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  1. No misleading here. It’s not an official Gotway product available to the masses. Ewheels likely sells the most MSXs out of anyone and is gotways biggest vendor, and due to volume of sales Jason is able to request modifications done just for us even though it’s not officially available for everyone. This is different from aliexpress because the vendors themselves are making the modifications. We are making no modifications, we have 4 employees only and none of us modify or add battery packs to any from factory wheels. It’s not official Gotway but trust me this MSX comes to us from Gotway with battery pack added along with bms. Ewheels has no link to aliexpress what so ever.
  2. quick update, went with predator DH6x. Happy with my choice.
  3. Great video Jimmy. This honestly has been one of the very few reports of this, I would say it's extremely uncommon. You can have leaves and stick in there, but not something to this extent. You should have no issues with this normally, I believe it was just a rare coincidence of a rock just going at the correct angle to get lodged in there. On your other EUC, this is even more unlikely due to the larger clearance between the the shell and tire.
  4. There's always something better on the horizon... But if you wait, you'll always be waiting for the next best thing. Based on your riding style I'd say go for the 1860 wh MSX, shipping now This would also be my wheel of choice.
  5. Anyone have issues with their speakers on the v3 Monster? As in bluetooth not being detected at all for the speakers and speakers not working. As a bonus, the start up sound is gone when this is the case. But still, gotway needs to improve their QA.
  6. MSX page at ewheels updated https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-gotway-msuper-x-msx-1600wh-battery-2000w-motor/
  7. Well not sure if @chrisjunlee will be giving an update of what happened with his shoei helmet, but I'm still debating. Instead of starting a new thread, thought I'd just post here since this is pretty close to what I was gonna ask. I'm deciding between a predator DH6x and a moto helmet, the TSG pass is out of stock in size medium everywhere so that's out of the question. Here's some helmets I'm considering and their weights. The Pedator DH6x is lightest full face helmet in the world. The regular version is 900g, carbon version is 875g. TSG pass is 1020g, and tsg pass pro is 930g. A motorcycle helmet like Shoe rf 1200 is 1608g, a lighter one like the carbon scorpion EXO 1400 is 1500g. Predator DH6x: Price is $450 for carbon, $385 for regular. Certified to skate and Bike standards http://www.predatorhelmets.com/dh6-x/ Scorpion EXO 1400 moto helmet: $400, certified to DOT standard, and ECE https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/scorpion-exo-st1400-carbon-helmet Shoe RF 1200: $400-500 depending on color scheme, this one I like is $430. Certified to the toughest SNELL standard, however as I research more I'm discovering SNELL would actually cause more harm at all but the highest speed crashes. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/shoei-rf-1200-trooper-helmet And here's a pic of the predator DH6x vs tsg pass (not mine obviously...found it on fb)
  8. Too many variables in range, if someone asks me I tell them of the general 20-30 wh/mile, and it can potentially be even higher than that. Best way is just to test it yourself. This MSX will have the most range vs other MSXs we have, that’s the only definitive range claim I can make.
  9. just keep both For times when you want to ride 35 mph , you need the Nik+
  10. There should be more. Demand for these has been fairly high.
  11. For battery protection & safety, the Gotway Engineers do not think it’s a good idea to daisy chain additional packs without a BMS, as some other 3rd parties have done. In the end the choice is the buyers. We have a contact in Gotway we work with directly. Aliexpress sellers basically just do their own additions and source the cells from wherever.
  12. Would not recommend buying from here. It's not official gotway product, and these alixexpress sellers can get batteries from anywhere...we don't know where. Also are they adding BMSs for the additional packs?
  13. No bashing, just discussion of all the facts. I have mentioned that the KS16x is my wheel of choice under 25 mph many times.
  14. MSX has larger tire and higher pedal clearance, would prefer it for trails and roads with bumps/potholes. On smoother pavement and city commuting, would take nikola +.
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