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  1. Moving to San Diego in a week. Looking for EUC riders in SD!
  2. We’re having a group ride tomorrow at the Gas Works Park. Meeting up at 1130 tomorrow and riding out at noon. Anyone is welcome to join us.
  3. I have a set of this in new condition, I wore it twice. It keeps you very warm and perfect for winter snowboarding or skiing. I bought it for EUC riding last winter. Size small. Asking $250 for the set. You’re also welcome to buy them separately. $150 for top and $100 for the bottom. I’ll cover shipping.
  4. I agree with you 100%. I also started a group a while back and realized that it’s not going to work. Joining an established group is better. As long as everyone get along and look out for each other, then there’s no need to have another group for the same purpose. I am already a part of 3 different groups and they meet up weekly.
  5. So now that i’m getting the hang of riding my KS18XL. My ninebot e+ doesn’t feel as enjoyable to ride anymore. Does anyone else feel that way? It’s mainly because it just doesn’t absorb the shocks and the bumps as well as the bigger wheel. Clearance on it is lower, so it’s easier to scrape the ground. Of course there’s the speed limit. Is this common for most people that have more than one wheel? So my thought is that it would be pointless to own a second or third wheel if u just want to ride one particular wheel most if not all the time.
  6. Hey there! And welcome, I was practicing tricks with a friend at Cal Anderson Park about 3 weeks ago. Altho he goes there frequently. Let’s get together for a ride sometime. He’s in Capital Hill and i’m in Central district.
  7. Are you guys part of the Seattle e rider group on fb?
  8. Does anyone know if this charger on eBay would work as a second charger?
  9. My KS18XL is coming in about 1-2 weeks. How many of these 3d prints should I have ready for the brass on the KS18XL?
  10. JSUN


    Do you know if we’re getting a tracking number when it’s shipped out?
  11. JSUN


    Just got your email this morning, thank you for the update. I have no issues with the delay
  12. JSUN


    Does anyone know when eWheel is shipping out their KS18XL? Do they send out tracking number? Has anyone talked to Jason lately? I sent him an email last week, but haven’t heard back from him yet.
  13. I tried to order one a couple days ago and found out that they don’t.
  14. I’m having a hard time deciding which wheel to get next. Between the KS18XL and MSX. i’ve read that KS18XL’s mud guard is ineffective and that the screws holding the side covers are not solidly placed, therefore you have to fixed them for the long term. MSX shorter ride per charge than KS18XL. You can add a sit and mudguard to, KS18XL, there is no seat
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