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  1. Waiting for pics and where did you buy it?
  2. How about some pics (and video). id like to see your personality
  3. Already sent an inquiry a few minutes ago. We shall see!!!
  4. I’ve never ordered anything from aliexpress before and when I look at items it is confusing to me. I must be getting old - Today is my birthday 47. So I was thinking it’s the perfect excuse to buy my 1st euc. 84v msx 1600wh 1299.00 - Has anyone seen a better price? EUCSERVICE.com i must also say I have never bought anything this expensive online, out of country, no warranty ???, never even ridden one before so I am very apprehensive But paying 2000+ stateside is not comforting either ??? - when will I take the plunge Any insight (pushing) would be appreciated.
  5. Is eucservice.com a reputable seller???
  6. Is eucservice legit?! if so this is definitely hard to pass
  7. When was it purchased... warranty where was it purchased etc...
  8. I really hope you contact Jason and get your wheels moving. You do have a a warranty so please use it!!!
  9. . I just realized that Marty is the PEACOCK of EUCs @pattton250 Marty was never serious about “toys” he was just having fun at your expense. This is lightheard
  10. When you say 16s for different reasons... what are the reasons? And if you had to pick between those 2 which one?
  11. Yes I don’t care if slow or fast (in safety range) but honestly, I was pointing out that he is not doing anything detrimental in the way he is charging and getting a fast charger is not going to help his specific situation other than charging it faster and it may solve his problem by faulty reasoning in that his old charger was defective and the new one whether slow or fast would be the answer. i would like to see a thread created specifically for say battery and overall mileage but what I find interesting is that in this sport/activity that high mileage measurements is still so low lik
  12. In matter of fact I think his Higo battery pack design would be perfect as a concept for euc’s to implement.
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