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  1. Kingsong 14C" KS 800w/680 Black, and a clean, nearly brand new charger for sale/best offer. New Jersey, USA. Contact at bozire@yahoo.com Got it in 2015, rode it about 20 times, got hurt, got a flat, then just let it sit for nearly 2 years. Selling it now. It still has a flat- I could not get the stem to line up and just got fed up at that point, even though I loved this wheel. You will have to find a way to fix it. I'll take that into account when I consider your offer, obviously. I traded in my old phone, so I don’t have milage details. Best offer and you handle the shipping. I pa
  2. Used Singsong KS 800w/680 and clean, nearly brand new charger or sale/best offer. Im in New Jersey, USA. Contact me at bozire@yahoo.com with an offer. Got it in 2015, rode it about 20 times, got hurt, got a flat, then just let it sit for 2 years. Selling into. Best offer and you handle the shipping. I paid over $1,000.00 for it new. Someone is going to get a beast for a serious bargain, cause this baby is outta here so I can buy a drone. It has some scrapes a a slight wobble (that never bothered me at all- just notating that here for honesty sake), but it nearly brand new inside bec
  3. Cloud- now THAT is a great idea!
  4. I use a Gold's Gym bike and a bench press for exercise. The EUC was supposed to just be fun, but I was shocked to find out how it DOES great cardio, core and leg work for me. I also got it for a reason that has to do with disability- I have trouble walking very far anymore due to a very bad left foot/ankle and knee issue (both permanent), so when I saw one of these I thought to myself- "I could use THAT to take walks like I used to, enjoy the outdoors again!" The only catch was this- I can overcome my physical disabilities with it IF I don't acquire new ones from learning how to ride this
  5. There are some white powders that make you go VERY fast- you just snort them up your nose and off you go!
  6. Mine is silent. I hear absolutely zero sound from it. I have no idea why. But like you said, if it had a whine to it, I wouldn't mind.
  7. Finally. Thanks, man- the double press of the button did the trick. Rolled through a parking lot area with Led Zep Black Dog playing and everyone's jaws were dropped and people pointing as I sped on by. Damn good feeling!
  8. BobbyDee


    It's worth the $$ for me. Mine is powerful and fast and I used the iOS app to kill the beeps and set the alarms/speeds they way I want them to be. PUSH.
  9. I just started using Speedometer- Speed Limit Alert- (Stanislav Dvoychenko). It's seriously a bad ass app. It's a green and red logo. Apple Store > Search> type in gps speedometer and you'll find it. It's free with an option to get the full version- which I did. Love this thing. When/if you get it, scroll the bottom section horizontally for all the cool features. It even plays music from your iphone collections if you want.
  10. There was a segment when you could only see the eyes at a distance coming towards us (2:46 to 2:53 in the clip)- loved it. I gotta get myself some "red eyes" and scare some people as I "float towards them.
  11. You probably all ready got an answer. I haven't been on here in a while. But just in case: apple store, search for singsong (all one word)
  12. I haven't tried that yet and wasn't going to, but my curiosity has to be satisfied. So, is there any certain way to connect the the phone and the wheel- anything in the app that has to be done? Figured I would ask to save time. Thanks.
  13. Ok- I just found out how to successfully set the speed settings for the iOS app for my wheel. I went from bottom to top setting the speeds, (instead of top to bottom just on a whim) with each level number decreasing as I go upward (except for the rocker speed, which is set to zero). Example: Rocker speed = 0, Level lll alarm= 40, Level ll alarm at 33, level l alarm at 30. Then I pressed the word SURE in the middle of the speed setting circle and got a yellow alert stating "Successful setting for Speed" or something- it flashed by pretty quick. I went back to the Home page, then back into the s
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