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  1. Imo dancing is mostly about moving to the beat of the music rather than specific moves. A good place to start is moving your feet to the music. You can practice that by carving to the beat.
  2. You can close the footpads if you line the pads up to where they are far behind center. When you do it that way, the back of your shoe ends up gripping the back of the pad. It's doable and you still get some grip, but having it centered is way better imo. you could also remove the stock pads from the top of the EUC to allow you to position the pads higher up. However if you do that it becomes much harder to generate lift with your foot since the pad rests much higher on the wheel.
  3. I have these for my 18XL. They are quality pads. The padding is thick and dense. I have readjusted my pads 3 times and the pads show no sign of tearing. The only issue is that when properly fitted, the pads don't allow the footplates to close all the way. I had an EUC stand that I bought from Duf and i am no longer able to use the stand due to the footplates not closing. Still worth it though. The pads ship from China and arrived 10 days from date of order.
  4. Woah.. So with this adapter you can charge your wheel at a Tesla charging station? Have you seen this done successfully before?
  5. You're right. It's definitely 3 feet, not 6 feet. Sorry about that. No idea why I wrote 6 foot
  6. I have this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B085HTFMDT/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I'm really happy with it so far. The tripod attachment is has a locking mechanism and is also removable.
  7. So my understanding is that you need to have the camera in line with the selfie stick so that the selfie stick stays in the stitch line and out of the video. However, I'm a little unclear as to what angle to hold the selfie stick relative to the shot I want to capture. For example, if my goal is to shoot video of myself when riding, should I try to angle one of the lenses towards me to minimize distortion? In other words, is there an optimal position of the lens to minimize distortion (curving)?
  8. I've been filming with a newly acquired GoPro Max on a 6 ft selfie stick but haven't figured out the optimal angle to hold the stick. Can anyone provide any tips for what technique/angle they find gives the best result?
  9. I'm not surprised given the specs on it. Adding suspension should improve ride quality at the cost of responsiveness. I'm digging that wheel manufacturers are moving away from the disco lights and going towards more of a "vehicular" motif.
  10. I got about 35ish miles out of my 18XL going at around the same speeds. That was running it basically to empty. If the MSP can hit 40 mph safely and has better low-end than the MSX, I think that makes it a very enticing wheel.
  11. As someone who often gives/receives high-fives while riding, here's my tip: If you ride in the U.S., chances are the person you are high-fiving will be on your left side. If you are on your EUC, then your high-five will be travelling at least as fast as you are moving. Therefore, I like to turn my left shoulder slightly forward in preparation as you will likely need to counter lean a bit towards the right to keep yourself from being knocked off balance. It also helps to actively swing your arm forwards while keeping your hand limp. You want your hand limp to minimize the force of the impact. You want to swing your arm forwards because if you keep your arm extended to your side, you are already at the maximum range of movement of your arm which means that your body will turn to the left when make impact. If your arms are a bit forward with your hand limp, it allows more give so that your body doesn't absorb the force and turn. I love high-fiving other people as it helps spread the stoke!
  12. My buddy just upgraded to a Nikola from the V8. I'll ask him if he's interested in selling. We're both in DFW. The V8 is a great starter wheel
  13. The pedal tilting is definitely more active in the 2.00 update. The tilting is consistent and predictable imo, which has made adjusting to it a fairly easy process. Imo, once you get used to it, it feels very intuitive and enhances the riding experience. The pedal tilting makes sense because the sharper the turn, the less likely you are to be going fast.
  14. is 47mph a new record? How is that MSX spec'd?
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