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  1. hello guys, i know many of you are using most recent wheels but i'm a newbie and so far i love this V5F !!! topics about v5f are less but i'm sure that still quite some users use and love v5f so today i'm gonna show you my little creation ! it's a scooter holder ! i found myself in the need to bring my wheel to downtown and it was not really a pleasure ( car till subway.. subway till downtown and then finally v5f !) so i thought that if i could bring my V5F over my scooter and thus reach downtown(easy..) by scooter and then jump on my V5F would be simply great.. V5f Inmotion over a scooter
  2. Simone Malicius

    Just received my first EUC today

    I like your msg.. those hints about "rotate pressure points..." just yesterday while riding and feeling that little pain I alternated the pressure of my feet over the wheel and it got much better! I've my 1st wheel by 3 months so every info come handy, thank you
  3. Simone Malicius

    Another Example of Slime Saving the Day

    hey Marty, today i just followed this video and fixed my v5f from a flat ! i didn't find the little puncture on the tire but somewhere somehow it was losing pressure ! so i bought the exact product you use here , applied ( just as much as you suggest) inflated th tire and everything good so far :-) it keeps the right pressure and i'm sure it'll be good !!! thank you so much !!!!
  4. Simone Malicius

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    and I even work for themπŸ˜‚βœŒοΈ
  5. Simone Malicius

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    this is what i'm thinking of ... an easy access to battery would give so many more options for users ! One above all the chance to carry it on flight which would change the way even to travel !!!!!!!! still battery wattage must be not superior to 160Wh ( i checked also for our local airline) V5F for instance have 288Wh battery which can not be taken as carry on but still you might get your euc somewhere and there could be a shop renting the battery et voila :-)
  6. Simone Malicius

    Speedyfeet or Poolmarket?

    don't worry ... the real thing is that inmotion app really sucks LOL ! trust me you are gonna use it at begin and when you feel to set pedal angle that's it ! it's really buggy ! sometimes it doesn't recognize bluetooth.. sometimes doesn't see the wheel at all ! I found out that the best is start the app with the wheel turned off.. and only after you turn on the wheel then it works almost all the time !
  7. Simone Malicius

    Speedyfeet or Poolmarket?

    sorry to reply so late ... actually i did miss the best price ever on gearbest BUT some days later i received an email with subject " special deals for you " cause i signed via email !INDEED i did get a special price( not only on the wheel ) and cause of that i could get my wheel for almost as good as the best price i missed 2 weeks earlier ! so i believe subscribe to their mailing list could be a good shot to get a special price !
  8. Simone Malicius

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    my friend i bought V5F is not a new wheel but i would love to have a recent firmware with some " recent " applications and for sure a better INMOTION app which works 1 out of 5 tries lol!
  9. Simone Malicius

    Are the Inmotion wheels sold by Gearbest now legit?

    Tk Trolley handle is included ! i even got official reply from gearbest ( but v5f is now in my hands and handle was inside package !) all is included ! I believe extra wheel will ruin your learning curve cause they will make you dependent for yoru balance and it'll take time to learn to drive without !
  10. Simone Malicius

    Are the Inmotion wheels sold by Gearbest now legit?

    hey is going great.. incredible how in 1 weeks things changed... 1st day I couldn't even step on the pedal lol now I can move around.. still have so. e things to calibrate like turns but I'd say I'm controlling it well since I'll use it for fun/free time I'll get some more time of training instead of freely roaming around feeling is great though what about you. @adampjand @KevinvdV?
  11. Simone Malicius

    The Photo Thread

    ok.. got a better one lol is really. cool guys still have to get few things right but I'm on the right track
  12. Simone Malicius

    The Photo Thread

    @KevinvdV that's a screenshot of one of the video I made.. 4th day is going great πŸ€ͺ🀩✌️
  13. Simone Malicius

    The Photo Thread

    woaw already at that level? πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ that's great.. I'm learning.. 3rd day.. done few hours everyday before going to work.. let me find a photo
  14. Simone Malicius

    Are the Inmotion wheels sold by Gearbest now legit?

    and finally... received it today been waiting from 8am ups.. which actually delivered it at 18:35 special thanks to my mom for the "afternoon" shift while I had to go to work .. tomorrow big day
  15. Simone Malicius

    Are the Inmotion wheels sold by Gearbest now legit?

    @adampj thank you for your wishes I keep on looking online for mine, I don't wanna make predictions anymore ahaha but let's see what happen tomorrow weather unfortunately got very bad(strong cold wind) hopefully soon I'll post my picture