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  1. Ultimately and finally, we live in the age where no matter which wheel you choose, it will be good. No matter what you think or say now, you will end up with more then one wheel. And you will end up selling or trading whatever wheel you get now sooner rather then later. Just get a wheel and ride it!!
  2. Depending on where you are commuting, for me this is a major issue. I have to go up and down with a wheel during busy commuting hours in and out of subway. There is always a long line of people behind me. If I have to wait 2-3 seconds to turn the wheel on and off, I will hear grumblings, which I would rather avoid. Not having a kill switch on a wheel for me is a show stopper.
  3. This is inevitable when learning, and while this does not damage the wheel internal components, I'd hate to see my $2000+ wheel get scratched up...
  4. Yes, I do. I recommended this to several other people. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Refurbished-Segway-Ninebot-One-E-E-Plus-Electric-Unicycle-One-Wheel-Scooter/283624398182?hash=item420954dd66:g:1PwAAOSwaP5cah6h
  5. When I started out, I bought KingSong 18XL, which was a high end wheel at a high end price back then. I then realized that I really didnt want to damage it while learning. What I ended up doing was finding a new refurbished Ninebot One E+ on eBay, buying it for around $260, learning on it, beating the living hell out of it, then selling it for $100. I'd totally say that those weeks of learning on a solid wheel that you are not afraid to beat up is totally worth $160. If you go that route, you might be able to sell yours almost what you paid for it. Or keep it as a beater wheel for friends and family.
  6. This will come quite handy if you do any riding during the darker hours of the day. The more visible you are at night, the better. Trust me. The consensus is that 100V Nikola accelerates faster then 84V. Think of acceleration as major safety feature. It also has higher top end speed, which maybe not in a beginning, but after a few months of riding you will want to have. Think of it as a buffer, you might not need it all the time, but there will be a time you wish you had it. Buffer speed is good. 100V wheels are more efficient then 84V. You can get longer mileage out of every charge. I don't do 50 mile rides, but I also don't have to think about charging my wheel quite as often, and I always have a bigger buffer to get me home. Another thing to consider is the quality of the shell. One day sooner or later, you will drop your wheel, and Nikola has a lot better built shell then MSX. This is such an addictive hobby that whether you realize it or not, you will end up getting more then one wheel.
  7. I have MCM5 that I specifically use for commute, up and down the stars every single day. Its an amazing wheel for this purpose. Oh and its a lot of fun too.
  8. "Hello friends, we are at Gotway factory, and I want to introuduce this new wheel. This is an absolutely new model, and we are the first ones to test it. It looks very much like OneWheel just that the wheel is not parallel but perpendicular to the platform, and its very wide. Lets try to ride it. Basically its very easy to ride, we put the foot on one platform, wait for the beep, then place the other foot on the platform, and off we go. Amazing feeling. Music."
  9. As a fluent Russian speaker, the best part was at the end: I can only associate this wheel with this song
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