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  1. 1000 miles in. Can't wait to see how much better I am after the next 1,000.
  2. Can anyone confirm that 60kmph new max speed?
  3. Agree with all of these downsides.
  4. The hottest temp I've ridden around in is 85F so far and it wasn't too bad. The wind in your face definitely helps keep cool and the TSG vents well. Another benefit of a full face helmet with a visor like the TSG is that the visor is a godsend for keeping dust, pollen, and bugs out of your face.
  5. If you are considering a full face I highly recommend the TSG Pass. It's not only the best looking, imo, but the field of view is virtually unobstructed, the helmet is very aerodynamic, and its really comfortable.
  6. The Triple 8 is a nice helmet for the price. It's comfy and good for multiple impacts. I use that same helmet when I'm not using my full face.
  7. I can shed a bit of light as to what happened with the Segway lawsuits. According to the last filing I was able to locate, it appears that the lawsuits were stayed pending final determination of an ITC (International Trade Court) investigation. The court order directs the parties to notify the court once the ITC proceedings have been resolved so that the cases may be reopened. When I looked, no subsequent filings had been made, therefore I assume that the ITC proceedings are still ongoing.
  8. With regards to losing LED function, the problem is not as simple as activating spectrum. Activating spectrum does temporarily reactivate the lights, but the lights will deactivate after about 30 seconds. I was not able to keep the LED lights on when I experienced that bug.
  9. I uninstalled the new app and then installed 1.7 as its replacement. By doing that, I was able to restore functionality to the battery display so that it no longer always displayed 100%. Since I installed 1.7, I noticed that my pedal settings are much more responsive and feel more intuitive. It also restored functionality to the color led lights which were deactivating after about 30 seconds with the new app.
  10. @seage - Get the 1.7 app here: https://images.ewheels.com/KSv1.6.apk
  11. I had the same connectivity issues and battery display bug as you with the 3.09 app. I recommend uninstalling that version of the Kingsong app and installing 1.07. That fixed most of my problems. I still have problems occasionally connecting to the 1.07 KS app and Wheellog. As for your riding problems, I recommend focusing on relaxing. IMHO riding an euc is more mental than it is physical. Put on some good music and just focus on going at a speed that you are comfortable at and carve back and forth. Then as you start to get in a rhythm, pick up your pace a bit and try to maintain the sped up pace until you are comfortable. Rinse and repeat. Even if all you do is increase your speed by 1mph per day, you'll be going 31 within a month Focus on staying loose with your body. Virtually all of my falls/crashes have been because I froze or was too tense. If you are burning out your legs it means that you are trying to manipulate the wheel with your foot muscles. Think about rooting your foot to the pedal and then using your hips to turn. Form over speed. It's better to go slow with good form than bad with bad form. This is true for pretty much all sports. It sounds like you are pushing yourself trying to keep up and as a result you are tensing up, not enjoying your ride, which is putting you a negative mental state when you ride. It's all mental bro. You just need to focus on getting yourself some small victories to boost your confidence and just slowly build. Don't give up, the 18XL is such an awesome wheel. It will be worth it once you find your groove. Just remember to enjoy the ride and embrace the challenge!
  12. FYI make sure you download version 1.7. That's the version that fixed everything for me. Version 5.0 does not work. No idea about any of the versions between 1.7 and 5.0.
  13. Nevermind. I found it on the Ewheels website. I uninstalled the new app and installed the old one. Fixed all my problems. Thanks @KAY GEE!
  14. Where do you download the old app? I have android and can't find the old version to download.
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