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  1. My thinking that some things need to occur to get this hobby to the next level. I think the manufacturers need to follow the Hoverboard trend and put sensors in the foot pads that have pressure sensors. This way a sudden dismount disables the wheel. Second, I’d like to see some kind of suspension as regardless of the tires and wheel size, things are jarring especially for a guy like me at 55. Handsome as a devil, but still 55. Backs and knees can be tough going. I’d also like to see individual separated battery cells possible contained in a lightweight metal housing. Hoverboards are doing it with great success, combine that with proper UL safety ratings. Why? Because we tend to store these things indoors and not in the unheated/ cold garages. I’ve been flying RC Lipos for decades, these batteries don’t like getting banged around too much. We used to be very careful of any lipo involved in a crash but at least we could see the pack, not so here....I know LiPos are different then LiOn but as we have seen, self sustaining fires DO occur. We need serious companies to make the investment as battery sizes are getting VERY big these days and trust me, you don’t want an indoor battery related fire. Lastly, I’d like to see a quick wheel removal going forward, much like the single swing arm on motorcycles. Flats are a common occurrence with these wheels so a quick painful repair process is in order......Any other ideas or suggestions?
  2. Moving within S.D. I think...……..
  3. Just got a response. Guess they are moving locations and were tied up.....
  4. This is Inmotion USA I'm dealing with. And no I didn't buy anything off of Ebay, I helped Inmotion USA stop "free motion" (Ebay seller) who was trying to sell product under the guise of an authorized seller.
  5. I almost made a purchase on Ebay for an Inmotion wheel and found out that the seller was not an authorized dealer. I went out of my way to inform Inmotion USA of this and provided help to stop the future Ebay sales. They offered me a 10% off coupon for the trouble. I have since emailed Inmotion USA a dozen times with no response Nothing over the last week. How are we supposed to buy a 1500.00 wheel with confidence when the PRE/ AFTER support is this bad???
  6. Ok, now I’m up to the KS18 xl,,,,,,,lol
  7. Yeah maybe a 16 then..........is the V10f better? Is it reliable with overheating?
  8. The battery is about the same size as the ks14s will the beefed up motor of the MCM5 tax that battery more leading to an increased chance of overpower? lastly, are the smaller wheels easier or harder to learn on vs a 16/18. Thanks for the help
  9. I get it but the 1-2 hour potential tire changes scare me a little. plus I’m reading that anything close to 20mph on a 14 inch is a bit hairy as opposed to a bigger diam. Wheel. guess there are trade offs. The heavier weight is within 1 pound of the ks16 as well. Hmmmmmmmm
  10. Trying to avoid the need to upgrade after I buy scenario. Will I get that going with he 14s or can it be an all round wheel? I was going to go 16 inches as a happy medium but I like the power to weight of the 14s and its torque.....I’m 5-5 155 pounds and this wouldn’t be a commuter wheel, just joy riding mostly less than 10 miles and roughly 15mph.
  11. Aside from the range/ speed info. Is there anything to be concerned about regarding fires? I have a long history dealing with LiPo batteries and it's an ugly remembrance. These wheels are new and not fully tested for safety by UL and other overseers. I have read where the V10F caught fire on a number of occasions and the problem "seemed" to be water related which I have doubts about unless it created a short. One incident involved a spontaneous fire where water wasn't a factor. Aside from these things occasionally shutting down, fire is the main concern. Is this V10F one of the more safer wheels? Or should I be looking at the v8 or another brand. Looks like fire is associated more with the V10F than any other wheel I researched. Thoughts?? Thanks in advance.....
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