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  1. Ophir Yaniv

    Ninebot es2 wont turn on

    Thanks for the comment yes, but they wont that i give them the scooter for a check up and only the check up (not the repairing) costs the same as new motherboard. So i though maybe some one face this problem before.
  2. Ophir Yaniv

    Ninebot es2 wont turn on

    Hello everyone, glad to find this forum.. I am new here. I have a ninebot es2, When i try to turn it on it just blink with the rear light, the display stay off, I cannot use it and cannot connect to it with the app I though it is a problem with the display, so i ordered a new one replace it but the problem stayed. Does anyone know what can it be? or help me find out how to fix it? Thanks in advance Ophir