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  1. 840wh version In good condition and only a few light scratches only covered 29 miles and in perfect working order looking for £550.00 Kingsong Ks14s for sale https://imgur.com/gallery/LiJgRBN
  2. Hi I was wondering if it was possible and what size it would need to be so there was clearance for the nobbly tread to not rub on the case I'm wondering because the current tyre just feels so slippy on wet grass and I'm getting a bit bored of just sticking to tarmac and if I had a knobbly tyre it would give me confidence to go flat out on grass and it would mean I could ride in a whole lot more places so I think I'm going to buy a tyre and see if it fits
  3. OK thanks I'll avoid doing that from now on
  4. Nice one I might go back out are you off work at the moment
  5. Just been for my daily run and it was performing perfectly OK
  6. Hi I didn't get chance to test it on a long run I've been busy and it's been raining so I was going round my kitchen table and felt OK but I did notice that I like to practice going backwards in there so I can put a hand on the worktop if I loose my ballance so I usually go back and forth about 8ft trying not to put my hand on the top and I've been trying this on the z6 my old z10 and my new z10 and they are all fine but since I upgraded the firmware on this one I can only do it for about 5 minutes then I get flashing blue lights and beeping and a red triangle on the app saying error I looked setting to see what the temp was and that was high and I felt the side casing and it felt warm I used to be able to do it for ages and its probably not good for a unicycle just going back and forth in a small space for long periods. unless it's something else that's causing the error
  7. My new z10 has been working flawlasly and the battery has been lasting a long time so I've been very happy with it until yesterday when the app said there is a new firmware update and I didn't really want to update it with all the problems I've had with the kingsong but there wasn't an option to not update so I did and it was fine then I came back to later that night switched it on and it was shaking so I switched it off left it for a while switced it on again and it was constantly rock ing back and forth treid again later and it had stopped rocking and seemed OK so I whent round my kitchens and it felt strange like really spongy feeling I could bounce on my heels and it would flex back wards so the next day I got on it for my daily run and it felt OK for about 10 mins and then the spongy feeling was so I tried turning off and on a few times and through out the day it was coming and going so I was wondering if I could download the previous firmware to see if that gets rid of it has any one else had this problem or could it be something that needs changing in the app thanks
  8. Ha ha ha same thing happened to me when I thought ide take the kingsong for a spin after a few weeks on the z10 felt like ide gone back to day one
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