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  1. You can't get with you in plane electric system that contains battery with lithium-ion. This liquid is also contain in some small electronic products like smartphone, but about wheels, battery are too large and no company will accept that type of product. Here is an french article about that : https://gyropodus.fr/lithium-avion-reglementation/ Notice that you can get out the battery and your son will only have to buy a new battery in France, not the entire wheel...
  2. Happy that you are safe, I'm a french rider and in my town streets are very narrow : this is very usefull to ride with my weel, but also very dangerous because you cannot see what comes when you are on a street crossing. In winter I prefer to use my Xiamoi M365 for long rides, freeze can be a very bad surprise on the road with a wheel = by the way if you have solutions about that, I'll take !
  3. Hello guys. Just for infirmation, most oh brands selling hoverboards use same template's product. Battery should first criteria before to buy an hoverboard. Samsung and Sony are in Europe the most common battery's brand, but more expensive that unknow chinese brands...
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