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  1. Lol okay, well he was keeping up with me and carving at 25mph on my MSX didn't seem like a real struggle. This is how you begin to learn riding a wheel. Then you shift your shoulders to steer heavier wheels. All wheels can be turned with just the feet
  2. I used Neoprene Foam, it's closer to a yoga mat. The intended purpose was for side pads, but I added some extra as protection
  3. My wheel was wrapped in lots of thick foam when I dropped it at 30mph (3rd drop above 20mph) The left side split open and the pack hit the concrete. The wheel still rode fine, but the foam did very little to protect it in that kind of tumbling crash. Still a good idea though...
  4. This is a worthwhile concern. My hope is that it would buzz at the same frequency as the beeper, thus: buzz-buzz-buzz-buzz-buzz for 80% Perhaps a 5V DC - AC converter is possible. I'd be willing to pursue it. Oh well, I'll update after trying. (the part still hasn't shipped yet)
  5. As of last weekend, I have taught 5 people to ride EUCs using my Mten3, never taking more than an hour to properly get going. The wheel is so responsive, that the only task you need to accomplish to ride it is: "maintain balance over the center." Once the student can accomplish this, they merely have to point in the direction they wish to ride and the torquey wheel will take them. The results of my EUC students speak for themselves
  6. This is a fiberglass case with a lifetime warranty for the MsuperX. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Protection-casing-Gotway-Msuper-X/401959754040?hash=item5d96ab1938:g:R5kAAOSwt35dzmRQ
  7. I've also slid the tire a few times, especially in the wet. My short-term solution has been to just use a lower tire pressure. However, in general I prefer running a pretty high pressure - around 42-44PSI for a 170lb rider. If I were especially worried about grip, I'd run mid 30's
  8. I would camp out to be first in line to purchase a 100volt Mten3
  9. Make it 84volt. The common complaint is that people are worried of faceplanting the tiny wheel. The torque provided from the higher voltage means this tiny 10 inch wheel is able to move over very large potholes. I ride this wheel at 25mph and it can still climb over bumps because of the high voltage. 84volts or bust (safety buffer for beginners even at low, low speeds)
  10. I have just purchased the Dayton Audio TT25-8 Puck Tactile Transducer Mini Bass Shaker and I will be attempted to share the power source used by the beeper to also vibrate when hitting 80% alarms. I'll write up a post if I am successful because I have already had 2 cutoffs due to not hearing the beeps. I am a young lad with proper hearing, but I wear motorcycle helmets and if I'm not hunched over, I just hear the whistle of the wind. I saw louder beeper mods, but I already hate the beeps on this thing. Hopefully this vibration mod will become standard for all fastbois like myself
  11. Given your lighter weight, yes a 100v can actually go mid 40s possibly 49mph if you approach it gradually. 55-59mph is unloaded. The truest maximum speed of the wheel is found by lifting the wheel off the ground by the handle and letting the wheel accelerate to full speed until it cuts off automatically. Then you have to allow a ~10mph buffer for rider weight, wind resistance, uneven road terrain.
  12. Water is the biggest challenge I want them to solve. I want to ride every day
  13. Images aren't loading for me but on my MSX it's the front, right above the headlight, and rear right above the taillight
  14. I rode that wheel, not sure if you can modify the BMS. But you can cut the speaker wire
  15. I really like my KLIM F5 for the summer. Super vented! And still just as safe!
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