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  1. And the cutouts keep happening, when will kingsong lower the limit here.
  2. Pedals dipped forward slowly and then very quickly after that. It seemed like it just ran out of power. I did not have any soft tiltback, and my hard tiltback was set to 50 so I cut off about 4-5 kph before that. I cannot attribute this to rider error, or at the very least I can say I would have never cut out on the MSX/Nikola riding the exact same way I was on the KS16x. I do know this wheel has cut out on others before, more than just what is shown on the forum. It is true that people use their heart when buying because despite a whole thread of kingsong 16X issues spanning multiple pages, this is one of the best selling wheels in the country. I still love this wheel, but there's some trust issues beyond certain speeds now. I have a new control board for it, which apparently according to @redfoxdude does not resolve the lack of power/dipping issue/potential cut out issue. Will I be brave enough to test that again? Likely not. The question is are you testing it for a pedal dip appropriately at higher speeds? Likely not because somewhere in your mind you know that there can potentially be a cut off and that will be preventing you from putting a bit of force in the ankle flick at higher speed (rightfully so).
  3. I got intentionally did the dipping in the video, but my cutout was unintentional. Just acceleration from 26 and at 27 ish it dipped and kept on dipping till I was on the floor ha. At this limit, you will be 100% okay. 40 km/h is no problem. KS 16X has already had a few hardware changes like a change in design in the control board, and I have a feeling their may be more.
  4. Do you have the newest control board? Or were you not able to dip the pedals even when you had your first batch control board?
  5. Easily, at 40 or below 100% ok. No pot holes involved, perfectly flat smooth road. No other issues with the wheel except that I’m able to dip pedals at higher speeds. But pretty certain same is case with you if you are brave enough to try. Flick your ankle quickly on ks16x at 45 or above and it will dip, flick it on the MSX and it will stay level.
  6. Well...all this explanation isn’t necessary. They should just lower the max to 25 mph. That would prevent cut outs for most people because at that speed it has enough power reserves. A Gotway 100v on the other hand will be fine at 30 mph. so yes there cannot be any well defined speed, but there can be a speed at which the motor and electronics are working below their spec and it’s safe to push it and not overwhelm it. Very little, I ride my Gotway 100v at less than 3 bar and can hit 30+ and push it with no cut outs or pedals dips even if I push hard. my beef with this wheel is...just lower the speed limit. It’s a 25 mph wheel, just like the v10F.
  7. When did you get your replacement control board again? The 3rd KS16X batch and newer design control boards are a recent thing in the US. If your KS16x was first or second batch (mine is 2nd), then it didn't have the updated control board. Because...for science. I still have to repeat it with the new control board and see if it persists. But really, kingsong should just limit the wheel to 25 ish mph rather than 30 mph. 30 PSI, perfectly good pressure for my weight. I was in experient/hard mode. Turn first and second alarm to zero. For 3 and 4 if you have 38 and 40k you will be fine. I had 49 and 50. Now I changed it to 40 and 42 for tilt back. I think even these are safe, and yours are more conservative so don't worry.
  8. Did you try to accelerate quick at higher speeds? Example going from 26-30 mph quickly? Did you try an ankle flick? If this happens, then issue is not solved. See two below:
  9. In all my time of riding EUCs and riding 10+ different EUCs, I've never experienced a cut out or a fall at such high speed. With the KS 16X I had a cut out at 27.8 mph, no beeps or tilt-back as I had those set to 29 mph and 30 mph respectively per the top speed listed by KS. Post cut off voltage was 77v. There really was no reason for a cut off here, I'm only 145 lbs and was riding at a sufficient battery (77v), temperature was around 50F, and I'm on the latest firmware 1.07. Cut out happened when I attempted to accelerate from 27 to 29 with a gentle push. I'm 100% okay with the exception of this road rash on left side where my jacket lifted up, second day and it's running it's cycle of healing. I'll be perfectly okay. Many thanks to Alpinestar motorcycle jacket/Klim K fifty 2 moto jeans/knox gloves. Just a flesh wound that will heal soon. Making this post as a PSA. On the KS16X recommend setting 3rd alarm to 40-42 km/h and tilt-back to around 43-45 km/hr. These are the max speeds kingsong should have advertised rather than trying to match the nikola. I'm also wondering another thing, will it cut out at slower speeds on a steep hill climb... There's another long thread on this here with someone who also cut out at a similar speed: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/16436-ks16x-cutoffoverlean-29-30mph/ I will add that kingsong has new controllers that are a different design than the one I had on my second batch KS16X. Will this mean that the you actually will have power reserves at 25+ mph to avoid a cut out?? That I cannot say, but I won't be the one to attempt to push it once above 25 mph even if I put in the new controller. Or I might just sell the wheel, as I can't keep up with 100v gotway group rides.
  10. Do you still have the bluetooth speaker working? If so then you are all set.
  11. 1) Gotway didn't do up the pedals correctly: no problem, I can tighten those and put loctite 2) Axle nut is not tight enough, known issue. I can make it click by rocking it back and forth. No problem, I've done a few of these. I know where to get the 24 mm socket to tighten it. 3) Bluetooth speaker module, or speaker is not working. On the plus side, there is no obnoxious tone on start up. On the negative side, phone doesn't even detect the gotway music. Does this effect anything? Likely not, but just slightly annoying that there is a speaker and a Bluetooth speaker module in there just sitting there for no purpose. 4) There's 3 screws under the pads where the shell is, the pads get destroyed 50% of the time when you are trying to peel them back. Maybe if someone uses heat and is a lot more patient than me, this issue won't be there. 5) Screws that hold the shell were either too loose, too tight, and some just stripped 6) Relative to other wheels, water proofing isn't the greatest. Speakers leave opening. Fan under control board facing up, water can drop on it directly potentially. Purpose of this? Really has to do with issue #3. Would you just leave it and not worry about the speakers? Or would you do everything in your power to figure out if it's the BT module or speaker that has a issue...then source those replacement parts, and do the swap. Debating this so thought I'd get other people's opinions, has anyone done this?
  12. All correct, but avoid new olders. Their shipping states 2 weeks, but it took mine 3 months or so after constantly bugging them. They only replied when I threatened a paypal dispute. And the helmet I got I gave away, it was that bad. But I haven't tried their full face, only their half cut version. The sizing was so off, a medium adult was even too painful for a 9 year old to put on let alone fit me.
  13. For my tiny body..it's full on bobble head. With a moto jacket it helps a bit, but wearing a t-shirt and helmet, yep full bobble head. You can definitely feel it is heavier than tsg pass or predator, and bigger. The foam inside is more substantial as well. There is a lot of debate about whether moto helmets are actually beneficial for EUCs or not vs lighter helmets such as tsg pass or predator dh6x. Not enough data to make claims.
  14. Yep Michigan. In a group ride usually 25-35 mph. Otherwise just 20-30 mph. Usually ride paved roads. In winter 100% prefer it over those two, in summer...to be determined, may get too hot.
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