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  1. Jonesq

    The Mileage Poll

    The poll forces you to select an option for question number 4. However, question number 4 is only applicable who commute.
  2. I'm also impressed with the way they are handling this issue. While I'd prefer to receive the updated model, I get that they are a business and probably need to deplete their current stock first before starting on the new batch. Based on their customer service, I'd still recommend these gloves as they are way more comfortable than your standard wrist guard. There is no ETA for the new production run currently according to the customer service rep. This was their response when I asked them when the new production run was projected to begin: "Unfortunately there's just too many factors at play to be able to project that yet. I couldn't even narrow it down to weeks or months for you at this point."
  3. While I'm not happy with the horrible stitching, I am impressed with their customer service. I've copy and pasted Flatland3d's latest response to my e-mail notifying them that the second pair they sent me was defective: So sorry about that. That's really bad luck that it would happen the same way again. This is a known defect affecting a small percentage of gloves from this production batch. Future batches will be double reinforced in that area to prevent this type of failure. But that fix won't be in place until the next production run. In the meantime, our only recourse is to continue to honor our warranty and send a replacement. It's unlikely that you'd get another one with a bad stitch, but it is possible. Let me know if you're ok with another replacement, and we'll get that going right away.
  4. Update - My new right glove ripped in exactly the same way when I tried to put the gloves on. The glove literally ripped the first time I put in on my hand.
  5. Jonesq

    Try My Best to Help Our INMOTION Fans

    Jason can you please advise on if Inmotion plans to fix their app for purchasing light patterns? Currently it is possible to spend lecoin to purchase light patterns but the purchased light patterns are not available to load to the wheel.
  6. Of course. You can either flip up the reflective visor or you can switch it out with a clear visor.
  7. I have a pair of these as well. I haven't taken any falls yet so I can't attest to the effectiveness of the sliders and wrist guard. They have a unidirectional wrist guard that allows your wrist to bend in but not out. The quality of the stitching was really poor on my first pair. The stitching ripped between the wrist fabric and the thumb fabric causing separate. Luckily I brought the issue up with Flatland3d and they agreed to send me a new pair. I have seen another person post about the exact same defect in another forum. Other than the fabric ripping, I do enjoy the gloves as they allow much more freedom of movement with my hands and are very easy to put on. IMG_20190201_085752.pdf IMG_20190201_085800.pdf
  8. Jonesq

    Larger pedals for my V8

    I can attest to the v10 pedals from Ewheels fitting on the v8. If you buy them from Ewheels, it comes with spacers that you can use to make sure your pedals don't flop around. The upgrade in comfort and control for me was substantial and worth the price, imo.
  9. Jonesq

    Sharing and downloading of DIY light effects

    I redeemed my coins and purchased light patterns but they are not showing up as selectable options to transmit under the lighting options.
  10. Jonesq

    [USA] Dallas, TX

    Sweet! What wheel did you get?
  11. Jonesq

    Sharing and downloading of DIY light effects

    Where in the app do you go to buy the DIY lights?
  12. Just installed my new v10 pedals on my v8. Installation took a bit of effort since the screws that hold the metal rod in place are hard to take out and put in. WD40 made the job much easier and I probably would have saved a lot of time if I had utilized it earlier. The new pedals are so awesome. While I think that $120 is expensive for pedals, the improvement in comfort is worth it. Turning radius is still tight and the bigger pedals tilt up slightly when fully extended which I believe helps keep the pedals from scraping. If the larger pedals increase the chance of pedal scrape, it is by a negligible amount, especially considering the increase in comfort. I received my pedals in 2 days and Jason was readily available to walk me through my minor issue with tightening the pedals. Highly recommend this upgrade for anyone with a v8.
  13. Jonesq

    [USA] Dallas, TX

    I'll be at Critical Mass this Friday with another fellow EUCer. Ride meet up is at 7:30 PM at the Dallas Farmers Market. We ride out at 8 PM.
  14. Jonesq

    [USA] Dallas, TX

    Arbor Hills is fun but as you said gets crowded. My favorite trail to ride is is White Rock lake. The path around the lake is around 10 miles and you can take the Santa Fe trail into downtown Dallas. I live next to Oak Point Nature Preserve in Plano which has some nice trails as well. It's not as pretty as White Rock or Arbor Hills but its way less crowded and there is plenty of trail to ride. The most fun ride would be Critical Mass which is a mass bike ride every last Friday of the month. It's a group of usually over 100 people that ride at a slow to moderate pace through downtown Dallas and end up at a bar.
  15. Jonesq

    WheelLog Android App

    Are there any plans for a WearOS version of the app?