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  1. Update, My KS14s was checked, battery was in good condition and no faults, loose connections or similar was found. I decided to sell the KS14s to 1rad, and upgraded to a KS18XL Im happy with the service I got and a fair price on both wheels. Had my first ride on the XL today, nice to be back on a wheel after 9 ish weeks without one.
  2. Ambient temp apprx. 15 deg C its ok for the battery wheel 1year less than 700km. off Road, basic commute and zoo aroind town :-)
  3. Yeah, my gut feeling too :-/ - I'm waiting for1radwerkstadt to confirm shipping address - then they will have the wheel to check on it...
  4. Thanks for the feedbackup - I have a feeling I need to get my wheel checked...
  5. I have seen this pothole before, I think I have hit worse ground - however I did not see it on the day of the crash, It hid in the shadow of a tree. It didn't feel as if I hit it - however I might have, at a bad angel - will never know...
  6. Thanks, My recovery will be ok - since I'm not using the wheel today I got to do a 10 km run - I will be fine :-) See my latest post below for comments on wheel size :-)
  7. A height or weight issue - wheel too small? I don't know. I'm 70 kg / 155 lbs and 188 eg. apprx 6 foot 2 KS specs the wheel to max load 100 Kg and Motor 800w nominal and peak 3000w from: https://www.kingsong-europe.com/en/unicycles/73-ks-14s.html Regarding weight I should be good I guess? Height, if this was an overlean I see my height might have had smth. to do with the balance, I don't think it was. I have +500 Km's om the wheel, no problems, until this. I was going straight a fair point below max speed, also no wind. Anyone else with a KS14s with input on wheel size and me? I want to hear :-) @Marty Backe I believe you have one? :-) I went back to the crash sight today - below you will find a few picture of the potential pothole, fairly wide and not that deep... may and may not have been the reason...
  8. Thanks for the input - I had no beeps and no red lights, howeer will have repair shop check for loose connections / broken wires.
  9. A few days ago I had this annoying experience. There's not much data - Darknessbot wasn't connected. Going for a quick snack run to the local store - or so I thought. Wearing regular jeans, jacket, wrist + knee guards and non-fullface helmet. On my KS14s voice prompts are enabled, beep alarm at 29 kph. Battery was somewhere between 60 and 70 pct - It's a 680 Wh configuration. I had no alarms, prompts or tiltback. My best guess is speed was just below 20 kph. Suddenly there was a full forward drop of pedals, I managed to raise my arms and turn my head (by instinct only) - hit the ground instantaneously. Knee and wrist guards made me slide between one and two meters. Impact on wrist + knee guards, Left hip and left elbow. Fortunately helmet / head / face did not hit the ground. In short - I'm ok - Noted, Elbow impact does indeed go through to the shoulder. The wheel rotated / bumped around the Y axis and landed in a bush. On wheel pickup It was powered on and seemed functioning. I rode the wheel home, slowly for about 1 km. So what happened?, I guess I will never know for sure. There was a small pothole, I'm not certain I hit it. I recently added new XL pedals to the wheel, new scrapes are identifiable on the pedals fronts, more on the left - matched the side where I'm most bruised - and consistent with my observation of pedal forward drop. It's been three days now and I have come to the following decision, 1. KS14s will go to service / maintenance to make sure it's internally visually ok - had it going in for a battery checkup under warranty anyways. I will not ride the wheel until this is done. 2. I will add elbow protection to my current gear. 3. I will add a jacket with D30 shoulder protection or similar and a full face helmet, before I upgrade to a larger wheel. - This decision was actually already made. I will not upgrade before the 16X has been released I think :-) - considering 16X or TEsla or 18XL atm. Below you will find pictures of, Wheel pedals, Clothes Me / Scrapes In short gear up, keep riding - and take care.
  10. I too would like KS to implement this as Settings in the app :-)
  11. With my KS14s FW 1.10 - I experience the following. Below only describes light when riding, I have ignored standstill and brake light features for simplicity. Light settings - sensor state - result: ---------------------------------------------- NORMAL OFF - (light-sensor in bright location) - white off, red off NORMAL OFF - (light-sensor covered) - white off, red steady - did not expect this. TWINKLE OFF - (light-sensor in bright location): white off, red off TWINKLE OFF - (light-sensor covered): white off, red steady - did not expect this. NORMAL AUTO - (light-sensor in bright location) - white off, red off NORMAL AUTO - (light-sensor covered) - white steady, red steady TWINKLE AUTO - (light-sensor in bright location) - white twinkle, red twinkle - did not expect this. TWINKLE AUTO - (light-sensor covered) - white twinkle, red twinkle NORMAL ON - (light-sensor in bright location) - white steady, red off - did not expect this. NORMAL ON - (light-sensor covered) - white steady, red steady TWINKLE ON - (light-sensor in bright location) - white twinkle, red twinkle TWINKLE ON - (light-sensor covered) - white twinkle, red twinkle ------------------------------------------------- NORMAL AUTO and TWINKLE ON are the only mode where behavior matches my expectations. Not saying my expectations are correct :-) To ride my EUC legally in the near future, I need the lights to be always on. Whenever the wheel boots, it's in NORMAL AUTO, light settings are not saved. Conclusion, I will cover the light sensor with a piece of black tape :-) I wonder if all KS wheels behave like this... I would like light settings to be saved, and NORMAL ON to switch red light on too even when it's not dark.
  12. Hi @Marty Backe - and everyone else :-) I'm fairly new to EUC, got my first wheel apprx. 3 weeks ago - I have done my first 50 km - and I like it. I ride with a helmet, wrist and knee protection. Last Sunday, I entered sub forum "Riding Safety and Protective Gear " - Just to gather some inspiration before buying elbow protection - first post I see is Marty's 18 mph crash post, 8 minutes old... I better finish the task of buying the elbow protection. As a new rider I appreciate everyone sharing their accidents, from a safety and learning perspective. - thank you. - on account of reading the forums the last few days I have decided always to wear my protective gear. Marty, I wish you a speedy recovery - and I did wonder, with all those wheels to choose from, how do you even pick one going out the door? :-)
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