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    Aerial and ground photography. FAA certified drone pilot. loveS EUC!
  1. Maurice Kealoha Sallave

    ninebot one (c/e) cooling/handle mods.

    Hi enaon! Great mod! I just recently purchased a ninebot C+ and love it so far, I had a couple of spills but were faults of my own. I'm interested in trying to do this mod to my wheel and was wondering how you mounted the copper tubing? Is it resting on the heat sink, how did you add in the thermal paste, did you get rounded cornered copper tubes for the ends, and how big is the hole? I'm studying your mod at work so when get home I have an idea of what do and get. Thanks for doing and any advice.
  2. Maurice Kealoha Sallave

    Causes of your accidents

    Just recently got a ninebot one C+. Took me about an hour to learn how to ride and actually be confident about riding around in public places. I've heard about accidents in the past and ways to avoid them, but learned about respecting the "beep" the hard way. With a couple of push backs on the wheel after hitting 15 or 12mph a couple of times. I remembered my last push back that slowed my wheel down to at 6mph. Being to comfortable with the wheel and pushing limits, the wheel shut down at around 8mph. Luckily I wore wrist guards and knee pads that broke my fall, and only suffered minor scrapes on my elbows. Lesson learned but wish the beep was a little louder, but I should have known from the push back of the wheel.