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  1. Healing nicely from Nik +  overlean faceplant  from which I've learned better that EUC summed capabilities abilities are in fact  a persistently moving target.


  2. Topical.. Good Review of the Msuper "Pro"
  3. Please note My Gotway 1245 100v is now connecting (thnk you) but showing Voltage as 67v.( this is a 100v wheel). Any ideas ? ------------------------------------------- Update received response via email: Hello, Paul! Please, set voltage in app settings at 100v. In DarknessBot -> Settings/Device/Voltage You should be connecting to msx while doing it. Best regards, Alla Shkolnik DarknessBot design & tech support ------------------------------------------------- Thank you guys
  4. Hi December11 ( Thanks) 1.Yes empty Tiles (with spinners). on IOS 13.3 had this since I cleared out trips files because I didn't know how to start a new trip. Ill try a new trip and see if the data starts to save it. Am I right in thinking, iPhone screen lock shouldn't break the link? 2. thank you. fix acknowledged in new updates for 1000v MSX connection 3. ok understood, so apple WatchOS 2.2 is supported (perhaps I could put the older watch on a lanyard then because as I understand, latest watches need skin contact to register it as on and active I think.. I may be wrong).
  5. A VIDEO LIBRARY with Ratings and classifications (wheel/group ride type/ event type/ etc) A thread to me is a rather archaic way of referencing video is it not?
  6. This is exactly one of my issues. Heres a summary of three issues I d love to hear others about solving if possible guys n gals 1. Nikola Plus: Iphone + Darknessbot doesn't seem to log anything after my phone is in my pocket and the screen eventually locks. upon opening the app post ride, the unit is disconnected and nothing is logged? 2. MSX 100v 1245Whr: Upon connection attempt it identifies MSX as incompatible Hardware. (It had connected previously). Any fixes? 3. What alternative options are there to view speed etc on a watch other than an Apple Watch.? (I cant see myself spending that cash on latest watch which wont touch my skin during rides and may be damaged easily if i face-plant.. any alternatives for iPhone connection or direct wheel connection guys? Is Darkness bot backward compatible with older apple watches? Any solutions for the above issues greatly appreciated Riders. Warmest regards Paul
  7. Yeah Nic good video, seems basically saying similar things.. the asymmetry of stance under load seems key to blocking the wheels wobble characteristic. (which is basically cyclical left right tyre deformation and spring back recovery). Some seem to use slightly different techniques to achieve the same ends...
  8. Excellent analogy.. just back from more practice... when you lock in the distribution right.. there is immediate calm under intense acceleration and braking..., nice one Aneta, that analogy is even better.. . Happy cruising!
  9. Heres my experimental observation on killing the wobbles 100% to succinctly advise what worked for me. As you look down onto your wheel the axis of rotation runs left to right. if your positioning is evenly distributed along that axis, even both feet slightly forward or backward (because the pedals arent that long on most unicycles..).. you're going to get the wobbles often because at this positioning there is in fact less counter energy used to offset and kill the wobble, especially for those with undeveloped muscular tone /knowledge of this dextrous application of energy. However...after deep thinking & experimentation I realised that if you position one foot north of the axis and the other foot south of the axis, this has an effect of fighting much better the induced wobbles particularly under braking, because body weight not musculature offsets the wobbles and kills it stone cold dead before its induced to a destabilising amplitude.. ( yeah when your heart feels a face-plant is long overdue...) I just spent hard hour trying to understand this as both my wheels under modified tyre pressures largely behaved the same with wobbles..... hmmm. Now I can accelerate and decelerate and I plant my left foot largely distributing weight to its heel (planted and flat) my right dominant foot however typically positions my weight on the ball of the foot, ie consciously further forward weight distribution. This has 100% killed the wobbles & now I have confidence to go a little faster and brake a little harder. When i get the wobbles it is a reminder that my weight distribution & thus feet positioning isnt optimal in killing the wobbles at source Hope this helps other New riders no doubt perplexed by this newbie experience like I was today.
  10. They are unfortunately but Im all in on getting full protection before I ride my wheels that arrived today yay! Remember they are cheaper on eBay. and if like me you plan to also ride a motorbike in the near future... it expands its usefulness.
  11. The Knox Handroid Pod version IV now come with Microlock underneath the scaphoid protection system which is equivalent to D30 in the flexmetre, which distributes impact forces better across the wrist as well as absorbs energy when it hardens upon contact. Knox Handroid Pod version IV also have finger tips for mobiles. Minor observations on non EUC crashes at speed high and low: After a recent accident on a bike where I flew off the handlebars at around 15mph the issue wasn't the wrist on landing at all... it was my fingers that got cut up on the road and a shoulder injury on a badly but welcome execution of a forward roll. After that I realised I want full fingers protected from the road. Ive ridden and fallen off many bikes all my life... I have never suffered a wrist injury (an interesting (OK not 100% relatable) observation ). Wrist injuries I have suffered have been at the slowest speeds (falling backwards form vertical), which is an interesting consideration for me...
  12. For those in the UK According to Surrey police, from article Elderly woman seriously injured after being knocked over by unicycle - "An electric cycle is a 'mechanically propelled vehicle', meaning anyone wishing to use them on the roads need to register with the DVLA, insure them, pay tax on them, hold a valid driving licence and wear a helmet. " Geez...
  13. I enjoyed this video, My only criticism is that one day, just one day my friend, you're going to face-plant.. and when you do you will regret not wearing protection, . get a helmet, protect that chin and teeth, knees wrists and elbows. One moment is a ll it takes...
  14. Yes I got this too Segway z10 sales Page EU (web page English, server location SPAIN) Availability: In stock Delivery time: 2-5 working days At this price.. I will not be interested in any purchase though direct from segway. I can buy it through my business removing the tax so real cost to me is £ 1499.17, but I think Ill take an MSX or Nikola Plus 100V either will be faster at 42mph & 37mphrespectively. I feel Ninebot segway have come to market too late with this same spec model not-refreshed for 2019.. its last years news, its too restricted at 49% battery and the unit is prone to circuit board blow outs( low voltage units tends to require high current spikes) I still think that the design is #1 I could cry for the looks of the z10... perfect for me.. BUT... in use.. 28mph bleeping?... nah Im a speed freak .. but ultimately.. the price £ 1800? I can pick them up direct from China for £ 1200... so NO Ninebot... just No!!
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