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  1. We are a go! For those wanting to come, but only have access to a plane, we're hoping to get you included too! We have a part of the registration form that's asking people if they'd be willing to lend secondary wheels out to other riders. Hoping to make this event available to people outside the west coast region. <3 Registration is open! http://www.laeucgames.com
  2. EWGP Instagram for more videos and photos 🙏❤️
  3. Nice. :-) Putting them in my back pocket. Thanks for making the connection. 👍
  4. @D3m0nzz I've got a friend in Phoenix who wants to set one up too. It'd be amazing if more happened and we all teamed up on an organizational level to do stuff like regional -> national -> international races. Please contact me with any questions you have and I'll do my best to help out from the experience I had setting this one up.
  5. Mario Kart style EUC racing on a secret location track in Oakland, CA. Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place. Racer registration opens this Friday, March 1st. Limit 20 racers to enter so set your alarms. It's gonna be a fun one. Details at: www.electricwheelgrandprix.com Join the FB Event a:-) aasdfasdf Check
  6. Might you have a link or a place to look? Can't find it on KS's site :-(
  7. Wondering if anyone can help with this android app error I'm getting when trying to access "speed settings" on the newest kingsong app from their website. Im getting these errors on my old 14D that has long since been unlocked to top speed, and on brand new wheels (16s and 14s tested so far). Everything else in the app seems to work except the speed area. Halp?
  8. Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster (i generally hang in the FB groups cuz I'm an addict). I hear the same story a lot in my network of wheel friends--we all travel, often by plane, and it's painful to go to a new city and not have our wheel. Relegated to lesser forms of transport like scooters or bicycles. Why not be able to rent wheels, they ask? I think renting wheels like scooters, or bikes, or cars, doesn't make a lot of sense because the learning curve is so steep and people don't learn to ride them as part of cultural tradition like bikes or cars. But I do have an idea. A way we can leverage existing community to solve this problem. I'm building a platform that will let people sign up and rent their own wheels out in their area, similar to like an AirBnB. You'd be able to set your own prices and there'd be some kind of small fee paid to the site to make the connection happen. If you're going to a new city, you can check in on the platform by typing the city location to see who around the area has a wheel for rental. You'd schedule with them a pickup and return time, exchange money by cash or credit, probably be able to set some kind of deposit and rules around damage. I'm wondering what kind of questions or concerns you'd have before renting to / from your peers through such a service?
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