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  1. I came here to point that out as well. Nearly did a spit take when I saw what the future of transportation holds for us.
  2. Thanks for the update on the app. For the Quote above I do have the WheelLog app and use that one all the time but it can't control much so when I need to make adjustments, like when I unlock it in a few more km, I have to use the KS app. WheelLog is a nice app. Today on my second leg of the the trip it could see my wheel in the bluetooth devices but would never finish linking. Worked great at first. I'll have to look deeper into that tomorrow. I do have a KS-18XL and I looooOOOoooove it. You are correct about the sensor being in the back at this time and i can make that adjustment; I just feel better with the power button in front of me cause I guess I have trust issues. I figured at first it was the cars behind me turning my light on and off but later that night when no cars were around it was happening here and there still. I deduced that it was some of the street lights, which aren't that bright along the stretch of road I was on, that would toggle the light. I'm wondering if it has to do with the fact that it is incredibly dark on when in between lights but when you get close to the light it was enough to turn off my light.
  3. So, the app, version 1.54 on my android devise is how do you say... no good. I was wondering when a new version would be coming out, where can I get it, and when it would actually be on the app store. Come to think of it, why isn't it on the app store at this time? Does it's current iteration violate the terms and conditions of Google's play store? My issue with the app is it will connect to my wheel maybe half of the time. When it does it will reset my tilt back speed and alarms. That can get really annoying. It takes me many tries to get that back to the way I like it and then I don't want to use the app again. BUT I was having an issue where my light wouldn't turn on one evening so I cracked out the app. The ride home was slow as it reset the speed. I was able to get the light to turn on after opening up the app, still don't know why. (And before you point out that you can use the power button to toggle the light I know and it wasn't doing anything for me, But hey, thanks for pointing that out). While I was in there I was also hoping there was a sensitivity setting to the light sensor. When it is set to auto it turns on and off constantly as car headlights, street lights, and some other source that is too dim for me to notice can affect it. I was hoping the sensor was only strong enough to tell if it was in direct sunlight or not. Light issue aside I would love it if we could get some idea when a working, reliable app would be available and it was downloadable from normal channels.
  4. Do you have a video detailing this for those of us that have never pulled the skirt up on our wheels?
  5. How much trouble would I be in if I pronounced it as 'toke'?
  6. If you simply start a fire the NY Fire department will happily (and quickly I might add) bring you this 'hose'. It's like a new Door Dash or Uber service.
  7. Oh Sweet! I was just thinking that my 18xl could improve now that weed is legal in California. I can ride around and make it look like my wheel has exhaust!
  8. I have Facebook I just haven't used it in months. Maybe I can dust it off. I split my time between San Jose and Palo Alto. Lately I have been using Stanford as my training grounds. How often do you guys meet up?
  9. Do you ever go along the Guadalupe River trail that goes next to the airport?
  10. I said that to my girlfriend once... I'm no longer dating her.
  11. I'm doing what I can for the cause. I've been learning and riding all around Stanford Campus. I was out today just putting miles on my 18xl so I can get the speed cap to unlock and I noticed I'm either photogenic or a freak-on-a-wheel. I'm sure there are posts or videos of me out there now. Hopefully more SV peeps will get the bug and make some app improvements.
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