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  1. So I gave the 100volt msx, and my left blinker is on even when riding straight. It’s been that way since it was new. Any way to fix this?
  2. Just saw these specs posted by Gotway, so the monster actually has a 2500 watt motor vs the 1900 watt in Nikola and MSX??
  3. I just bought a 16s, I would have offered you $1400...but if you're firm on 1700 I guess it's fine. If you're willing to go lower, let me know cuz I may sell my 16s for this.
  4. Great write up. I have a "used" but like new KS 16s incoming as my wheel that I will use to teach other people. I don't want to use my expensive wheels to teach others, but I didn't want to get a super cheap ninebot S or something like that to teach others. I also don't own any kingsong, only have the gotway top dogs and inmotion. So I thought it was time to add a Kingsong to the collection...and went for a 2nd hand KS 16s. However, if I was buying a KS 16s as my only wheel there is the tesla v2 for a $100 more. You get a bigger battery, much higher performance, and the gotway glide. To me at $1350 retail, the KS 16s is a hardsell when the gotway tesla v2 is $1450. I will say that the KS 16s wil have a better trolley, better pads, and feel lighter and more nimble than the tesla v2. In every other way I think the tesla demolishes the KS 16s for a mere $100 more.
  5. Yea I've been talking to him, but $800 is a bit above what I want to spend for a trainer wheel for other people. But if he agrees to $700 shipped I'm game haha, that's still more than a new 420 wh MCM5 which is selling for $680.
  6. I need a wheel to teach others, I don't want to use my good wheels. So looking for a learner wheel, I was gonna get a ninebot but they are like 400-500...and then I'm finding MCM5 for 600-700, so might as well go for something I may like using as well. I just want to make sure it's legit. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gotway-MCM5-14-inches-performance-unicycle-torque-champion/163759784575?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item2620d8027f:m:mG_onKebnxF8gPQpLnHlP-g&enc=AQAEAAAB0BPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qXNOxuU%2FKBDXHLFSzM1fkrG2ZRqqUOc2Z7vxhcPZ4sTbkL7LtpQJKAccK2e2m3WYol%2Fu7j2kN7IigFyH1PUsMWS010XASb0Y6UCskBIB6BvOC6xGl4fhAhuRJWGsipE8vPzHpNshiOTd0RwgjdLasT%2BhtjlVfYaYGNaVw5TDEND5v2uOtWr%2BGKYZAMgBrqciKGDNICm56JY6D8Z%2FE%2BunWgC2l2JQrJHHVdXMDz8RpqYMADs%2FrRbTFJ9bW7UIKq1ROe0p1OWXfgCwo1caLkDrHIjC5LKmlE%2Fv5xCj2%2BnvmVJL%2BE52ewznLMdOwKj4mt4ZORG0B6b%2BhtuT65pMG1NGcaM0F%2F23wDnMwfiwaA571g4Ew%2BSVms7kv2Ad5eUzb4iQkGau4bQlY3ViXaaEQEs%2BP5r%2Fn8GitrSP989g4E0yIkDB8h9i0tL5LtaAnAiflcLELShp20jr82F29hP9GZ7CbqLeu5LOVG%2BH45I65Q8LjyGshzgdrSpGh00fpcnhIcc81nIUwSF6N7bNyRpZWPksSEl9KtCrhsYN2LiuWl4dw4kA%2F%2FMV8keNinCOepC9QNisHCc%2FFjtNTYvuZgRoxPuhbBJ&checksum=163759784575ea4123e3bcb14919a8dcb3809f5589ea
  7. So you are becoming a wheel collector essentially haha
  8. Makes sense because mine wasn’t exactly at full battery so that’s why i was getting 50-51. MSX 100v gives 57-58. I still maintain that when Gotway updates the MSX it will be the fastest and best wheel. It already is the fastest.
  9. Probably high 30s? I'd just stop when I hear the 5 beeps because that's 80% motor capacity, going past the beep you're at risk for cut out. OP on this thread went past the beeps and was riding on the edge... it's not worth the risk.
  10. If you are pushing 40 mph on nikola+ you're asking for a serious incident. It's too close to cut off.
  11. No, msx was at full and nikola+ was not 100% but close to full (maybe like 90%). They were just tilted forward till it beeped and stopped, and consistently msx 100v had higher speed. I can do it on video if you all are into that.
  12. Just did a lift test, seems like the MSX 100v is faster. 57.1 mph on the MSX vs 50 mph on the Nikola 100v.
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