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  1. #palachzzz First thanks for the NineTool, super happy with v7.6. Now, could you provide a bit more inside of your wheel log data, ex? which values are good, bad, high and so worth -thanks.
  2. Guys >>, please, be realistic! If you are currently not riding in motorcycle gear "seriously", don't even think about unlocking your EUC. [Also, we need to think about our health insurance, first responders, and a medical card. I know, it sounds like overkill, maybe only at the track for racing, but most incidents happen on short runs -thanks.]
  3. Shameless self-promotion, my first iMovie trailer. Enjoy, and don't take yourself too seriously....
  4. Wooowy >> 3 EUC riders!!! paulz - cloudy_Jai - egress123 >> Hello, MonoGerman or call me Gary, lets all meet over coffee and go from their, what say? And its going to be a great 2019, now that we have 4 known EUC Twin Cities riders
  5. MonoGerman


    Awesome, welcome to the Ninebot clan :-) It's going to be awesome, the feel, the freedom, the excitement is none other! About your ankle, your muscle has to get used to the new-strange activity; it's all good. My method for new movement such as flying with the z10 is simple but highly effective. Don't train - ride full out 100% till your body hurts, no matter which sport you are training-doing. If you do, you need to rest your body, and those days are lost >>, so it is much smarter and better to train 60-80% without pain BUT more often. Example 2x30 minute 100% riding week = 60 minutes/week 3x30 minute 80% riding week = 90 minutes/week 4x30 minute 60-70% riding week = 120 minutes/week So, let me ask you, do you want to ride faster and better, then the total time you spend on the activity will give you the results. And not balls out, nurse yourself back up and repeat, cheers...
  6. Excellent, hot looking helmet... glad you got one!
  7. Yes, you will thank yourself when you least expect it. It's needed insurance so to speak -smile. By merely having a Motorcycle Jacket on, that will disburse your fall, and including those hurtful abrasions, it is a great start. For myself, while doing my practice laps, i.e. 20 minutes full focused specific lap runs - track riding, I will have of course my motorcycle jacket plus overpants on. Now I add my Forcefield's PRO PANTS - PRO SHIRT as an armoured undergarment, I know it seems overkill, but for my practice-training laps I need to focus entirely vs crashing. And when I crash, its fun, thanks to forcefield lol Oh, did I mention head-protection? Please have a helmet at first, I had too many concussions, in the past it fun but dumb lol Cheers,
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