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  1. I'm game for a group ride in Calgary. I've had my Gotway Tesla since March 25 (my first wheel). I've put over 300km on it since. I ride from Aspen Woods, to the river valley, and then everywhere form there, typically. Often toward downtown and the East village. PotatoInside, hopefully I'll run across you down there eventually!
  2. I’m in west Calgary, Aspen Woods! I’d love to get a group ride going. Where are you at?
  3. Thanks for the advice! My tire pressure is at about 45 PSI and feels decently cushy at my weight of 175lbs. I know people go higher, but I think the tubes/tires recommend 45 PSI max on the Tesla. I’ll definitely experiment, tho!
  4. Hey guys. Recently got my first wheel, a GotWay Tesla. So much fun. I’m in Calgary, AB.
  5. Thanks for your input! I'll experiment tomorrow. Cheers.
  6. Ahh, excellent. That's why the LEDs changed. I was messing with the head lamp not realizing the side effect! One more question for the Gotway expert! I know there is no correct answer for this, but what would you recommend for a newbie regarding the soft, medium, or strong setting? It came with strong enabled and I haven't changed it, but I'm wondering if it might feel a little better on medium for a bit more sponginess while accelerating and braking? What are your thoughts? I've been a bit reluctant to change it, since I didn't want to introduce another variable on day one; but, maybe in a few days. Sooner, if you recommend it. Thanks again!
  7. Hello everyone. I received my first wheel, a Tesla, today and am ripping around the block working on getting more consistent with my turns and more comfy in general. So much friggin’ fun Regarding the GotWay app (I’m running iOS 12); I can’t seem to be able to change my LEDs to the way they were when I received it earlier today. Simply navigating to that page seems to have enabled the rainbow spinny LEDs. And I can’t seem to change it from that setting, no matter what I choose from the drop down menu. Any advice on which apps I should/could use to change the LEDs’ pattern? I have Darkness Bot, as well, but haven’t played around with it much yet. Any advice appreciated. Thanks!
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