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  1. Got a spare Z10 charger? Any amperage will do Located in Washington DC, willing to pay shipping
  2. I've been riding for almost 2 years and my mten3 looks like this, so that I don't have to worry about it while doing tricks. It makes the wheel more comfortable to grip and more durable for its lifetime. I hold mine together with bungee cords, so it's easy to open, if needed
  3. nope! It's way easier to scrape the pedals on my friends Tesla, than my mten3 with the pedals from an MSX
  4. It shares the tire size with the MSX - that is 18" x 3" (the diameter of the tire itself is about 19 inches when measured with a ruler, but on the side of the tire it says 18x3)
  5. I have personally owned both of these wheels and was grotesquely disappointed by the 18XL. Despite it's supposed reputation, mine had multiple, significant issues. In contrast, all of my Gotway wheels work flawlessly and have been insanely reliable despite substantial abuse. I own 2 MSXs now that I got rid of the wretched XL. It's not as flashy, but the MSX has the best ride quality of EUCs (sure, my opinion but I've tried many wheels) There are steps you can take to waterproof the MSX, but it has handled wet weather for myself and other riders for thousands of miles without issue. No wheel is "waterproof" unless you buy a few tubes of silicone and waterpoof tape The 18XL is barely in the same category
  6. aliexpress Intelligent walking store has best price for the 512wh
  7. Damn homie, that looks like a broken axle. Kinda different, but just as big of an oof This is why you inspect your wheels folks!!!
  8. I regularly get home from riding my 2200wh, while having to ride through low battery tiltback
  9. These are just YZpower chargers from Aliexpress. It literally says right on the label This is the official Aliexpress store, where you can likely get the best price (but not necessarily the best customer service) https://yzpower.fr.aliexpress.com/store/2217102?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.277e4e2aooYEPt
  10. I like the MSX pedals too and find that they scrape only when I ask them too higher tire pressure can add a lot of ground clearance
  11. I carry it with 3 fingers, but very rarely have to carry it up stairs. That said, I have the 2200wh so it weighs over 60lb (27kg), so I still manage
  12. I extended my beeper wire, routed it through a hole in the side panel, and moved the beeper to rest, just below the handle and pointed up at me. I can hear my 100V MSX 80% alarm, even at full battery
  13. I think I ran into you buying fast food the other day! Small world haha I wrapped the case in foam, which gives it substantial protection and makes it more comfortable on me legs. I also am using MSX pedals, so it does sorta have that look I highly recommend the mten3, as it teaches so much about riding. It's great for beginners as well as very experienced riders
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