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  1. Johannes Palmgren

    Ninebot Z10 for sale (NYC, can ship)

    Replied in pm. Not sure you got it?
  2. Johannes Palmgren

    Ninebot Z10 for sale (NYC, can ship)

    I primarily use the wheel for my commute. The commute is partly through some of the heavily trafficked avenues and streets in midtown that does not have a bike-lane. So there's a lot of 'weaving through traffic' and I find the V8 to be much nimbler in that situation. When there's light traffic, the Z10 would be better.. but that's unfortunately quite rare.
  3. Selling an almost new Z10. Practically new condition. Activated November 21, 2018. Driven 66 miles. About 13hours. (See attached screenshot from Ninebot app). $1500 (buyer pays shipping cost). Great wheel, but not a fit for my location/riding style. Bought from eWheels.com - they will honor the warranty!