cart when acquiring initial experience. Being able to keep both hands on the cart would seem to be a big help during initial training. Second question - If using a shopping cart would work, would it be advisable to tether the strap to the cart handle to help keep the wheel from running away and to keep scratches and damage to a minimum? Thanks for your opinions.