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  1. Hi. Im Kevin. I saw an electric unicycle at a Tesla owner’s club event and immediately wanted one. I’m interested in easing into it though, meaning, I want to buy a used one to crash on and learn about before I buy a different wheel for the longer term. This obviously also has the advantage that I’ll have a spare to teach others. Ive more or less narrowed the list to a v8 or a ks14d. There’s one for sale in the secondhand forum, and I’ve posted a reply. Since it’s not private, I left no contact info. I’ve watched him lower his price, but not acknowledge my reply. So it’s possible I’m not the buyer he wants, but I don’t really know. My earlier posts were equally frustrating. I was told I should rent not buy for my holiday (I wanted one permanently but was buying it on a holiday) and then I was told I couldn’t fly it back with me (I drove). I know the person was trying to be helpful, but it wasn’t, and I missed my opportunity to buy now that I’m back in Canada and the holiday is done. Ultimately, I see people trying to be helpful here, and I know that’s their goal, but I’m increasingly frustrated while the whole thing because these wheels seem impossible to “try”, either by buying used or renting. Being unable to PM here is just another continuation of that theme. So I’m writing this useless post to vent because as much as I want to participate here, I feel like I can’t because everywhere I turn, I’m blocked. Hopefully this gets me the votes or whatever I need to allow me to actually participate as a welcome member rather than just an unwelcome newbie (though I am a newbie, for sure). Kev ps. If a mod could correct the spelling of my name here to DigitalAdrenaline, that’d be great. I’m scared to restart it for fear of starting this whole process over again. I wasn’t really paying good enough attention when I registered. Stupid, I know.
  2. Count me in this group. The only place I go is the secondhand wheel sales, but although there have been several that would have worked for me, I can’t send contact info in a private message. I suppose worse would be if the seller couldn’t either. Frustrating. If I want questions answered about a particular wheel, I watch reviews on YouTube. Kev
  3. I drove. (Electric Car. Electric seems to be my direction at the moment). I’ve thought this out, I just need to find something. That’s harder than I was led to believe it would be. so are the $100 swheel or whatever units on varagesale or craigslist good enough to start do you think?.
  4. I’m hoping to buy it to take back with me. Obviously, I’ll need to wait for warmer weather. But there are zero used ones for sale in Calgary, and lots are for sale here. Some are clearly noname junk, but there’s another post here for a ks14d asking 300, so I’m hoping. i know im at the edge of it size wise, but it seems doable, at least to learn on. Newbies seem to crash them frequently in the beginning, and I’m not young or especially agile, so I expect to continue that trend. Thanks Kev
  5. I’m in Orlando on a holiday from Canada. I do not know anyone with a wheel and have never even seen one in action. But I’d like to buy a cheap one to see what it’s all about. im 6 foot 5 and about 230 pounds. Research seems to point at a KS14d being my best value, and I’m talking to someone on here already about his. But he has taken a deposit, so I suspect it will sell to someone else. I’m open to other wheels, but use this as an example model. Does anyone here have a used wheel that would suit a beginner that they’d like to part with? Budget is 2-300. Thanks in advance. Kev
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