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  1. What do you need to know. The pinnouts? I know my 18xl intimately. I installed an internal 84 volt boost circuit and a USBC trigger chipset so I can charge from 12-20 volts from laptop chargers. I could have also done a port for car vehicle charging. <a href="https://ibb.co/CQNYmhJ"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/6FVTrgv/20190628-045308-COLLAGE.jpg" alt="20190628-045308-COLLAGE" border="0"></a>
  2. clearly you don't understand how fixed switching power supplies work. Or i need to go back to school. Every wonder why a car battery alternator puts out 14 volts, but a half charged battery slowly climbs from 12 volts, to 12.2, 12.4 etc until it reaches the 14 volts? yes, current limiting.. I'm simply limiting current to 70 watts. voltage is free to move around *set at a max of 84.1 volts .
  3. ? Bms is intact. I'm simply applying 84.1 volts to input of BMS. Nothing special.
  4. I hate brick chargers. Now I can charge by plugging in common MacBook usbc or generic usbc chargers. Or plug into a car cigarette lighter. Still can use OEM 150 watt charger. I rarely go past 50 percent battery. So I'm happy with the slower charging speeds. Can be adapted to ebikes, onewheels, skateboards.
  5. the firm boob squeeze test.. Same here.. and the how bouncy it is when making the wheel a pogo stick when stationary ..
  6. I just got a brand new ks18xl on friday.. failed update.. never locks onto the bluetooth for communication.. sucks cause I dont' know how fast i'm going.. I was able to go 25 mph out of the box without any warnings:)))) ah o.. dumbded it down to 21 mph until i'm ready.. the audio bluetooth stream works/pairs automatically.. the regular app or darkness app/wheel log however only last 30 seconds.. then have to reset the wheel.. then another 30 seconds. so annoying.. Would be nice to know how fast i'mgoing and battery without pulling over all the time..
  7. Hated chasing the power brick down, and if I take it to a friends house, i'm able to to charge.. set at 85 watts max.. can be adjusted.. voltage set to 42 volts... thats 2 amps.. the picture of the wattage draw is towards the end of the charge.. i would guess 80 percent efficiency, so about the same as OEM. GOing to go ride some hills and get some 50% battery power pulls from the meter
  8. FYI Never ever do I push hard up a hill. I used to machine bells and stators, wind , and set magnets on hobby motors. Even did a few prototype 3 phase brushless motors 72 volts plus 300 amps. Wye windings .. I know how these motors work and their limitations. Batteries and bms systems. Back over 10 years ago nobody made shit like this off the shelf. I'm going to be honest. I had no idea it was only 800 watts. Kept telling people it was 1800. I'm surprised it's kept me up for so many successful flights .. hindsight great and all. I'm not looking for free handouts, but for those of you who listened to my with Brian from inmotion USA YouTube video phone recording, know he straight up gave the totally wrong advice on what model . I took it down per a Google search on the matter. It's a grey area as my gf was on the carphone but I don't really feel like responding to a civil and criminal suit.. 🙄😜. When a guy tells a rep at inmotion he rides in the expert class on motorcycles and likes to jump and lives on the hills of San Francisco... And is 245 pounds 6-5 inches.... .. the response should not be you're fine as long as you're not over 260. "The only thing you will notice is less mileage. " Coming from a Segway,. Those things have such a reserve of power I tried everything to tip it forward. It's not possible. I used to go full speed down wet asphalt geared up and yank back .. the wheels would skid and spin but never let me down. I dropped into a 4 foot halfpipe on it. Buying some supermoto wheels for my ktm track bike. Plate for it is coming from Arizona... Going to stay with two wheels until I get a king song or a v10 upgrade from inmotion . Call me out if you think I'm being an idiot. I can take it. Inmotion- send me new skins and a full inner shell. Since mine is all battered up. I'll sell it for 500 bucks after and eat the difference. I had 400 bucks worth of fun for sure. Just call me back. . Or email. All of your communication ceased after you asked what dealer told me I was fine for my weight. As soon as I showed you it was your own guy it's been silence on email and you call center . 4 times I've reached out. Just tell me I'm burnt. Or you won't. I'm not lawyering up. But putting your business out there. And now you're going to have a pissed off merchant who has a 900 dollar chargeback via visa. This is not a warranty issue. But am happy to send back. Just make sure the one you send back can handle my size and terrain and style. It's like selling a truck for towing a big block twin turbo boat and later finding out it only has a 1" receiver hitch capacity on the back 🤔😜 ,. But it should have read ". This wheel maxes out full power flat ground at 23 mph milliseconds before physics take over and you will fall down. Therefore only in perfect flat conditions, we suggest you stay under 15 in settings. We only allow you to go 19.1 mph as to sell more against our competitors. If you have ridden a Segway, they still have If you are above 200 pounds we strongly advise you to meet us somewhere in the middle- say 16 mph max. Don't say we didn't warn you."
  9. UPDATE-- No update.. They / anyone will not write me back. Did a credit card dispute.. Let them middle man this. Hate to do this to the nice shop that sells them, but hopefully it will light a fire under inmotion usa to take care of me.. 415 341 2281 all you have to do is call me back. You said you would inmotion.. Ball is in your court.. Ignoring works , only for so long.. close to a thousand bucks I spent... Next time a KingSong.. Let me preface.. Love the wheel.. just hate watching it collect dust.. I'm not happy riding it at 14 mph max for safety reasons .. I'll ride my m365 scooter at that speed if thats the case
  10. same here. android .. i have to uninstall it so it doesn't keep trying to run/ error messageme all day every hour Get your shit together inmotion:)
  11. I'll wait for a letter from them.. Didn't realize that, but too late now.. I record ALL calls. 24/7. Saved my ass on more then one occasion .. @inmotion. if you want me to remove let me know asap 415 341 2281 I'm not trying to SUE or make money here. just want to be treated fairly for misinformation
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