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  1. I have a Ninebot E+ that I modded the software on using MRN76'S Ninetool. Now it does 16 instead of 12 mph. Works flawlessly, I hit bumps, jumps, everything and never cut off, knock on wood. Never pushed the limits with a low battery though. But hey some people have fun just tooting around, and some people crave the adrenaline rush from pushing the limit. Be a boring world if we were all the same
  2. It's was really strange I had very little control over the wheel. I thought. just must be the learning curve of a new wheel , but I never got comfortable . This is my second wheel my first one was the ninebot E+ I could ride the E + in a crowd of people, practically standing still at times. But controlling the kingsong with the big pedals was really difficult. I could barely stay on it at slow speeds. Also I got a mean pedal dip when turning to the right, almost losing my balance on several occasions. I really thought it was the wheel and I hated it, But after putting the small pedals on
  3. Bought my KS 16s with the XL pedals already on. I really didn't like the way it handled it all. I almost got rid of the wheel because of the handling. But before I got rid of the wheel , I figured I would try the original pedals first. Luckily John gave me the old pedals with it when I bought it. As soon as I put the original pedals on it handled like a dream. Now I love riding it!
  4. Already up for pre-order on speedyfeet.co.uk https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/collections/electric-unicycle/products/kingsong-ks16xl
  5. I wanna ride in Miami. I was just there In October. (I had to get my passport for a trip to Costa Rica in November.) The place was very cool. Not enough time there though. I think it would be a blast to ride around the city for a weekend. Are the many EUC riders down there?
  6. Hey Scooter Man, If you didn't sell the msx I am interested. Also hit me up if you want to set up a ride. I'm less than an hour away. Always looking for people to ride with.
  7. Hi Leyline, Think I'm gonna keep this one for a while. Selling an almost new Ninebot One C+ though if anyone is interested.
  8. Thanks Joker !! Awesome wheel had a great time riding with you. Some cool Trails up there. Definitely got to get together for some more riding. let me know when you guys have another group ride going! Thanks again
  9. I am interested in this wheel. Is it still for sale? I live in Bradenton, Florida I could pick it up tomorrow. I Can't PM you because I am new Email me at ericnfla@gmail.com Thanks,
  10. Is this wheel still fort sale? If so please pm me I can't message you because i'm new. Thanks
  11. Wow That sucks, Hope You are doing ok! Worry about getting better my wheel can wait. Take care,
  12. NineTool no longer available? I want to change from E+ to P MRN76 please contact me. I am new so I can't send messages yet. Thanks
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