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  1. Kevin Graehl

    Two small issues I'm having with my inmotion V8

    app sucks!1111 use the other apps.. andriod only ios one if wifi only?
  2. Kevin Graehl

    250 mile glide 3 for sale san francisco $550

    i can ride at 19mph all day long.. its just sketchy, cause any bump that requires a surge of current and voltage,,, just aint happening.. I am too big.. I was just saying that if i throttled it back 14mph, surely it would have a reserve 40 percent power to accommodate bumps.. right now, i only have a 10 percent power reserve at full speed.. (arbitrary numbers for sure:)
  3. Kevin Graehl

    250 mile glide 3 for sale san francisco $550

    I'm not worried about a ruined sale.. Its not defective.. I'm learning im wayyy to big and tall for it.. if youre north of 220 pounds.. don't get! youre free to test ride for a day or two if youre serious:)
  4. TO GIVE credit.. here is an email with Joseph.. starts below this line.. Still wish they said, "sure, send yours in and we will upgrade you for 500 bucks. I would have done that.. Still would-- havn't done the math.. I have not contacted the local shop i purchaced from.. Want them to stay in buisness for others-- They might hook it up, but i'm not about taking skinny profit margins and making owner eat it.. they keep getting broken into anyways. Doubt they have profited from their elec stuff yet.. they are mainly a kiteboarding shop in san francisco Invoice has been sent. Just check our stock and we are currently sold out of outer shell side A. Hills does not usually affect the motor but hurts the control board or wires. These motors are pretty indestructible. Sorry we misinformed you on the phone. I will look into it and correct any misinformation being spread. Joseph contact@myinmotion.com InMotion USA myinmotion.com {#HS:783229018-4858#} On Thu, Feb 21, 2019 at 3:17 PM PST, Kevin Graehl <kevingraehl@gmail.com> wrote: ReplyForward
  5. Its not their fault! I got advice directly from INMOTION usa.. they barely make 100 bucks profit on them after the discount they hooked me up with.. I could dispute with my Credit card, but the shop would have to eat it.. NOT cool. All I asked inmotion to do was offer me a dent a scratch or demo model. I'll pay the upgrade difference in MSRP.
  6. i weight 245 with shoes on.. I talked with inmotion in person.. they called me back from the customer service number. I have the call recorded. This is not the retailer's fault.. its INMOTION USA. I record all calls FYI . not being sneaky, but now i feel like pulling it up and posting it here..
  7. guess i'm asking too much from it.. I didn't know the v8 was considered tiny.. was told it would be a great fit for me.. I told inmotion i plane on riding it hard, dropping stairs etc.. I had nothing to reference it to at the time.. Now i know.. thats what im pissed about.. if they suggested the bigger model.. I would have gotten it! maybe they have no idea what size 13 shoes 6 foot 5 up in the air pushing 250 will do. do all their testers weight 160 pounds lol..
  8. Kevin Graehl

    250 mile glide 3 for sale san francisco $550

    Stop PMing. Text or call.
  9. interesting.. the wobble is from not enough contact with feet.. makes possible sense... i'm a size 13 shoe.. i think that makes it worse.. HUMMMMMM
  10. this is a review i sent..on their website, after emails went nowhere... now for sale $550 San francisco.. Or might just find in trash in front of my house if i'm stupid to ride above 14 mph and crash and go the the doctor again when i'm healed up:) I know it sounds like i'm complaining. I love this thing. Its light, compact , and almost fast enough. It just lets me down and faceplants me at full 18-19 mph if there is a small bump in the road. It doesn't have enough reserve to keep me upright. Before Purchasing at my local SF store * great shop/People, I asked if my height/fulcrum would be too much for this motor/ battery/ Controller. I've had 4 superman slides at full speed in 2 months of having.. 250 miles total. Love it. It's not a warranty thing. I would have purchased the larger model if they were straight with me on the phone. I Race Motocross in the intermediate/ expert levels, I have and electrical engineering background, I'm not stupid. I tried to get Inmotion to work with me for a discounted upgrade to something with more power after spending nearly a 1000 bucks. Would have been happy with not being a beta tester for how to overload the Speed control/ batt/ motor being a giant I am. I was assured it would be fine.. Not one crash was on a hill.. A few going down when it gets a 4 hertz oscillation/vibration back and forth going down a hill using braking.--- it will throw you off sometimes ... Its trying its best but can only do so much.. All the Gotways i've ridden are buttery smooth downhills with bumps. If you want to try to reach out to me... doubt you will allow this post to be made00 you might moderate and delete it? Im sick of crashing.. while at near top speed. Sure i could throttle the limit to 14 mph and never crash, but i'd rather ride my m365 scooter or bosch bike, or my street bike.. Thats too slow.. Work with me here. I'm scared to ride it anymore, and don't want to send in for warranty.. Another two I test rode exhibited the same behaviors downhills or flat with bumps.. about 30 close calls with oscillations, only 3 were faceplants.. the 4th faceplant was me having road rage after a driver honked at my gf for driving too slow in front of me on her motorcycle.. I kept leaning , and should have not put so much weight forward.. yet no beeps. so only half my fault. This thing scares the crap out of me. I don't trust it.. I've had a segway i2.. i trusted that.. So much failsafe. This thing, not so much.. 415 341 2281 kevingraehl@fb.com
  11. normal scratches . crashes etc.. I'm sick of bruises and near death in the city here. a tesla door hit me the other day.. 415 341 2281.. prefer calls..
  12. Ok.. its not small.. but works.. Got a fan built in. DC 12 volts to 84 for EUC Mailing out to RockyTop here on the forums.. I'm still working (perhaps with a parther) on getting a full blown board built that has both USB-C 15/20 volt 100 watt input, and a car charger. Eventually with a bluetooth Module Add on This is all off the shelf components.. i just extended the display.. and put in a 10 dollar Plastic enclosure and put a Car cigarette lighter plug..
  13. they are sourced.. you need to solder them.. some manufactures use aviation connectors, XLR's 5.5mm plugs, deans, model airplane hobby connectors, sermos-, xt-60 , xt-30, .. Automotoive ,, JST, you name it. there is no standard, some are pitched differently on pin width.. 415 341 2281.. text me a pic of what you have and ill tell you where you can buy..
  14. also made this to someone who PM'd me this morning.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqlXFIQtSWo 20-90 volt cigarette lighter booster built.. Anyone else need one.. this is for a guy on the EUC forums. you could charge at the top of twin peaks can output 600 watts.. but cigarette lighter car fuse will pop well before then at 300 watts or so.. can put on aligator clips to go straight to battery terminals for more power... or adjust the output under 3 amps @ 84 volts , 6 amps @54 volts.. etc...Maybe your car has a 30 12 volts x 10 amps is 120 watts.. amp fuse 12 volts x 30 amps is 360 watts.. 84 volts x 4 amps = 336 watts.. that would be pushing it.. i wouldn't charge your EUC more then 3 amps.. 54 volts you could get some high amp rates. , not sure you would want to give a full 600 watts.. 600/54 volts .. thats charging at 11 amps.. THis thing will get hot.. It has a fan.. but can you cells even deal with that.. I can make one wayyyyy smaller if you want under 60 volts DC max.. The 80 plus DC volt range is a pain and requires larger components. under 60 volts will be almost a 1/4 of this size..