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  1. In the end they did replace the board but without any explanation of why this happened. Despite that they wouldn’t cover it under warranty which I find very disappointing. What I don’t understand is why the board had to be replaced when they initially said the fuse blew which of course should have protected the board. anyway I have the wheel back now and all seems well but as you might imagine I’m way more hesitant to go above a slow running speed. thanks for all the advice.
  2. @houseofjob mine is a solowheel Glide 3. Is that also ancient? I didn’t realize this was considered an old wheel. What is considered a premium wheel these days? I’m certainly very nervous about continuing to ride a machine that might decide to cutout again.
  3. Apologies for the delay. I figured I would get an email notification when there was a reply to my post. i only had a light jacket on which got a few rips but think I got really lucky that it happened at way less than top speed and on pretty flat pavement. I sent the wheel back for repair and long story short they don’t know why the unit cut out. The circuit fuse blew but they don’t know if that happened as a result of the crash or something else that then caused the crash. This has left me very nervous about riding again. they put a new circuit board in and fixed the damaged she
  4. I’ve had a Solowheel for several months and use it to get between buildings I work in in Seattle. A few nights ago I went on a 5mile journey and right before I got to my destination it suddenly shutoff causing me to face plant. Luckily I wasn’t going full speed but I’m shocked that there is any possibility of these devices doing such a thing. I can’t find any other posts of this happening to others so I’m a bit mystified. The best theory I have is damage from water spray but all the manual says is don’t ride in heavy rain. The streets I rode on were still damp from earlier rain but nothing lik
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