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  1. Hi, Just a couple of questions Where is the best place to buy a Z10 from for import into the UK? What is the best gear to buy to record your rides? I have a GoPro Hero+ and the video quality is great, but the Mic isn't up to much and I have it helmet mounted so it is a video of me going around, and I'm not in it 😂😂😂😂😂 See below!
  2. All sounds great, looks like the first upgrade will be to a Z10 then. Out of curiosity, does the wider tyre make for a more stable ride?
  3. Turn the Speed Limiter off in the app. I only had my wheel for Xmas and was only coming off because of the rear tilt. Turned the limiter off yesterday and solved the problem. Whizzing around all over the place now, and did 5k yesterday in one run without any rear tilt. Sooooo much easier!
  4. Dai Morgan

    Z6 Yes or No?

    Should I go for a Z6? Or should I go from my C+ to a Z10? Also, is there much difference between a Z6 and a Z10 Thanks
  5. Dai Morgan


    They are level. I think the issue was me to be honest Much better with the speed limiter switched off. Did around 5k this evening with no issues or spills.
  6. Dai Morgan


    Just discovered my biggest issue was the speed limiter. Turned it off and happy days. Made controlling the speed much easier. Still need to practice turning and inclines, but it has suddenly become much more fun!
  7. Thanks Vik. Had a couple of wobbles going up and down inclines for the first time, but apart from that it was awesome. The looks from the locals were hilarious, don't think they've ever seen one before! This forum is awesome for info!
  8. Haha! Just did and survived! First time I have ever ridden 5k without stopping. All the way from the house along the seafront and back! Just discovered that my biggest issue riding it was the limiter! Happy times ahead!
  9. Hi, mine has limited mode turned on. If I turn this off will it stop the tilting backwards? Just want to ask before I go outside and kill myself on it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  10. Dai Morgan


    Thanks, much appreciated
  11. Dai Morgan


    Thanks for the tips. Haven't been on it a huge amount to be honest. Probably about 3 hours total. Still very wobbly and have to bail quite often before I fall. Currently using it on the seafront and in a car park and averaging about 400 mts before I need to stop. Mainly due to feeling like I'm going to fall off the back. My biggest issue is getting a consistent speed without tilting backwards and forwards, but I'm definitely getting better. Doing alright for a 50 year old I think. 😉
  12. Dai Morgan


    Thanks for the advice. Having a right blast learning how to fall off 😂😂😂
  13. Dai Morgan


    Great, thanks. I've just taken mine out to a larger area. I have it set to 10km and a sensitivity of 8. I tried lower speed but kept getting thrown off backwards. Any suggestions for a new rider?
  14. Dai Morgan


    Hi, Got a Ninebot for Christmas and have almost mastered riding around my back yard! Did 3 loops without falling off 😊😊 Is it normal for your ankles to hurt whilst you are learning? Thanks, Dai
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