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  1. another point.. so a part of you wants EUC to be a sport , nothing wrong with that ! but i believe majority of people see EUC as an alternative to daily commute and that is the main difference! needs will be different cause of this.. u want a very high top speed, i want 35/40km/h no more , you want a huge battery that will allow you to do 100KM and cause of it a very heavy wheel ,me i want a battery that will allow me to do 50KM and thus a lighter wheel !
  2. and this bring me back to my personal " idea of EUC " why do i like inmotion? cause they set SAFETY FIRST ... as we have all seen by many videos reckless drivers wants/desire to keep TOP speed for the entire last of the battery and that will carry several problems , read cutoff or similars ! While Inmotion idea is more on safety direction... 50km/h is a lot over one single wheel so if it can keep it for the first 20% of battery and than gently slow down i would not mind at all and whoever is concerned about safety this should be applauded ! if we could ( i do.. ) for one moment STOP the idea of TOP SPEED we would see how much inmotion engineers have done on this wheel and this might be a trigger also for competition to start something new over euc world ! the thing of top speed to me sounds like when we were kids " who has it bigger .. " lol we are grown up and tell me , after so many years does it still count who has it bigger? About V11 i still have some doubts weight above all and i'm so curious to know how those suspensions will perform !!! i'd say that in this world wide moment innovation might be the key for the hope of a brighter future !
  3. well ... yesterday i was ind owntown, started wheellog app waited for gps and connection " hit " start " and " you are online " app start recording my activity and it goes well so i turn off screen ( app keeps on running ) i finish my tour and is about 15km ( app recorded it well ) but once over web i see my latest activity as 1,58km !!! ??? why? over mobile correctly report 15km and something while on the web i had a tour of 1,58km !
  4. this one , just like you ! i was thinking to use the earlier one as i remember i didn't have that problem.. i'm gonna check later ! [EDIT] older app seems to work... mmm
  5. just update... i removed and installed again wheellog and EVEN if i've set VISIBILITY to anyone when i end my tour if i check on web site the tour was " visible only to those with link " !! i don't know how to solve this... i tried but not luck ! @Seba or anybody else has any clues? thank you
  6. @Seba I've a problem! while on my app "visibility" is set to anyone, once my last tour is uploaded it'll be set as "visible to people having a link" (on the web.. the app still keeps visibility to anyone)(indeed my signature get stuck..) and only option I've is to manually change it! the last tour in my profile is a test I did last night, I checked setting in app before deaprture and it was "visible to anyone" then over euc. World was "visible only with link" any idea?
  7. guys just a short quick of my afternoon ride in Rome downtown Euc ride in Rome downtown (instagram link)
  8. @Seba just to give you my feedback now that i UPDATED my smartphone ROM gps date is correct i just made a test now and worked perfectly !!!
  9. you can probably slime it now and see it come back to life, just like me didn't need to change/repair inner tube, just slime!
  10. mamma mia what a a challenge.. obviously they forget to put a piece of paper or give u a link with some info on "which connectors" won't connect anymore 😜 hopefully you'll be able to solve this
  11. so disappointed... how could they release such a 2 wheels thing like that? 😱
  12. @Jason McNeil let me honestly tell you something.. when I started to get curious about euc (6 months ago.. I'm from Italy) your name was like a form of insurance in all sort of post/feedback/web search I made, whenever I've read "Jason" I felt like I was on the right path to know more about euc! then I found this forum and I knew why your name was a sign of guarantee! sorry for this ot but you have to know how important is what you do in the way you do it!
  13. OK.. I made a test! took a picture with my smartphone and I went into details and GPS info : I get exact date and time (not those of camera but those regarding GPS) mmm I'll make another tour let's see.. look what I found... https://www.labsat.co.uk/index.php/en/?option=com_content&view=article&id=155 maybe I need to update...
  14. P.S. well i found another " bug " ? this is part of the report (it was a test i made to see web sync) well it's only 6 months i drive my euc LOL ! and over my smartphone date is correct ( just checked ahaha ) (running the latest app 2.0.31)
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