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  1. In my experience the wobbles are caused by weight placement, so when riding Nikola plus, I ride low pressure and weight placement is very important To keep it planted whichever foot has most pressure to the front and side, the other must be heavily weighted to the rear. The problem with this comes under soft mode acceleration, which means a lot of lean, which means higher potential to faceplant (or if Pro roll-off) if you misjudge or fail to maintain that relative foot positioning. Pro tip: Its an improvement I found to keep both feet in the same position but be able to switch weight distribution in opposite sides when required, this improves dexterity and confidence with the wheel over time, and allows muscular rest on-the-go. Cause: When the feet are parallel along the wheel axis , there is less human force capable of controlling bump or displacement issues which cause the wheel to oscillate just enough repeatedly widening, until forces are met enough to initiate a recovery phase/reversal tightening and a cessation of the motion. This tyre pressure & weight sensitive behaviour causes a cone of osculation about the axis at each pedal outer edge if you were to trace and track it in slow motion, it is a function of physics of Pneumatic wheels, exacerbated by weight distribution and forces capable of cancelling the oscillatory motion. Therefore to stop this behaviour and arrest the oscillation we need to address the predictable cone pattern of motion... by shifting weight outward for better leverage and perhaps to the rear hard on opposite side to arrest the osculation at source since itll have to overcome your mass more. Summary: Your weight distribution can easily address these wobbles, if you pay attention to how youre distributing it as you go. Hope that was helpful. Paul
  2. It’s odd, the second fastest wheel is utterly silent in the community
  3. Lost my MSX into a river tonight...a slight trip on Sandy rubbish, got up and discovered my MSX glowing in the deep. 

    Almost went in after it, but realised I wouldn’t ride it at 35mph after dry out from silt. 

    I also lost one iPhone ear unit in my rushed need for air after date of MSX... not the best day, but time for high speed MSPro. Lol

  4. Epic watch... epic information. No data" left off the table" with that stress test Marty, taking that wheel down must have been a P.I.T.A. Many thanks for that... Leaperkim ( V.Sherman manufacturers) must, & Im sure will respond with a board revision. Still utterly thank full for this wheel though.
  5. Veteran Sherman... NEW UPDATES Great News.. Sounds they're really listening because I told them all these things in the video and was waiting before I placed a business order. So end of this month/next Ill be buying a small batch, maybe first run x5 units to the UK.... ( Let me know if interested in this potential drop by PM guys to reserve if youd like. Regards)
  6. Hahaa I like hi speed cruising but my style means I always dismount in parks and walk the wheel when I see toddlers with my face visible and a smile on it so they're not threatened...( Parents notice that!). Man those guys are crazy that Sherman is heavy and if they come off at speed its a missile... instant death to even an adult if it catches someone on a bounce in a Park... I red that crew the Riot act on YouTube for that... let alone the lack of adequate protection at those speeds, I mean would folk really ride a motorcycle at those speeds in a Park past people pushing Prams? Wreckless indeed.
  7. It was a mistake, that's why it doesn't make sense, apologies. I used the space lazily as a cut and paste silo Marty... & Mike. Iam not going anywhere. I love EUCs. I dislike fake traders who think they can trade bitcoin like its a real currency... That was the issue for most of the cut guys. Sorry... that doesn't belong on this site but... it got responses... so...
  8. It was a mistake guys chill out please, i used the space as a cut and paste silo whilst surfing other sites... thats why it doesnt make sense as a whole. Paul YouTube: DEFACTO
  9. This was an error to post here.. it was for something else.. apologies erk1024.. Im not leaving EUC world. its actually two different posts in one, that's why it doesn't make any sense. lol I clearly hit post when I wanted to close the space I was using the website as a quick cut and paste storage bank I work off seven screens, huge apologies everyone
  10. oops ignore This was a cut and paste silo ( I should stop doing that with spare space. accidentally posted whilst leaving a money site and surfing the web. with disdain at excessive speed EUC content discussed elsewhere... please ignore.. Im not going anywhere :-) Stuff happens
  11. Veteran Sherman by Jacopo, representing the EU. "Push it baby!"... My next wheel no doubt Two videos.. both teasers... Enjoy folks.
  12. Yep Iam the same.. I DISMOUNT AS SOON AS I SEE A TODDLER IN MY PATH... PERIOD... The toddler doesnt see me, but the PARENTS absolutely do... dont terrorise esp in a park... DISMOUT GUYS.. save that shit for the road please. Other takeaways: SMILE SMILE SMILE , pull down your visor and smile and throw the thumbs up... to youngesters in awe! else youll be percieved as a big bad threat and they may dream badly of you... and thus us. (this is real guys.. we look like cartoon comic bad folk if not smiling.. its menacing... although badass!) . Acknowledge people that enquire about the wheel kindly and with enthusiam... dont fob them off like a jerk too busy... IN A PARK PEOPLE NOT US SHOULD HAVE WAY... BEHAVE ACCORDINGLY. IT BRINGS TREMENDOUS RESPECT BACK AND IT COSTS NOTHNG BUT A FEW SECONDS OR MAX TWO MINUTES SAVING YR BATTERY... c'mon!..
  13. HoJ This explains a lot, thanks.. that he was that heavy is already over recommended specification at 120kg... (he must be super tall then) plus he was leaning with all that weight... and I agree he was always going to fall with that weight after watching the video again more carefully.... Personally I used to ride soft and medium on MSX but now favour hard mode because I dislike leaning (it dumped me after acceleration wobble on super hard lean), so much lack of control on a deep lean... feels so much better to accelerate with small er but upright input. The wheel is definitely now in favour as my next purchase beyond MSpro [Hi-Speed]variant as I already have an MSX 100v and surprisingly.. still so few videos on the MSP hi-speed. Gotway dropped the ball competitively with MSPro variants.. No wonder these guys broke away. PS thanks for your Sherman teardown.. still reading that.
  14. exactly.. no way is he 127Kg That said I dont think the weight of the wheel should be included in any calculation if that was the intention.... What I think has happened is that the rider has intentionally dipped the wheel and over-leaned it to such an extent the wheel cut out as designed But all the same.. that should not happen. Kuji Rolls also mentioned that on lean and brake the wheel has a tendency to dip. Perhaps the solution to this is to put it on hard mode so its more responsive rather than to emphasise leaning on the soft mode? We have to see.. But it looks like a fabulous wheel (for me save the off-road tyre... that cannot be good for cornering grip)
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