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  1. Hi Chris, Here are the possible options that I've found after researching this topic for way too many hours: 1. Bolt two hoover board wheels together like this guy: https://evnerds.com/electric-vehicles/e-unicycle-hoverboard-news/diy-onewheel-electric-skateboard-from-poland/ He has a few videos on his facebook page etc. While his solution is creative in terms of getting a hooverboard control board to run a one wheel, I'm concerned about keeping the hub air tight and the wheel inflated with his design (I race go karts so fairly familiar with these hubs). 2. Build/code your own control board, see https://github.com/blezalex/WheelBoardMain This seems like a large undertaking unless one has an EE background. Probably more time required than I want to invest in the project. 3.Build a one wheel with a large wheel to accommodate a vertical control board from a unicycle. Not really an option for me since I already have the smaller hub motor etc. I dont care for this route because the larger wheel changes the entire dynamics of the one wheel. 4. See if Unicool or another Chinese one wheel clone company will sell the control board as a spare part. I tried to get in touch with Unicool but didnt get a response. Let me know if you come up with anything that works. Best of luck!
  2. Thx all. I e-mailed with the Microworks reps and there is nothing on the horizon there for DIYers. Horizontal 48V and higher voltage boards could also be an option.
  3. Are there any horizontal install control boards for unicycles (pereferably at 36v). For obvious form factor reasons, all the boards i’m seeing are vertical install. I’m looking to use the board in a onewheel type project so I can’t mount the board vertically (not enough space). The hover board controllers won’t work since they are designed to run two motors and will error out with only one motor (some folks have gotten around this by bolting two motors together but i’d like to avoid this)
  4. I have a 2 wheel control board that I need to only run one wheel. In this application, there will be no second wheel, no second gyro, no second hall sensor. The problem is that on start up the control board runs a diagnostic and tells me (through various blinking lights) that it can’t dectect the second gyro, hall and motor. I need to bypass or spoof a second gyro, hall and motor. Any suggestions? Here’s what I thought of: 1. I can wire the the first gyro to feed back to the second gyro input on the control board. 2. I can wire the signal wires only (not the load) from the first hall sensor back to the second hall sensor. 3. I don’t know what to do with the 3 phase wires that would drive the second motor. I’m concerned about joining the 3phase wires from the left and right outputs to run a single motor. This motor is rated at 36v/500w. The two concerns are blowing the motor or having the signles from the left output not being synchronized with the right (in theory they should be synchronized because of 1&2 above, same gyro and hall sensors).
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