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  1. How much trouble would I be in if I pronounced it as 'toke'?
  2. Major Bathos

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    If you simply start a fire the NY Fire department will happily (and quickly I might add) bring you this 'hose'. It's like a new Door Dash or Uber service.
  3. Major Bathos

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Oh Sweet! I was just thinking that my 18xl could improve now that weed is legal in California. I can ride around and make it look like my wheel has exhaust!
  4. Major Bathos

    Any riders in South San Jose?

    I have Facebook I just haven't used it in months. Maybe I can dust it off. I split my time between San Jose and Palo Alto. Lately I have been using Stanford as my training grounds. How often do you guys meet up?
  5. Major Bathos

    New AR game, Delta T

    Vive la résistance!
  6. Major Bathos

    Any riders in South San Jose?

    Do you ever go along the Guadalupe River trail that goes next to the airport?
  7. I said that to my girlfriend once... I'm no longer dating her.
  8. Are the Pedal rod and grub screw hard to clean/get at?
  9. Major Bathos

    KS18XL calibration help...

  10. Major Bathos

    KS18XL calibration help...

    I need to go find Elon.
  11. Major Bathos

    KS18XL calibration help...

    I'm doing what I can for the cause. I've been learning and riding all around Stanford Campus. I was out today just putting miles on my 18xl so I can get the speed cap to unlock and I noticed I'm either photogenic or a freak-on-a-wheel. I'm sure there are posts or videos of me out there now. Hopefully more SV peeps will get the bug and make some app improvements.
  12. I should be in the EUC Nascar since I'm good with turning left and going straight. For some reasons going right is less smooth.
  13. So you went to pick up your wheel and all you got was this?:
  14. Major Bathos

    Z10 or is 18XL

    @Barrylomont I just upgraded from my Ninebot One S1 recently. I was looking at the Z10 or KS-18XL as I wanted greater range, speed, and weight capacity (I'm 6'2", 250lb+). At first I was looking at a midrange like the 16" wheel and I'm kind of wishing I had. After talking to Jason at ewheels about the Z10 I went with the KS-18XL. I like this wheel. I like it a lot. The main thing I'm struggling with after a life on a 14" wheel and then jumping to 18" is it feels totally different. I'm having to relearn how to ride after being confident one my nimble S1. The KS-18XL has way more weight higher up, and I'm not just talking about my tubby butt. It is more than double the weight of the S1 and substantially taller. The height is also something to acclimate to. With the S1 it rose up to about the level of my calf. KS-18XL comes up to almost my knee. This makes my little turns I used my ankles/feet not really possible. When turning, or even going straight, you'll notice something between your knees kind blocking your movement, or at least reminding you that it is there. All the things above are not negatives but just things to acclimate to. the experience is different. I feel more stable on the larger wheel. I don't fear bumps, debris, or most road conditions as much on the KS-18XL. The ride is way more comfortable and I just enjoy it a lot. I still have a little affection for my 14" wheel as it is super nimble. I could ride it around in all the tightest spots with confidence and it took very little effort to turn (being so light). In the end as I can't speak to the Z10 since I don't own one I really really like my KS-18XL as we continue to get to know each other. She needs a name but is still nameless.
  15. Major Bathos

    Z10 or is 18XL

    When I was looking to buy one very recently I checked his website and didn't see any. Does he have inventory that is not visible on the website? Side note, I got the KS-18XL in the end.