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  1. For those in the UK According to Surrey police, from article Elderly woman seriously injured after being knocked over by unicycle - "An electric cycle is a 'mechanically propelled vehicle', meaning anyone wishing to use them on the roads need to register with the DVLA, insure them, pay tax on them, hold a valid driving licence and wear a helmet. " Geez...
  2. I enjoyed this video, My only criticism is that one day, just one day my friend, you're going to face-plant.. and when you do you will regret not wearing protection, . get a helmet, protect that chin and teeth, knees wrists and elbows. One moment is a ll it takes...
  3. Yes I got this too Segway z10 sales Page EU (web page English, server location SPAIN) Availability: In stock Delivery time: 2-5 working days At this price.. I will not be interested in any purchase though direct from segway. I can buy it through my business removing the tax so real cost to me is £ 1499.17, but I think Ill take an MSX or Nikola Plus 100V either will be faster at 42mph & 37mphrespectively. I feel Ninebot segway have come to market too late with this same spec model not-refreshed for 2019.. its last years news, its too restricted at 49% battery and the unit is prone to circuit board blow outs( low voltage units tends to require high current spikes) I still think that the design is #1 I could cry for the looks of the z10... perfect for me.. BUT... in use.. 28mph bleeping?... nah Im a speed freak .. but ultimately.. the price £ 1800? I can pick them up direct from China for £ 1200... so NO Ninebot... just No!!
  4. Thanks for this informative modifier.. your "Kung Fui"is strong... I didn't factor the issues you raised, thanks
  5. France will ban electric scooters from pavements in September 2019
  6. Good, Exactly... there is a reason for the 100v machine.. My simplified belief is in the very simple equation P=IV.. given the same high level of current efficiency Id assume built into the circuitry for both machines ( anything else is a nonsensical spend apart from perhaps better connectivity between components), My assumption is that given the highest stable current support, clearly a high voltage machine is better if: You have a higher weight, favour higher speeds, arnt concerned about distance as much as these mentioned factors. I live in London.. its long angular road with 90 degree T junctions, hard and ultra fast acceleration/deceleration and a couple of causeways away from any glory you'd seek. As such the 84V is not for me, and there is a reason Gotway released this version.. they didn't do it for kicks. I value POWER, hard acceleration (and I'm a bit weighty at the moment. ( yeah .. I know.. fat b**) . therefore for me clearly the 100v is better suited to my needs given that I need acceleration for safety and to know high torque demand has a less chance of failure for my build.Gotway please be more transparent about what you produce! 100V it is... Id love the z10 but availability plus the fact that unit is a 58V machine with issues puts me off, I mean.. cmon now a 58v machine? when P=IV?, the current required /engineered into that unit must be reaching its limit given the silly voltage, & despite its "fantabulous"d design.. (looks wise a 100% winner against any gotway imho). That said a Gotway is proven to person accordingly, despite its design aesthetics.... [THE SUITCASE]... My problem is F#&*% me.. the Gotway is an ugly-fugly looking beast.. but if she delivers Ill overlook it... whilst eternally pimping its ass .
  7. Really enjoyed this Gotway MSuper X "to Work" ride from Jacopo Jacopo
  8. Nice analysis, thank you. My own belief is that the insurance wasn't even a factor in the reason they gave it back, they were always going to because the CPS hasn't any will or mandate or proper statute to prosecute such a case considering no major crime was involved. My thinking is that the insurance simply appeased the officers already giving it back, not the CPS who ultimately decide to prosecute these cases.
  9. Hey stephen Ive found an upgrade to that helmet. Nolan make them but have updated it to model N70 2G, now after some research.. turns out its cheap in feel and the better option is the sister companies version in the form of X-lite which is more refined. X-403-GT. Wow... better still theres a lightweight carbon version available. check it out 1.2KG Ill be buying one in the red/white combo.
  10. OK Calculators out Objective: what is the expected battery decline (or rate of battery charge expenditure for a given standardised distance for the z10? Is the rate of discharge really disproportionately higher at the higher unlock speeds? hmm. 1. Distance ? Start : 71.3 km END: 68.5 Km Therefore DISTANCE TRAVELLED= 2.8Km. 2. Battery drop for this distance? Av speed approx 47km/h batt% expended = START 80% Finish 76.5% Difference =3.5% drop per 2.8Km of travel ie 1.25% for every km ie the battery will drop 1% for every 0.8K m 3. How does this battery drop compare to expected? assuming 20% charge = your walk home the z10 battery discharges from 100-20% ie 80 % units of usable power if each % gives 0.8KM travel then 80 units provides 80* 0.8= 64km max range (39miles) Using these rough calculations it appears your z10 is doing well at the higher speeds and isn't over taxing the battery. But more at play is clearly going on because I dont know any rider who gets 64KM out of one z10 charge? Maybe someone can improve my assumptions and run a better calculation flow but to me, the z10 is behaving better than expected at higher unlock speeds . Now, heres the thing... I dont know why Ninebot decided to provide only 58 or so Volts to this machine as opposed to higher voltage, Furthermore you've got to ask yourself, why would a company in competition with Gotway restrict the availability of the unit to EU & US? ? hmmm FOR NOW... I would add one caution. Ninebot has bad reliability issues out-of-the-box, they have been slow to release EU and US product of the Z10 /Z6 when it is a popular product... hmmm... and the only reason I can think of for doing that from a progressive and sales aggressive company is issues with the unit. Perhaps overtime the higher current demands may cause circuit component damage?... the very problem that seems to be reported a lot requiring new replacement board? Conclusion: use the unlock, by a spare controller board and be prepared to have to change it. :-) hmmm.
  11. Thats ridiculous.. but they do have the power to seize. The act under which they took it it seems to infer that they believe the vehicle should be licensed. Thats your angle. Take your home insurance docs and go there loaded with information as per what others are saying. If it was me I'd have been so sure that I "didn't see or hear the office"through my helmet and, simply used maximum acceleration and turns to get away. I had my new Lotus confiscated in London by an officer but that was for import Tax I foolishly answered incorrectly. Once bitten... NEVER again.
  12. Jacopo Jacopo release a good M Super X work commute video.. check it out
  13. Ninebot exiting EUC market? Where did you hear this? I find it hard to believe a forward looking company would exit this early stage market after gearing up for imminent EU launch... doesnt make sense at all.. as such Id distrust such commentary... unless you can provide a legitimate source maybe?
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