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  1. Just thought Id just share a video with some "buttock-Clenching" top Sherman speed runs because its April &... ( For your consternation and chastisement, of course).
  2. RayBanMonster

    EyeRide HUD

    * Battery runtime improvement & New feature discovery: ( usage: iPhone/WAZE app) * Battery issues largely improved after advice from Eye-lights. Surprisingly they advise only a 10W plug adapter as max since higher causes the issues I was having, namely that unit will cut off power early as indicate a full charge without actually being charged. This means, do not use high power plug units e.g. that drive Mobile phone charging like those high power adapters from apple. *After reconnecting after a full charge several times to ensure the thing was fully charged ( EyeRides recommends
  3. 100% about looking good, Im a knox guy.. its expensive.. but you do get what you pay for, and I was taught a Road Rash / hospitalised session ironically as I was awaiting my gear. Now wear the shirt and gloves in summer and see main pic for current winter wear ( Knox: gotta catch em all ). Been wearing this kit for a while now so will be looking to slowly upgrade, Blue looks great though, Many thanks for the tips 5c. BOOM ! Thank you so much for insight to your workflow that got this video, 5K radical upload seems to be a sweetspot here for YouTube algo because Dude, m not su
  4. Dude.. got to say.. great everything here... if I may some positive feedback & Questions. Love your dismount when you see children... Parents appreciate that.. I do that as standard.. nice play! and great manners "Thank you" Next up gear... 5C you're winning in the full kit-up..10/10 I cannot fault it if I tried. maximum protection and WINNING for style. That blue sport look is FUNDAMENTAL.. is that full Sport MBike great leathers? Ive had to take notes ! I'm all black.. great for winter in the UK but for the summer black perf... nice but clandestine. I love this blue look.
  5. RayBanMonster

    EyeRide HUD

    After some chat with cust services, so far ive managed to get rid of some side clutter by requesting the map using Siri. unit comes to life once you use a map device on the phone first and then close it down connect device and re-open it. . It then seems to know which device to auto use once wifi is connected (despite on iphone the actual app is not visibly launched until navigation mode. Without navi mode it needs to somehow know your favoured app. hence the above process "Hey Siri... Show me the map" unit then expands some display to remove some icon s and the furnit
  6. My point being Please don't see that as a condemnation. I fear your reaction was a negative response. Chillax. I am in ore or your contribution because it has value. Many thanks. My issue is in the minutiae. Do you believe that an RS19" is scientifically less in speed than a smaller wheel of a lower release date? The people are given to update. I think this therefore allows a level of of incongruity not akin to the original specifications. Now, it may just be, that wheels prior of smaller diameter can produce a great acceleration... but... overall top speed.. I
  7. Nope.. Im an advanced rider, & advanced user. I hope that has helped? Lets discuss it. Warmest regards
  8. Great thread.. nice people.. but Im not sure I agree with the headline maybe... (I may be wrong). Willing to follow and discuss.
  9. RayBanMonster

    EyeRide HUD

    My EyeRide Eyelights experience So ... Received my EyeRide (it was USED, small scratch and no covering EyeRide paper as seen in Sebas package.... so now I know I was right to complain) . The unit has speakers and headphone which are rubbish) I do not connect them. They came oddly volume imbalanced so had to request new ones). I kept the unit in the end, I accept working in hardware new items are actually many times used so.... Tricky set up.. because it uses Bluetooth (app configuration) and mainly WiFI for main functionality with the phone. so no WiFi without manual
  10. I only observe this behaviour with Darknessbot... but its important to note I dont use many other apps on the watch in the same extended manner much. Yes after adjustment, when raising my wrist to activate the screen, instead of the DB app showing up with dimmed (disconnected) data, intermittently, it always went to a live updated and connected DB app screen. PS Ive got my Eyerides Eyelights product coming in and cant wait to try out with DarknessBot. Ideally I could project the WATCH FACE presentation to the eye Hud device, I suspect it wont work from the watch but IOS phone only.
  11. Maan.. this year despite lockdown.. we got some wheels and we got many singular great videos thanks guys.. amazing. Big shout out to Watt Rides..Shane, Alien Rides, Afeez, Chooch.. I'll try to follow shortly, humbly. That said, So far, massive thanks to global contributions of Video 2020 to LA group ride with like +40 riders by Marty Becke... ( Dude is still the EUC king, my friends. I say special award for killing the Sherman up Shoot-Up hill. Proof, if you need it, that diligent astute attention to detail can influence the manufacturer. ). Closely followed by a couple of S
  12. 1. Bridgeboy got it right for older versions of Watch IOS, I notice I don't have that exact setting after upgrade on my watch. So after tinkering a little to extend non-return to watch face for 1 hour I went to 2. 2. I too had a similar problem despite the settings in Watch IOS on iPhone, where the display was not updating occasionally with slightly dimmed text and numbers (white). output... changing the setting <DONT SLEEP> in Dorknesbot application in iPhone solved this issue for me so now it updates and always shows active on wrist raise.
  13. Thank you for the reply... ABSOLUTELY LOVING the new watch app upgrades.. great surprise on my wrist this mornings ride.
  14. Have you noticed, my agitation got you speaking? Stuff all the videos before my quote. they have no Roll. ox. But I still love you... can you see this? Welcome to what I see is the best EUC forum on the planet. PS I absolutely think the sun shines out of any orifice Shane can produce. He is to me rock star quality. I care little that he perhaps dislikes me. feels like crap. but the content.. OMG. ! a bit like Marty weve come to lov and depend upon. . ?Thank you guys.. it means so much.
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