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  1. Ah yes. There's lies, damn lies, and statistics. The average riding speed doesn't mean anything because it takes into account any time that you were in motion, including all the times you are slow rolling to get around pedestrians or just going slow for whatever other reason. That's not the only reason the data is skewed towards the lower end, one big reason is that sometimes the GPS doesn't recognize you are stopped and keeps recording. Most of your stops are quick stop and go situations, in those instances the app will continue to record the ride and factor that into your average s
  2. Great points as usual. But I think you're under estimating the percent of EUC riders that want range and speed above all else. At least in my local area, 95% of riders want over 30 mph and the most range possible. You claim that the V11 meets the speed and range requirements of 95% of riders, I would strongly disagree here. Keep in mind it's not ideal to ride at the max claimed speeds. If someone wants to go 30 mph, I wouldn't point them to the V11 because that's nearly the max speed of the V11. I agree that inmotion did do something somewhat revolutionary, and others soon followed
  3. Yea if you are doing a lot of lifting, forget about it. I use this wheel for leisure riding, group rides, and just exploring.
  4. Definitely of safety is not cutting out, lift speed was above 60 mph. Heavier riders than me have hit 50 mph. Supposedly cut off is around 53 ish mph. To be 100% safe I'll keep it below 45. i mostly ride around 25-35 mph. Safety to me is having a huge buffer between riding speed and top speed. The 16x or any kingsong at 30 mph is far more dangerous than riding a sherman at 40 mph. You're at the max limit of the KS while there is still a big buffer for the sherman.
  5. I've ridden everything out except the v11, have ridden the S18 plenty. Demo V11 is coming in shortly from EUCO for our local group so I'll be testing that out as well. I'm sure it won't be that drastically different suspension wise from S18. Suspension wheels have one aspect they are good at, smoothing out bumps and reducing impact. But that's it, they have too many other compromises at this stage for me to consider them as the "best wheel". Too many moving pieces and parts to maintain, too many failure points, battery limitations, speed limitations, etc. I'll likely get a su
  6. In 2015 I had a top speed of 20 mph and 5 miles of range on a boosted. How things have changed, I was able to hit 40 mph within the first 5 miles of getting on this and I know I can safety get close to 50 mph. Range anxiety is non existent. But most of all the balance and stability of this wheel is perfection. I've had all the 2019-2020 gotway wheels, many kingsongs, and inmotions. I declare this the most stable wheel I've ever ridden. The perfect balance, the lower center of gravity, combined with that knobby tire makes it so easy to go fast in a straight line. Is it perfect?
  7. There's a huge group in detroit. We ride weekly but the next big ride is labor day. If you aren't in the EUC detroit chat let me know. Message me here or if you're on instagram message me there @euc_malik
  8. The onewheel is a literal death trap. I've been riding PEVs for so long and my only major injury has been on the onewheel. I overpowered it at under manufacturers stated top speed and I'm only 140 lbs. The limits of this device are low. Additionally the design of it makes it easy for the foot pads to dig into things when going up hill. The sideways stance will always make sure you shoulder check the pavement at whatever speed you were riding at, hence the 1000s of broken collar bones. If you want to see horrific pictures, join onewheel crash group on facebook to see broken bones st
  9. Make sure all parameters in darkness bot are adjusted for your wheel. Voltage and battery size etc. i wouldn’t put it past Gotway to put a 2000w motor in there instead of 2500w. But that should be visibly not as thick. Additionally they need to use the appropriate firmware for the 2000w version. So if you do have the mss or whatever, it was made as an Mss and got mixed in? But this likely isn’t the case. What we do know is pro beeps in low 30s while the 2000w motor beeps at high 30s.
  10. Interesting, from feedback from a few sources beeps start 30-32 on newer 2500w motor vs high 30s on 2000w motor. I know you can take it up to 37 at your own risk but you should be at 80% motor capacity in low 30s. The mspro is the only wheel I haven’t tried personally yet though. I’d be a bit concerned about getting it as my street wheel since I’m so acclimated to the high speeds of the 100v MSX snd monster... I may push the pro too high and cause a cut out. Would like to know if anyone else besides you who didn’t get the 80% warning in low 30s on the pro..
  11. This is not what I have heard about the Pro. The beeps should come in at 32 ish. You sure you didn’t miss them?? 36-38 is cutout zone on the pro.
  12. And the cutouts keep happening, when will kingsong lower the limit here.
  13. Pedals dipped forward slowly and then very quickly after that. It seemed like it just ran out of power. I did not have any soft tiltback, and my hard tiltback was set to 50 so I cut off about 4-5 kph before that. I cannot attribute this to rider error, or at the very least I can say I would have never cut out on the MSX/Nikola riding the exact same way I was on the KS16x. I do know this wheel has cut out on others before, more than just what is shown on the forum. It is true that people use their heart when buying because despite a whole thread of kingsong 16X issues spanning multipl
  14. I got intentionally did the dipping in the video, but my cutout was unintentional. Just acceleration from 26 and at 27 ish it dipped and kept on dipping till I was on the floor ha. At this limit, you will be 100% okay. 40 km/h is no problem. KS 16X has already had a few hardware changes like a change in design in the control board, and I have a feeling their may be more.
  15. Do you have the newest control board? Or were you not able to dip the pedals even when you had your first batch control board?
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