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  1. Yes I don’t care if slow or fast (in safety range) but honestly, I was pointing out that he is not doing anything detrimental in the way he is charging and getting a fast charger is not going to help his specific situation other than charging it faster and it may solve his problem by faulty reasoning in that his old charger was defective and the new one whether slow or fast would be the answer. i would like to see a thread created specifically for say battery and overall mileage but what I find interesting is that in this sport/activity that high mileage measurements is still so low like people say hey I put 1000 miles and.... and consider that a lot and if it’s a couple of years and they say their battery still runs like new I honestly feel this is misleading to be polite. i will put that many miles in 1 or 2 months easily. So I am hoping that these vehicles are more durable to where one can make an honest acessment of battery usage under daily “heavy” load. I would expect these vehicals to go 50000 miles + (direct drive motor, good electronics, and change batteries when needed☺️). What I am really impressed with is how much abuse these machines can take and the batteries are still functioning that blows me away. If I spent 2000 dollars and only got a few thousand miles out of it. I would be disappointed and I feel that is a low bar but I have yet to invest my time in anything that disappointed me and I feel that these vehicles are not toys, death traps, only last mile, but rather vehicle replacement, intelligent mobility, all terrain, and fun as hell, life enhancing movement! i know I am preaching to the choir, and I haven’t even gone to church but when I get Baptist my wheel’n will be my practice!!! (I really am looking forward to being an experiencing and active member of this forum) AMEN!!!
  2. In matter of fact I think his Higo battery pack design would be perfect as a concept for euc’s to implement.
  3. Mono just saw your reply. I was typing when you posted. I think I stated my point to yours. Also, I average 1000 miles a month (for 10 yrs). When batteries become a serious need I believe that people will gravitate to independent offerings or start building their own but one great place I would turn to and we’ll repected in the community is EM3EV.con he makes unbelievable batteries
  4. This is still a young sport and new tech. Those charts quite honestly don’t equate to real life. What euc does to the cells in it’s “fun” activity is not tested in the lab. As time passes like in ebikes - custom built and store bought for that matter you will SEE the real discharge cycles that it actually gets. Even if you charge to 80% and never go below 30% and only “top off” when absolutely necessary. You will never get the 700 cycles or 1500 cycles by being perfect! Your battery has a shelf life of 2yrs of heavy usage but usable for 3 or 4 but it has so much sag it’s not even worth riding. Which would be dangerous for EUC’s. Right now people ride and upgrade w/n a year because improvements are happening so fast. And quite possibly those who understand what I am saying “sell after a year get the resale value and not have to worry about the danger and buy new again.” Once this sport matures more. Getting the electronics and strength perimeters out the way - axles surges etc. Then there is going to be a strong need for battery replacement care. Because in this sport that is critical to safety. In ebikes it just means less power and cut outs and then you pedal or push. With euc it is not the same. i know you said before that “this is not discussable” but watch or look into ebikes because they are the maturist form factor and a wealth of knowledge about real battery life. I have been 100% car free for 10yrs. And I have a daughter that has grown up on the back of my custom built ebikes. And it has been a blast, frustrating, and financially rewarding experience. i hope I am not rubbing anyone the wrong way because I have not been so excited about something new in e transportation since ebikes so I am excited about being in this community and look forward to offering my experience when appropriate and right now I am “book smarting” this forum until I find out which wheel I want to begin this amazing journey! but I will say this - it will be a new wheel or a wheel that is only a couple of months old...
  5. Your charging is not the problem with your battery. In matter of fact the way you are charging is best for your battery. The slower the charge and the less time it sits at 100% (meaning 12hours or less before you ride is ok). By charging with a slow charger your cells don’t get heated as fast as well as you are giving the cells time to balance. If anything is wrong it is either ther cells themselves, the charger not charging and balancing properly, or/and cell degradation from the EUC AMP DRAW ITSELF - welcome to electric motorizations. The bottom line - you use your euc everyday and you use it to its capacity. Many riders here don’t use their euc like this and so don’t have 1st hand experience with a real life situation it’s mostly book smart (not trying to be offensive) if you go to endlessphere.com forum and ask the same question and you give the specifics of usage the high amp draw and cycles you will realize that their is and should be degradation in real life usage. A would expect a 2yr high usage of any euc battery and at that point I would buy a new battery regardless or new ewheel.
  6. How about doing a video of you on your new MONSTER
  7. When did you buy this wheel and from whom?
  8. Post price??? - that should be a given
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