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  1. Uno Solo

    Factory loaded firmware - KS-18XL

    Only about 2 miles, slow, especially the last mile. I didn't have to trolley it though. It took me the last mile.
  2. Uno Solo

    Factory loaded firmware - KS-18XL

    I rode my KS-18XL down to crawling speed, 0% and 1 red (not green) LED. When I started feeling a perceptible performance loss and kick-back, I checked the King Song app v1.54 and the reported battery level was 17%. My pace this morning through straightaways was between 40kmph and 49kmph (kick-back). I can say with confidence, that I was not able to perceive a performance loss between 50% and 25% battery level as reported by the King Song app. For my riding pace, I didn't feel inhibited by the battery charge until below 20%. @Lutalo Interestingly, the app is identifying the wheel as KS-18L-KS18XL1 on the main screen. Based on the initial voltage during recharging it appears 0% battery equates to 65 volts.
  3. Uno Solo

    KS-18XL side covers coming loose, FIXED

    That looks like an easier solution if one has a 3d printer handy. How are they holding up?
  4. Uno Solo

    Factory loaded firmware - KS-18XL

    I mean low battery as in the performance / max speed was very slow. Slower than learning mode slow. Stop at the nearest place to charge slow. I can't say for certain how many lights were still on at that point. I'm familiar enough with the wheel now to answer those questions this battery cycle. I will follow up with a post to this thread.
  5. Uno Solo

    Factory loaded firmware - KS-18XL

    My 18XL shipped with firmware V1.11. The latest King Song app reports it as a KS-18L firmware. I am using app version 1.54. Your question is interesting to me as well. I've ridden my wheel down to low battery and performance level, but there were still 4 green lights on if I recall correctly. I will pay attention to the details this battery cycle.
  6. The left cover shell on my new King Song KS18XL came loose after a couple weeks at around 500km. When it happened, I took off the cover shell and found that it is screwed to the body through nuts that are semi-embedded into the body and glued. My first attempt at repairing was to super-glue all of the nuts back on. It held for another 100km, but pulled apart again, and then the right side shell cover also started having the same issue. Knowing that re-gluing was only a temporary fix, I was determined to come up with a permanent solution. I decided that backing screws would be the strongest, but the original screws were too long to allow a second screw through the other side. I recognized that the screws are the same as used in computers for securing a motherboard to the chassis, so I started searching through the screws I had accumulated over the years. I found that I had the correct length screws and enough of them for the entire project. The replacement screw lengths are 6mm for the cover shell side (down from the original 7.67mm), and 4.75mm for the inside backing screw. I used a rounded head for the inside backing screws, but ideally the screw head would be flat and thin. The third of the five screws has a possibility of rubbing the tire. However, I've found that with the improved rigidity after the upgrade, there is no rubbing. Before the upgrade with the cover shells separating, the body flexed enough for the tire to rub against the inner side of the plastic body. I found many videos on YouTube with KS-18L disassembly instructions. I liked KingSong KS-18L tyre and inner tube change - disassembly - Justina's Garage (ep. 6). I figured that removing the wheel from the body would give me enough room to install the backing screws and I was right, but it was difficult and I needed a special tool. I used this PITTSBURGH Right Angle Screwdriver Set from Harbor Freight. Taping the screws to the bit helped a lot for the hard to reach holes. I hope that King Song incorporates this improvement into their design. I also highly recommend that anyone with a KS-18L or KS-18XL do this upgrade. Especially since I and rode with with the cover loose and lost one of the nuts to vibration.