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  1. So can can anyone confirm if it has a 2500 W motor or a 2000W motor (same as v2 monster or msx). I just don't see a reason to get v3 monster if you have msx. It has a larger wheel sure, but a thinner tire and the reliability will be unknown compared to a rock solid MSX.
  2. What's the final specs of the monster v3 vs the v2? There is a lot in this thread, can anyone just summarize the changes/improvements? Also, if you have an msx 100v already (I do), what would your next wheel be? The nikola plus or the monster v3 or the kingsong 16x? -My reason for kingsong 16x is that I'll have something with great speakers and the best trolley, which my msx doesn't have -my reason for nikola 100v would be better torque than msx due to slightly smaller wheel, similar performance and slightly better trolley handle -,my reason for monster v3 would be bigger wheel, but that's all I can think of? It doesn't even have a trolley.
  3. I think the 100v is like around 36-38 mph.
  4. That is pretty insane... Why is the advertised max speed 35 mph when the 80% alarm doesn't even go off at 39 mph?? Does that mean you can cruise comfortably at 39 mph w/o any risk for cut off?
  5. I've been to 33 mph and no beeps, or did I just miss it? For anyone who has the msx 100v, at what speed have you heard the 80% warning beep?
  6. Pint will be more of a toy compared to EUC. @Jerome is correct, small battery on a self balancing device usually means if you try to push limits it will stop balancing. Happened to me on my onewheel plus and I broke my clavicle, listed top speed is 19 mph for the plus and I went 20 + and it shut off. It's my fault, but unlike an EUC there are no clear warnings about cut off. no beeps and no aggressive tiltback. On the pint there will be a subtle pushback that's hard to notice probably 2-4 mph before the listed max speed of 16 mph. So I'd say around 12-14 mph it will give you some light pushback, but it's hard to feel for many. If you keep pushing past it will shut off w/o warning. Stay under 16 mph though and it will be a fun little board. I have 2 onewheel XRs that I keep, but I wouldn't get a pint personally because range and speed is too limiting for me.
  7. it takes time, I learned onewheel in 15 minutes. Electric skateboard I did in a few mins also. The EUC was hardest for me, took me two weeks of riding daily for it to click. I was ready to give up because it seemed impossible, and it was physically exhausting as well. All that goes away in time! It's the best PEV out there once it clicks.
  8. Yea I've seen that video. I've gone 37 ish mph safely on my lacroix 10s...the new one is 12s with bigger motors, won't be surprised if it can do 45 mph safely. The flexy board + pneumatic tires actually do pretty good with bumps, and there is no self balancing mechanism to mess up. Plus if I'm going 30+ I want good roads even if it's on an EUC. So I'd say you can go a lot faster with more confidence on the new lacroix boards, on an MSX 100v which I have I'd be worried about a cut out above 34 mph (you're way past tiltback). No such thing as a cut out on a lacroix or kaly nyc, if you got open roads you an max is out. Maxing out EUC will end up in faceplant. I have both and they both have their pros/cons, but I couldn't say I don't need an esk8 anymore because I have EUC.
  9. This would be easily possible with double kingpin trucks on something like the evolve GTR. They can make 90 degree turns easily. Of course still not as nimble as an EUC though.
  10. One of the first pre-orders. I went with nazare, because the lonestar has a few negatives vs the Nazare, (bulkier enclosure, 10 more lbs, 2x the charge time, and higher ride height). I won't be riding more than 37 miles in one go anyway on a board. The only reason to get lonestar would be if you really plan on riding 40+ miles in one go. Either the lonestar or nazare will destory any euc in acceleration and top speed, heck even my prototipo lacroix DSS50+ does.
  11. I suppose what I meant is onewheel is doing the balancing for you sort of, so it's a mental thing. On EUC you're still balancing all the time and have to somewhat focus, where as on a onewheel I can be at standstill with my eyes closed and it holds you in one place. On an EUC you would have to dismount in most instances where you can creep on by on a onewheel.
  12. I just posted my updated comparison. You can read all the details there, but between onewheel and EUC I can sum it up below: I'll take the onewheel if I'm going less than 18 miles, will be doing a lot of stop/go and riding around pedestrians, won't have a need to go more than 17-18 mph, and am not doing intense trails. For everything else I'll grab the EUC.
  13. I think if it’s powered on anyone can stand on a onewheel at stand still, even first timers with no board experience.
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