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  1. I could not update to 1.2.1 on my Pixel 4A. I tried clearing the cache and storage. I tried about 30 times throughout the day to no avail. It updated perfectly the first time I tried using an Iphone.
  2. Just tried clearing the cache and data but no go. My V11 seems to be really finicky with the bluetooth connection as well.
  3. I just got my V11 and am having the same issue. My guess is that many people received their V11 and are trying to update at the same time so maybe the server is overloaded?
  4. Are you only considering local? If not I'd be willing to ship mine.
  5. V11 hands down for trail riding. The suspension makes a HUGE difference on uneven terrain. RS has more power but imo it is extremely rare to go over 30mph on an offroad trail. It's way safer and easier to ride that speed on an offroad trial if you have suspension. RS is better for faster or more aggressive street riding. Probably easier to service too.
  6. Respectfully, the analogy to a moped, motorcycle, or car is inappropriate imo as the reason most people don't ride at the limits is because of speed limits on public roads and poor handling at higher speeds. No one watches their speed on the above-mentioned vehicles out of fear that the vehicle will shut off on them, which is what we're talking about here. My tiltback and alarms are set at 31mph for my 18XL and I've never had my 18XL cut off on me at due to going too fast because the tilt back is prominent enough that it forces you to slowdown. @Unventor since you have or had a 18L, can you
  7. My 18XL had pretty harsh tilt back until a firmware update fixed it. I've been startled by it and was also worried that it could cause a wreck, but I've never actually wrecked or almost wrecked because of the tilt back. I just hope that the V11 tiltback is similar to what Kingsong has now as I think that system works really well.
  8. Has anyone actually crashed as a result of tiltback at high speeds? I know I see people complain about it all the time and it used to be really bad on my KS18XL but I can't recall anyone actually reporting that tiltback caused a wreck.
  9. This unfortunate event seems like a good opportunity for Inmotion to make the V11 even safer through the upcoming Inmotion watch. Therefore would is be possible to: sync the watch with headphones to output the warning beeps to the headphones? have the watch emit some sort of warning, either vibration or visual, when conditions are nearing a shutoff (like in this case) display some sort of reading on the watch that would let the wearer know what % of the available voltage is being used?
  10. Imo the tilt should lessen the power needed to balance the wheel (i.e. the more the pedals tilt back, the less you can lean forward past the center of gravity).
  11. This is extremely concerning for me as I also ride around the limit of my current wheel, 18XL, and have a V11 coming soon (Ewheels batch 3b). Please keep us updated as to how Inmotion/Ewheels handle the problem. It seems like most people are disregarding this failure as something to be expected, but I don't see it that way. Inmotion is supposed to be the "safe" wheel. From my experience, the power delivery of the V11 seems more timid than the 18XL and I'm ok with that if it's tuned that way to prevent cutouts. However, if the wheel is cutting out at speed even WITH timid acceleration ...
  12. I wonder if he got kph and mph confused
  13. I'm basing this on my own experiences on my 18XL as I drained the battery riding continuously for about 35 miles with an average speed of 20mph. You are claiming to average almost 50% higher speed and getting almost double the range. Not to mention that riding at ~28mph means that you aren't stopping for stop lights, making turns, or essentially slowing down at all ....over 60 miles.
  14. I'm going to go ahead and call bs on 60 miles of 28 mph average
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