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  1. I used MSX pedals but any Gotway pedal will work. These would be nice and large
  2. 165mm is what I used for my MSX pedals. Got 'em on ebay and they're great
  3. 16X is still having many issues. Cannot be fast charged without exploding. Cannot be ridden over 25mph without deathly speed wobbles. I'd advise against it tbh
  4. They do not obstruct at all The trouble with your method is that you will be forcing your face into the pavement if you wind up coming off the wheel.
  5. I completely agree with you here, but there is also the effect of the front of the wheel being pushed down harder due where the force is being applied to it. Regardless, it grants you the ability to keep your weight completely upright, while still accelerating with a great amount of power **OR** put all your weight forward and force with your shins for the maximum possible acceleration
  6. The acceleration really comes from point #2 the most. I am able to get 5 beeps on full battery with my MSX, using the pads and solely applying force in this way. It works so effectively because you have greater leverage, by pressing the wheel down on a point that is near to it's circumference, whereas, the pedals are close to the center, a given force does not cause the wheel to accelerate nearly as much.
  7. If you say you like speed, get gotway MSX is super reliable and you're gonna want the performance KS wheels are really just for commuters, and the 16X has tons of issues still (especially above 25mph, you'd get speed wobbles) I say Nikola+ or MSX
  8. Yes, yes, yes I have ridden KS and Gotway and have had the same experience. Literally never been able to cut off my mten3, yet my KS14S and 16B cut out on small potholes all the time Gotway makes a better ride KS is a better commuting package
  9. Just gonna jump in and say that @3euc, merely being able to reach the top speed of the 18XL, doesn't mean you are utilizing its capabilities. With the firmware update 1.13, came massive increases to acceleration and braking. If you are not exerting able to utilize a majority of the power of the wheel (with a safe margin), then you just happen to putt putt your way up to top speed while staying locked upright. An upright posture is ideal for casual and upright riding. But tight turns and slaloms require changes to your stance more than you let on. Your center of gravity does not need to be perfectly over the middle of the wheel's axis, for the ride to be stable, enjoyable, and within the parameters of the wheel. I personally utilize custom sidepads to achieve greater acceleration by placing added force on the front of the wheel, which allows for a more upright posture, while accelerating. This is generally more preferred. However, in using full the acceleration of the wheel (without any beeps/tiltback) and while riding through long, sweeping turns, the C.O.G. isn't as rigid as you're making it out to be.
  10. I have heard as much from other people, but this has not been my experience. He has gaslighted me on ongoing trouble with my XL (still with issues) The same has rung true for other riders, local to me.
  11. I have experience a similar phenomenon on my MSX... around 25mph the pedal angle becomes steeper, even with tiltback turned off. I do also notice a looseness in the pedals around the middle percentage of the battery (I ride in soft mode) and this is what I attributed it to. I haven't opened my case yet to investigate the wiring. Just wanted to chime in that I have noticed a similar phenomenon, but it doesn't impair my riding at all (but could if it were worse)
  12. He started making $$$ and stopped caring about the customer
  13. @photorph You really have articulated how I feel about the KS vs Gotway debate over time, based on the wheels I've ridden. The 16X does have higher pedals, which make it easier to avoid scraping. It is comparable to the MSX, so this is a clear advantage. Please update with your feelings in comparison to the Gotway wheels you enjoy (I'm an mten3 fanboy)
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