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    So the board speeds up and accelerates ahead of the point where he can balance? He's falling off the back of the board? Hmm... Being thrown forward is generally what happens in my experience. We have two different brands of hoverboards and when exploring the upper limits of speed and acceleration, both will just shut down and nearly put me on my face. Otherwise they seem to stay well balanced. I've never had one throw me off by speeding up too much. Assuming your son isn't suddenly rocking his feet forward (toes downward), I'd guess there's a problem with the hoverboard which should be taken up with the seller. I'm not sure how much that helps but it's about all I can say without riding it myself.
  2. I have a Hyper GOGO which appears to be a very close cousin of the EpikGo and the Halo Rover. It works OK but feels a bit sluggish for an 800W hoverboard because the reseller shipped it in beginner mode in response to a customer complaining about their kid getting hurt. It also sounds the warning alarm continuously at 7.0 mph, which is short of the advertised 9.3 mph top speed. I can't for the life of me find any info on the web for how to restore the settings to normal / full capability mode so my only hope is to replace the controllers with something that lets the user select operating modes or make basic adjustments. The Halo Rover appears to offer this but I can't find replacement controllers for sale anywhere.
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