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  1. Hi folks I've tried it with new cables each one is 5cm long has the same displayed again when I measure the volt number comes out the following: VCC pin: 3.2 v SWDIO: 2,3 v SWCLK: 3.2 v GND: 3.2 v NRST: 3.2 v on the cable it is not at Jlink it shows the following values when measuring: VCC pin: 3.2 v SWDIO: 2.89 v SWCLK: 2.89 v GND: 3.2 v NRST: 3.2 v everything is fine there or is it on jlink I can not remember the connections to the board I think it can not be
  2. I do everything exactly like MRN76 on its side it describes where is the problem? https://imgur.com/a/MlEhIMZ
  3. Hello people tried again today like MRN76 on its side describes with the program v4.20 now it shows the following In the test with the St link v2 does not work with the reset I'm not what I'm supposed to do there is always the same
  4. Hi people I think have everything set but it still shows the following https://imgur.com/a/DxT3JTw
  5. Hello people, here I send you the photos https://imgur.com/a/v91M0uv
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